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The 324 Entertainment world has a health department that inspects restaurants and grades them with a color based on conditions. After a restaurant is recently inspected a notice is placed on the door of the establishment (or for restaurants within other places the notice is placed inside the restaurant).

Restaurant inspections are usually unannounced and happen 2 times a year.

The ratings

  • Pink: Perfect. Everything is clean and no harmful conditions
  • Purple: One tiny bit off
  • Blue: 1-3 minor problems
  • Teal: 4-5 minor problems or 1 major problem
  • Green: 6-7 minor problems or 2 major problems
  • Yellow: 8-9 minor problems or 3 major problems
  • Orange: 10-11 minor problems or 4 major problems
  • Red: 12-13 minor problems or 5 major problems. At risk of being shut down
  • White: 14+ minor problems or 6+ major problems. At risk of being shut down if these problems don't get fixed quickly!

Usually inspections are done every 6 months but if an establishment gets a yellow, orange, red, or white rating a follow up inspection will occur:

  • Yellow: 1 month
  • Orange: 2 weeks
  • Red: 1 week
  • White: 3 days

Recent Reports

  • 324 Pizzas: Purple (last reported 6/10/2018)
  • Fun House 4th floor eatery: Teal (last reported 10/17/2018)
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