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Plot: Nora and her friends get ready for the flavor play, which will be held in the Royal Woods theater.

Synopsis: We open up to Nora's house as she excitedly tells Zoey and Chase about the Flavor city play. Involving her and her friends protecting the city from evil candy. She excitedly calls Mimi, who is shaving her legs on her bathroom sink. Nora excitedly mentions how great the play will be and mentions how she and Mimi can hand out invitations. Mimi agrees, but loses her balance when Nora excitedly screams and falls out of the bathroom.

Nora and Mimi are then seen handing out flyers to their friends, who all agree to come see the play live. (Except Alex and Bud, who seem distracted by the game they're playing) Everyone takes their seats as Nora and her friends get ready for the play. With Stella and Kelsey trying to record the event. Nora, Mimi, Mitzie, and Kacy play the heroes, along with Shay, who is one of the police guards for candy jail. With Lucy playing the evil black licorice.

As the play goes on, Rosemary rushes in and is dismayed to see all the seats taken. Stella and Kelsey offer to move a few seats, so Rosemary can see Mimi perform. Though when trying to find a new seat, Stella ends up being startled by Haiku at the end of the row. Causing her to jump and land in Kelsey's arms. Resulting in them tripping backwards and falling into an isle.

The play ends with Lucy being arrested by Shay and being sent to candy jail as the audience cheers. As the play comes to a close, Zoey congratulates the girls, while Annie comes to hand out to pie as a way to celebrate. But she accidently trips over a prop. Causing her to fall to the floor, and toss the pie in Zoey's face. Who happily licks the delicious pie.