324 Entertainment Wiki

A new building to be introduced to the 324 Ent. world underground which the main attraction is 324 floors of stairs. If you want to face the biggest challenge yet, then go for this building and see how many stairs can you climb. Once you reach the top, you can slide your way down the building into a pool of foam blocks, which is part of the underground cave in a hidden room, or go to the place up at the surface which currently isn't known yet.

Emergency slides exist after every certain amount of floors if you want to get off early because of a certain condition or something.

Each floor will have a random color chosen from 27 random colors. The first floor is black, and the 324th floor is white, black and white will be randomly used 11 times throughout the building, while the other 25 colors will be randomly used 12 times.

The first floor of this stairs challenge is located 0.61 miles below the surface and where the 324th floor leads to is yet to be known. The stairs challenge is part of an underground cave/building which also includes an elevator and tubes to go up/down.