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Mr. Toonster is 1033Forest's YouTube channel. He has owned the channel since 2013, but didn't come up with the name Mr. Toonster until

Mr. Toonster's channel avatar as of March 12, 2015. Known as the "Blue Handy". This is also 1033Forest's Discord avatar.

2015. On his channel he has posted the Windows 3.1 Errors series, and his experiements on computer programs, operating systems, and other obscure software. He even planned to make more Microsoft Sam and other TTS voice videos back in 2016, but he never got around to doing those.

When the channel rebranded as Mr. Toonster in 2015, he was known as "a guy born in c. 2000 but is never on until 3:30", beacuse of him always coming back home from his high school at 3:30 at the time.

He is also known for testing higher quants on the DDR and PIU games in two of his videos.

And a warning: Very few of his videos have questionable content in them, but most of his videos are clean.

Mr. Toonster Productions

In 2017, Mr. Toonster founded Mr. Toonster Productions, the company named after him that has produced the previous Windows 3.1 Errors series, the "Has BSOD" video series, and The Ultimate BSOD Compilation films. In 2019, Sdq2002Productions has acquired 50% of the company for $15,000,000 and has became one of the best BSOD mergers in the world.
Mr. Toonster Productions Logo
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