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This is the list of colors and scents for Grace's line of lotion "paints." Grace created this line to combine softening the skin, with the fun and mess of art. The colors disappear right after they're rubbed into skin.

Color and Scent List

  • Red (Cherry)
  • Orange (Orange)
  • Golden Yellow (Butterscotch)
  • Yellow (Banana)
  • Lime Green (Strawberry Kiwi)
  • Green (Apple)
  • Light Green (Mint)
  • Teal (Fruit Punch)
  • Light Blue (Blue Raspberry)
  • Blue (Blueberry)
  • Light Purple (Cotton Candy)
  • Purple (Grape)
  • Light Pink (Watermelon)
  • Pink (Strawberry)
  • Brown (Chocolate)
  • White (Vanilla)
  • Black (Licorice)