Episode 1

101A - The Forest House

101B - The Spa House

Episode 2

102A - The Ticklish House

102B - The Fetch House

Episode 3

103A - The Sponge House

103B - The 12th House?

Episode 4

104A - The Haunted House

104B - The Doll House

Episode 5

105A - The GoAnimate House

105B - The Sick House

Episode 6

106A - The Friends House

106B - The Nice House

Episode 7

107A - The College House

107B - The Split House

Episode 8

108A - The All-That House

108B - The Voice House

Episode 9

109A - The Thanksgiving House

109B - The After-Thanksgiving House

109C - The Sale House

Episode 10

110A - The Bully House

110B - The Hiccups House

Episode 11

111A - The Color House

111B - The Green House

Episode 12

112A - The Toontown House

112B - The Haircut House

Episode 13

113A - The Elevator House

113B - The Wreck House

Episode 14

114A - The Mall House

114B - The Funny House

Episode 15

115A - The Second-Worst House

115B - The Worst House

Episode 16

116A - The Christmas House

116B - The New-Year House

Episode 17

117A - The Fun House

117B - The Coaster House

Episode 18

118A - House of Loss

118B - The Payphone House

Episode 19

119A - The Zoom House

119B - The Expired House

Episode 20

120A - The Stair House

120B - The Farmer House

Episode 21

121A - The Picture House

121B - The Most Boring Roleplay Ever

121C - The ( House

Episode 22

122A - The Tree House

122B - The Candy-Crush House

Episode 23

123A - The Language House

123B - The Crying House

  • Jack: Let’s sing the Burpin’ Burger jingle!
  • All: Yeah!
  • Hungry y’all? Look no further!
  • Come on down to Burpin’ Burger!
  • Grade B beef and special spice!
  • When it comes back up it’s twice as nice!
  • (We all belch as the scene shows the outside of the restaurant)

Episode 24

124A - The Valentine House

124B - The Selfie House

Episode 25

125A - The Bubble House

  • Bubble Buddy: Ha! As if I’m gonna let my army down! You must be mistaken! You... you... weird colored bubble!
  • Dirty Bubble: How can you hold up in this shape for such a long time? I thought only plastic had that property!
  • Bubble Buddy: At least my color doesn’t look like something from the toilet that hasn’t been cleaned in years!
  • Dirty Bubble: Oh-ho-ho, is that so?!
  • Bubble Buddy: Yep!
  • Dirty Bubble: GRRRRRRRRRRR You are Oh, so, so, SO gonna get it now!!!

125B - The Mud House

Episode 26

126A - The Job House

126B - The Birthday House

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