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Marsha: Hello, everyone! And welcome to another… character reviews installment! I am Marsha, and I will not be reviewing a Peppa Pig episode. I am actually going to be looking at an episode of The Loud House. Specifically, season 6. Okay, let me just get it out of the way. While I do think All the Rage is still bad, I was kinda stretching it with the rating. Season 6 in general started to improve a little bit. And lookng back… well, A Bug’s Strife, the episode I will review, is one of the better episodes of the season so far. Not to say it’s perfect… and to be honest, I think it is still only just decent, but hey. It was a massive improvement over the Taunting Hour, which was just a trainwreck from start to finish. So yeah, without any further delays, here isthe plot of the episode, along with my truth and final score. Here we go!

Episode Description

Marsha: It starts with the Louds getting ready to go to Aunt Ruth’s for the day. But, it appears that Lynn Sr is sick. However, when the family leave, Lynn Sr reveals to be faking it to get out of it, and makes sure to keep the house quiet. At first it works with him letting them out of the house, but then he hears a cricket in the house. He tries to get rid of said cricket in many different ways. He basically chases it around the house, crashing into everything. And once he does get the cricket out, he accidentally locks himself out of the house. Much to the pets’ amusement. So he tries many different ways to get himself back into the house, but no e of it work. He tries with a ladder, a pole. And also his spare keys were IN the house. In on last resort, he rams inside with a log! We then see the family arrive from Ruth’s, to see part of the house is apart. Thinking that Lynn Sr is actually more sick than before, they actually… they take him back to Ruth’s. And we end with one final shot of the cricket. Oh yeah, and there is this side plot with the Louds at Ruth’s, but we will get into that. Oh, we will…


Marsha: I was honestly a little worried about this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it did sound quite comedic and fun, but part of me wishes it was made into a short. And to be honest, I think it would’ve worked better as a short. Yeah, that is one of the biggest flaws of the episode. The plot is a bit flimsy. It’s just, there is only so much you could do with slapstick during that 11 minute time frame. I can see why Tom and Jerry shorts are made into shorts. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of the crazy stuff that happens in the episode is definitely funny stuff. I particularly like Lynn Sr.’s reactions to him trying to get the cricket, and failing. That dresser scene was funny too! But I think some of the parts when he is locked outside could’ve been polished more. For example, there is a scene where Lynn Sr. is trying to pole vault to the upstairs window, and he was SO CLOSE! Like, his hand was just below the window frame. Why not try again? And I can see where they are going with when doing the trampoline scene, but Lynn Sr probably could also be more careful here. Honestly, I just found the failed pole attempts just a bit funnier in general! Imagine him trying a bunch of times, only to end up crashing a bunch! And the one time he DOES succeed, he could end up rolling around the house, down the stairs, and crashing through the door! I feel like that being enough to make his appearance seem more rough would make that whole, Lynn Sr looking sicker, thing feel more believable. I get the joke, but I’m sure they would’ve been more suspicious about a LOG on the cieling.

Marsha: This kind of thing does not really hold the episode back for me, so much. Again, it is funny to see all his failed attempts, but I can see why these things are made for shorts. My BIGGEST problem however, is the Ruth stuff! Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand Rita bringing the Louds to Ruth’s had to be done as a way for Lynn Sr. want to stay in the house. Even though I don’t think we need to see scenes with them watching those slides. I know they are short, but this was kinda what I also meant by the plot being a bit flimsy at times. But then we get this dumb ending! Hold on. (rushes to the bathroom to change her diamond hoops to circle hoops. She came out with the scepter, and circle hoops; Spoiled Rich voice) If Lynn Sr was looking sicker to Rita and the others, THEN WHY TAKE HIM BACK TO RUTH’S?! Why not like… Pop-Pop! Does Rita even know how much Lynn Sr does not wanna go?! This was just so annoying! (huge sharp teeth) Yeah, that ending did sort of sour the episode a bit. Either way, it’s still decent. It did have more funny moments I like, such as the cactus scene. I just feel like the episode as a whole could be a bit better there.




Marsha: So that was it for this episode review! Again, season 6 did improve a bit, and this is one of the examples of it. I sure hope that it does continue to get better, because the season had an absolutely dreadful start! So yeah, that is all for now, guys. Until that, this is Marsha, and thanks for reading this installment! Adios!