Food Minesweeper

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You will need:

  • A grid of square, triangle, perpendicular tile or hexagon panels
  • Stickers big enough to cover the panels and easy to peel off the panels (so that no residue remains)
  • 4 foods for hexagon mode, 5 for square, 6 for triangle, and 7 for perpendicular tile
  • Red, orange, yellow, and green buckets (add blue for square and also add purple for triangle. Add teal between green and blue for perpendicular tile)


  1. Set up the board by placing one of the grid patterns.
  2. Cut out shapes as big as the panels on a peelable material, then paint them so they look like Minesweeper cells.
  3. Place different foods in each bucket, starting from a good one in the green, blue, or purple bucket and slowly transitioning to bad.

How to play

  1. Players take turns peeling off the sticker covering the panel.
  2. If the panel has a number under it, that's the number of mines around that panel (up to 6 in hexagon, 8 in square, 12 in triangle, and 14 in perpendicular tile)
  3. If there is a mine under the panel, the player has to eat a food from the same colored bucket as the mine.
  4. The first player to uncover 2 mines in hexagon mode, 3 mines in square mode, 4 mines in triangle mode or 5 mines in perpendicular tile mode has to drink a smoothie containing all the foods in the buckets as a punishment for losing.

Food Suggestions

Candy Set

  • Purple: Trolli worms
  • Blue: White Kit Kats
  • Green: Twizzlers/Red Vines
  • Yellow: Candy corn
  • Orange: Necco wafers
  • Red: Bean Boozled beans
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