Rating System

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This rating system is used for 324 Entertainment's productions.


  • 0 (Purple square): Intended for all children, usually on kids' programming and early learning stuff.
  • 7 (Blue circle): Intended for a general audience, but might need guidance for those under 7.
  • 9 (Gray oval): Like 7, but contains minor action violence but no serious injury that might scare those under 9.
  • 12 (Green diamond): Parental guidance suggested for people under 12 who want to watch this.
  • 13 (Teal arrow): Parents more strongly cautioned because some material might not be suitable for under teens.
  • 15 (Yellow triangle): May contain material not suitable for people under 15. May only broadcast on TV between 19:00-06:00.
  • 18 (Red octagon/stop sign): Adults only. 324 Entertainment does its best to keep its shorts from getting this rating. May only broadcast on TV between 00:00-06:00.

Before trailers, the rating is shown, but a T is after the number, (it means "Trailer") which means the rating may change after release.


Games use the same rating system, except 12 is changed to 10 and all the icons for it are squares.

Rating System Change

Sometime later, around November 2018, an election vote will be held to change the TV show ratings to these:

  • C (early learning programs)
  • A (all ages)
  • PG (parental guidance under 12)
  • 12 (not recommended under 12 but not restricted)
  • 15 (15+ only)
  • 18 (18+ only and never used for shorts)
  • S (special descriptor, can be added to any rating which means only specific people can watch)

If enough people (50% or more) vote for the ratings to be changed, these ratings will stay in effect until 2020.

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