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312 Entertainment's first ever game show! A parody of BrainSurge

Each episode has 6 contestants (3 males, red, green, and blue; and 3 females, yellow, pink, and purple). The contestant uniform is the specified color shirt, with the SmartStrike logo and a name tag.

It is possible for a 7th contestant to enter the show by watching the show numerous times then entering a contest to be on the show. The 7th special guest contestant will either wear orange (for male winners) or teal (for females).


  • 101 - Brian (red), Chez (green), Drew (blue), Dahlia (yellow), Katie (pink), Lynn (purple)
  • 102 - Don (red), Richie (green), Mike (blue), Carey (yellow), Denise (pink), Destiny (purple)


  • Round 1 - There are 6 puzzles, each worth an increasing amount of points. The contestants are given a number pad to enter their answers in. The contestants who answered correctly get points. After all puzzles are done, the scores are tallied up, and the 2 in last place are out.
  • Round 2 - The host of the show tells a story, that he claims to be "100% true". The 4 people left have to answer questions from the story. If a question is answered incorrectly, the person who got it incorrect sits on a chair to be dragged out of the round. After 2 questions are answered incorrectly, the round ends.
  • Knockout round - A grid with the numbers 1-16 are shown, and the 2 remaining contestants have 10 seconds to memorize 8 pairs of images from the story. They take turns until an incorrect match is made. If an incorrect match is made, the game enters sudden death, and whoever makes the next correct match will be able to move on to the final round, resulting in the player who didn't make his/her correct match being out.
  • Final round - The remaining contestant has 150 seconds to go through a pattern on a 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 grid of squares. Once the pattern is finished going through, he/she has to step on a red button to stop the clock in order to view the pattern for the next level. If a mistake is made, the pattern will be repeated again on the grid; the clock will continue to count down while that happens. Upon completion of the 7x7, the contestant gets a reward which is a sliming. The color of the slime for a certain episode is chosen based on viewers' choices.