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You will need:

Hot plate

MP3 player

Soft tortilla

Beef (pre-cooked)

Nacho cheese

Refried beans (recipe coming soon)

Shredded cheese

White rice

  1. Plug the hot plate to the computer and plug the MP3 player into the hot plate to heat it up.
  2. Use the hot plate to heat up the tortilla, beef, white rice, nacho cheese and refried beans.
  3. Put the tortilla inside a holder that holds its taco shell shape then add the ingredients in this order: beef, nacho cheese, refried beans, cheese, white rice, nacho cheese.
  4. Serve and enjoy your taco!

Note: This is intended as humor and not to be taken seriously. If you really want to make this use the stove to heat up the ingredients because hot plates don't have USB capabilities.