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An episode of 311 Entertainment Shorts: Volume 2

Inspired by http://pbskids.org/zoom/activities/playhouse/thephonecall.html

Release date: March 4, 2017

Rated: 7



  • 1033Forest as Narrator
  • Candice as Person #1
  • Carey as Person #2


  • 1033Forest: 2 of my characters talk on phones in different houses while packing for camp. Let's see how this goes.
  • (phone ring sound)
  • Candice: Hello!
  • Carey: Hey, I can't wait for camp! Did you pack yet?
  • Candice: I'm packing right now!
  • Carey: Me too! What are you packing?
  • Candice: Well, I'm packing shirts. (packs shirts)
  • Carey: Got that. (packs skirts)
  • Candice: Of course socks. (packs socks)
  • Carey: That'll come in handy. (packs clocks)
  • Candice: Don't forget your sandals! (packs sandals)
  • Carey: Wow, you think of everything. (packs candles)
  • Candice: I'm also packing jeans. (packs jeans)
  • Carey: You really like them that much? (packs cans of beans)
  • Candice: Sure! I love them! Don't forget the shorts! (packs shorts)
  • Carey: All right, got that. (packs quarts of milk)
  • Candice: We're each supposed to take a blanket. (packs blanket)
  • Carey: Plane kit? Do we really need one? (packs plane kit)
  • Candice: Of course! My mom said I should pack some sunscreen. (packs it)
  • Carey: Ice cream? Great idea! That will make camp more fun! (packs it)
  • Candice: That's all! See you on the bus in 30 minutes!
  • Carey: OK, see you in 120. Bye!
  • (both hang up; Candice exits with her bag, while Carey tries to shove everything into her bag)
  • Carey: Wow, this camp must be very weird. (picks up messy bag and exits)