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Challenge for 2 players

You need:

A slip n slide

2 coconut shaped containers

Paper slips (half of them will have "water" printed on them, and the other half will have all the numbers of the items on them)

Messy food items

How to play

  1. Have one coconut be filled with water slips, and another coconut will have slips with a number on them corresponding to the item that has to be used.
  2. Before peeking inside each coconut, players decide if they want to swap or keep the coconuts.
  3. After the decision is made, the coconuts are opened and a slip is drawn. The player who drew a number has to get that numbered item and pour it on their side, while the player who drew water will just not put anything on that side.
  4. Both players will slide on their sides, and play continues until all items are used up.
  5. The player who got water the most wins.