Nasty Food Jenga

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You need:

  • A Jenga tower
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white paint
  • A black permanent marker
  • 12 buckets, 2 of each being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white
  • 2 white lids
  • A food for each bucket


  1. Separate the Jenga blocks into 5 groups of 10, and one group of 4.
  2. Paint the first group of 10 blocks red, and repeat this step for the other groups of blocks using orange, yellow, green, and blue paint.
  3. Paint the remaining 4 blocks white.
  4. Let the blocks dry, then draw question marks on the sides of the white blocks because they represent the white mystery bucket.
  5. Draw question marks on the white lids for the white buckets.
  6. Arrange the painted blocks back in the form of a tower, placing each color randomly.
  7. Place a different food in each bucket according to these rules:
  8. Place a food the player really likes in the blue bucket.
  9. Place a food that is edible but the player doesn't really like in the green bucket.
  10. Modify another food that the player likes by putting something weird and/or disgusting in it and place it in the yellow bucket. (such as cat food Oreos, or marmite Twinkies)
  11. Hand-make a weird, disgusting creation and place it in the orange bucket.
  12. Place a food that's really nasty or bad in the red bucket.
  13. Modify another batch of the food in the blue bucket by adding a non-toxic inedible item (such as glue or soap) and place it in the mystery bucket, and close it up with the white lid.
  14. Have a trash can ready for each player in case they have to puke due to a disgusting/unknown food.

How to play

  1. Players will take turns pulling blocks out of the tower, and the player has to eat the food from the bucket the same color as the block pulled.
  2. The player who topples the tower has to drink a smoothie of all their foods as a punishment for losing.
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