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In 1033Forest's TTS videos, an intensity level is used to determine how crazy a scene is.

The levels

  • Level 0 (blue): Nothing crazy happening, everything is normal (no music or a stock track)
  • Level 1 (green): Things are getting a little crazy (for example, Microsoft Sam just got his job) (no music or a stock track)
  • Level 2 (yellow): A bit stronger than level 1 (for example, after his boss tells Sam he hasn't done his job correctly) (stock track) (25% chance of test card)
  • Level 3 (orange): Things are getting crazy here (for example, Sam eating all the tacos on taco night) (Batty McFaddin) (50% chance of test card)
  • Level 4 (red): Things get REALLY intense (for example, major technical difficulties, or if a robber or NSA officer or other person with weapons comes in) (this track) (100% chance of test card; a test card always shows up at this point due to possible violence or other stuff)