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A short from 311 Entertainment Shorts: Volume 2

Production code: 207

Release date: December 17, 2016

5 girls, 1 escape room. They only have an hour to escape. Can they make it out before they get trapped forever?

Rated: 7


  • 1033Forest
  • Owner (name not known yet)
  • Gigi
  • Claudia
  • Clara
  • Vanilla
  • Tricia



  • Owner: Hello and welcome!
  • Gigi: Technically we're not really in somewhere scary... this is just an office building that claims it is.
  • Claudia: Shut up, you're ruining the mood. I'm sorry, she's an idiot. Go on.
  • Owner: Where was I? Oh yeah. The 5 of you, your goal is to escape in 60 minutes, or else they might come get you.
  • Gigi: Technically these people don't exist...this is fictional
  • Claudia: Shut up! Stop being such an idiot!
  • Owner: I'm the room master. You are welcome to enter the room. Once you guys go inside I'll start the clock.
  • Clara: But what if we get stuck inside?
  • Vanilla: Don't worry, he and 1033Forest will give us clues.
  • Owner: Right. I'm going to the store right now to buy a milkshake. See you guys soon.

Room 1

  • (Gigi opens a drawer)
  • Claudia: There's a meat fork in there. Wonder what we could use it for...
  • Clara: Oh good, I'm hungry. Let's find the meat.
  • Claudia: No, you're missing the point. You must find another use for this.
  • Gigi: But why? This game is stupid.
  • (Claudia gives the meat fork to Gigi)
  • Claudia: Stick this meat fork in the socket.
  • Gigi: But I'll electrocute myself. Why do you want me to do that?
  • Claudia: No you won't. It's part of the game. It's perfectly safe. You'll be fine.
  • Gigi: OK, if you say so... (does so)
  • Claudia: See? I told you you'd be fine.
  • (the lights turn off, revealing a number on the wall: 2133)
  • Clara: That must be the combination for the safe right here! Let's try it.
  • (the combination is correct so it opens, revealing a chainsaw)
  • Vanilla: Ooh, a chainsaw. I can use it to cut open this locked door to the next room. (cuts hole in door)
  • Tricia: This place is awesome.
  • Claudia: Come, Gigi, go through this door!
  • Gigi: No way, this game is crazy. I'm staying here.
  • Clara: I guess this means we'll all have to solve it without her...
  • (they enter the next room, then go back to the first room)
  • Claudia: Where's Gigi?
  • (she finds a calendar with the 28th, 24th, and 11th circled on it. The 28th is circled red, 24th yellow, and 11th blue)

Room 2

  • (the safe is opened using combination 281124. Inside there is an ax)
  • (the ax is then used to chop open a coffin. Inside the coffin is a puzzle hint)
  • Claudia: I'm stuck!
  • Owner: (over speaker) I thought you were the smart one... anyways think of it as a box that rotates clockwise. With each rotation gravity causes the cubes to fall down.
  • (there are 5 black cubes, 4 in one row and one on top of the row)
  • Claudia: OK here's some paint to color the cubes. Look at this paper if you need help.
  • (the paper gives hints on what colors to put on the cubes, so the other participants paint the cubes as shown, which then unlocks the door to the next room)
  • Clara: Don't forget the umbrella before exiting!
  • (it gets picked up)

Room 3

  • (there is an equalizer with a speaker and a button)
  • (Clara goes back to room 2, finds a picture of bats, and uses that as the hint to tone the equalizer, which unlocks another set of clues)
  • (it is a set of 4 clocks, 3 of them have a number, but one of them doesn't because it needs a 3-symbol code that represents a digit)
  • (Claudia goes back to room 2 to get the paper with codes for each digit)
  • (the last digit is 7, so the code for that gets entered, and a small door opens revealing a skull)
  • Vanilla: I hear something rattling inside but I can't get it out! The eye sockets are too small!
  • (Vanilla goes all the way back to room 1. She sees that the pins on the calendar have a color pattern: red, green, purple, teal)
  • (she then goes back to room 3 and finds another set of cubes to paint, so she paints them in the corresponding pattern of the pins)
  • (after painting the cubes, a safe is opened revealing a hammer)
  • Tricia: I found a hammer! (smashes the skull revealing a key that goes to the next and last room)

Room 4

  • (the room is just a cable hanging across a bottomless pit that leads to the exit)
  • Clara: I can use the cable to get to the other side, but not with my bare hands. I have sensitive skin!
  • (fortunately the umbrella is big enough to hold 4 people so they all get in and ride to the exit)


  • Claudia: I made it out!
  • Clara: Yeah we did. I think I did it fast too!
  • Vanilla: Yep! Job well done guys.
  • (Owner is with 1033Forest this time)
  • 1033Forest: Look who decided to join us...
  • Gigi: Yeah, we've been waiting for you an hour.
  • Claudia: How did you get out so fast? Why is there a photo of you hanging on the wall?
  • Owner: Gigi managed to get out so fast! I was out to buy a milkshake with 1033Forest, and when I got back she was already out!
  • 1033Forest: She is also the winner of the grand prize: $1,033,000!
  • Claudia: She must have gotten out of the door we went in!
  • 1033Forest: Sounds to me like someone's jealous... Tell the truth how did you get out?
  • Gigi: OK fine I went out from the door we got in. This place stinks anyway.
  • 1033Forest: :O Sorry to say this. No grand prize for you.
  • Owner: This means you 4 will be getting it instead and you can all share it.
  • Claudia: (groan)