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The Museum of Selfies is a location in the 324 Entertainment world. In this place people can come and look at the history of selfies and even take selfies there.

More info coming soon

Floors (from top to bottom)

  • 8th floor: Rooms 801, 802, 803, and 804 (801 is an "authorized personnel only" room, 802 is the dark room, 803 is an AC unit and 804 is the secret 0¢ store where anyone lucky to find it can take anything they want)
  • 7th floor: Staff only (control room in room 799)
  • 6th floor: Basically like a photo booth, except that you can make a GIF of something, then you can send it to an instagram setting to show everyone who comes here.
  • 5th floor: The most eventful floor. It has a stage in there, with plenty of props. Selfie competitions have been held there before. There is also a Keep It Spotless experience, where you can see what it’s like to be in the show by trying to remain spotless. It comes with white suits, and it will even calculate your spotless levels.
  • 4th floor: A child’s favorite floor. It has a playground in there that can be Selfie related. It has swings, a foam pit, and even a sprinkle pool that was installed earlier this year.
  • 3rd floor: This is the floor where you can make your own selfie animations. There are many different backgrounds to use.
  • 2nd floor: Selfie props with statues of someone taking selfies. It even has a statue of Lori taking selfies, and a rug looking like the Selfie Improvement title card.
  • 1st floor: Some selfie history and a walk-around gallery

Staff Members

  • Frederick Thomas Booker (owner) (office: room 736)
  • Shay (Security guard)
  • Sarah L. Jackson (Formerly a Security guard. Has now moved to Dessert University)
  • Marley (Security guard)
  • Leni Loud (Security guard)

Current Exhibits

  • 5th floor: The Keep It Spotless Experience (comes with white suit to protect your clothing