Movie Theater

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The Movie Theater is also unnamed, but is a place in the 312 Entertainment world.

In here, customers go there to watch a movie. It plays some real movies, and some fictional ones produced by 312 Entertainment. There are 312 theaters there.


  • C. Concession Stand
  • 1. Theaters 1-100
  • 2. Theaters 101-200
  • 3. Theaters 201-300
  • 4. Theaters 301-312

Concession Stand Items

Popcorn (each one has a different color box)

  • Buttered (yellow box)
  • Caramel (blue box)
  • Kettle (green box)
  • Chocolate (brown box)
  • Red Hot (red box)
  • Cinnamon (purple box)
  • Cheddar (orange box)
  • Rainbow candy coated (teal box)

Drinks (needs better names)

  • Fizzy Fizz (also available in clear)
  • Diet Fizzy Fizz
  • Jittery Green
  • Dr. 312
  • Twisted Lemon
  • Orange POP! (also in red, yellow, purple, blue, green, and teal)
  • Root Beer
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