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A restaurant in 324 Entertainment world that specializes in mostly differently colored and rainbow foods, along with a few normal-colored items as well. Its mascot is Coral, the Microsoft Photo Editor 3.1 icon (which looks like a color wheel on a dark gray square).

It is known as one of very few restaurants that allow feet on tables. 


  • Colorful waffle sticks or French toast sticks, with dyed syrups. Pink or blue butter also available
  • Nachos with your choice of color chips
  • Cotton candy cones (with or without coconut shavings)
  • Corn dogs
  • Bowl of rainbow jello cubes (dessert)
  • Basket of rainbow mini donuts (circle, square and triangle shapes available)
  • Different colored ketchups (green, purple, blue, orange, pink and teal are available along with the original red)
  • Soft pretzels in shapes for any occasion! And can choose the salt color
  • X Puffs rainbow popcorn, plus 20 other different popcorn flavors to choose from!
  • The coveted 20-color gumball machine (25¢ per gumball)