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Parody of Victorious episode Sleepover at Sikowitz's. DO NOT EDIT

Part of 324 Entertainment Shorts Volume 3.

Release date: November 11, 2017 (Premiere short)

Rated: 12


  • 1033Forest (host of the sleepover)
  • Alex
  • Denise
  • Drew
  • Logan
  • Dahlia
  • Claudia
  • Candice
  • Destiny


  • (11/6/2017 15:30)
  • 1033Forest: All of you will be showing up at my house on Friday night at 7 PM. Each of you will play a distinct character and you must stay in your character until the next morning. If you break character you will be immediately banished from my home. We'll meet in the black box theater in 2 days to discuss who will play what.
  • (11/8/2017 19:00)
  • 1033Forest: OK Alex, what will Denise be at my great sleepover in 2 days?
  • Alex: She will be a 1980s standup comedian who's very annoying.
  • Denise: But I wanted to be something cooler...
  • Alex: Nope, you can't, I decided for you.
  • 1033Forest: Now, what will Drew play?
  • Denise: I got an idea. Maybe a motivational speaker who just drank some weird drink that made his legs all jelly.
  • Drew: Yeah, I could do that.
  • Denise: Yeah, I'm that creative.
  • 1033Forest: Drew, choose a character for Alex.
  • Drew: Alex will play a guy whose accent is hard to understand and he always invades people's personal space.
  • 1033Forest: Logan, what do you have in store for Claudia?
  • Logan: She will be a girl always obsessed with paint and gummy worms.
  • 1033Forest: Claudia, tell us what Dahlia will be.
  • Claudia: I got it. Dahlia will be a farm girl, who never gets upset about anything around her.
  • 1033Forest: And finally, Dahlia, tell us what Logan will play.
  • Dahlia: Someone who just finished running a really long marathon.
  • Logan: That will be easy to play!
  • Logan: Oh, hello Destiny. You will be a young girl who likes to read detective stories.
  • Destiny: Piece of cake!