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Born: November 28, 2004 (age 16)



Kacy is perhaps one of the cutest girls in all of 324 Entertainment, to the point where it’s a surprise she is currently 16. Even her tummy is cute enough to make anyone faint. She has a best friend named Lala who lives upstairs, a mom who owns her own candy shop, and even has a boyfriends who is very supportive of her. And she supports him too. She’s is not working at a job yet, though she did hear about Estella’s upcoming grieving business, and wants to be able to contribute. Like Mimi and Lacey, she loves Blue’s Clues, and loves wearing a swimsuit.


Like her pony friend, Fluttershy, Kaxy is a very kind-hearted girl, who would want to be there for her friends when they need it. She was right there for Lala the moment Lala’s dad left for Florida in December 2019. Also, she loves to share her love for MLP, as it hasn’t been her favorite show since it first premiered way back in 2010. And like Fluttershy, Kacy does know when to be bold at times and stand up for herself. Even if it was nearly impossible for her to do in her past relationship.

Additional Info

  • Belly button: Innie
  • Ticklish level: 12

More info coming soon.


  • She loves caramel sauce. It's her favorite sauce ever.
  • Her other favorite sauce that isn't used for desserts is ketchup.
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