The Red Bench 1

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The first of 5 episodes released on Red Bench Week, this week will end the second volume of 312 Entertainment Shorts.

Release date: March 20, 2017



  • Jarrod
  • Ciyana
  • Daphne
  • Lillian
  • Clara
  • 1033Forest


  • (Jarrod sits on a red bench, Ciyana approaches)
  • Ciyana: Whatcha doing?
  • Jarrod: Sitting on a red bench.
  • Ciyana: Can I join you?
  • Jarrod: Sure.
  • (Ciyana sits. Daphne approaches)
  • Daphne: Whatcha doing?
  • Both: Sitting on this red bench.
  • Daphne: Can I join?
  • Both: Sure.
  • (Daphne sits. Lillian approaches)
  • Lillian: Whatcha doing?
  • All 3: Sitting on this red bench.
  • Lillian: Can I join you?
  • All 3: Sure!
  • (Lillian sits. Clara approaches.
  • Clara: Whatcha doing?
  • All 4: Sitting on this red bench.
  • Clara: Can I join?
  • All 4: Sure!
  • (Clara sits. 1033Forest approaches)
  • 1033Forest: Whatcha doing?
  • All 5: Sitting on this red bench.
  • 1033Forest: You mean the one I moved over there? (points in opposite direction)
  • (all 5 fall off the bench)


  • The Red Bench parts 2, 3, and 4 don't need separate pages for now, they are almost the same except another character is added and the bench is just painted/glued together/something different/etc.
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