Challenge List

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Challenges that the 324 Entertainment characters might do in future shorts.

The list

  1. Eat somewhere or something you can't pronounce
  2. Eat a plate of spaghetti with no hands
  3. Draw a ketchup or mustard smiley face on your stomach
  4. Get pied
  5. Drink a 20 oz slurpee/icee/whatever as fast as you can
  6. Eat an entire can of whip cream
  7. Drink the juice from a coconut
  8. Act out a favorite scene from a movie
  9. Do a flip on a trampoline
  10. Do the Cupid Shuffle
  11. Be tickled for at least 30 seconds without laughing
  12. Put paint on the bottom of your feet and make a work of art
  13. Challenge a teammate to rock paper scissors, best out of 3
  14. Eat 2 scoops of ice cream using your hands as the cone
  15. Approach a person from 4 other teams and shake their hand using your left hand
  16. Shake up an unopened bottle of soda and open it over your head
  17. Watch a movie while listening to a different one
  18. Send a picture of your foot to the 18th person in your contacts
  19. Use your phone for nothing but GPS for one day
  20. Put your arm over a public statue's shoulder and take a selfie
  21. Create a game with your teammates using 2 items, one from the kitchen
  22. Share your most embarrassing guilty pleasure
  23. Perform a random act of kindness
  24. Share a video of yourself performing your weirdest talent
  25. Return every text you get with a phone call
  26. Text an ex-friend like you're still besties
  27. Switch seats with the person to your left
  28. Get up and do a line dance
  29. Open a cookbook and prepare the first meal you point to
  30. Scroll a year back in an ex's social media and like their post
  31. Paint a picture of how you feel
  32. Go to an Indian restaurant and request the spiciest meal available
  33. Teach someone how to "Dougie"
  34. Have a conversation with your teammates in complete darkness for an hour
  35. Run ice down someone's spine
  36. Speak like cartoon characters with your teammates
  37. Spend an entire day without social media
  38. Turn on a radio and make up words to whatever song's on
  39. Ask a stranger if you can draw a picture of them then give them the picture
  40. Start a dance circle with your group and get at least 4 strangers to join in
  41. Eat a honey covered scone with no hands
  42. Play tic tac toe with a total stranger
  43. Arm wrestle a stranger while eating an apple
  44. Float on an air mattress on any body of water
  45. Duel with a cop and a banana (ask for permission)
  46. Visit any area with a population below 1000 and take a picture of yourself posing near the sign
  47. Actually kiss a welcome sign
  48. Take a picture of a rare license plate
  49. Sneak into a wedding party and take a picture with the bride/groom
  50. Wash a stranger's car (ask permission first)
  51. Eat a worm, 2 crickets, or 3 beetles
  52. Make s'mores and share with someone from another team
  53. Buy a box of snack cakes and share them with a stranger
  54. Drink a glass of water with your elbow locked
  55. Listen to a sunset
  56. Share something you'd never share
  57. Take a selfie with your eyes closed
  58. Wear your clothes inside out
  59. Dress in all of a certain color, then take a picture
  60. Record the sounds on the way to somewhere
  61. On the way to somewhere listen only to your own thoughts
  62. Twerk for no good reason
  63. Tap dance the beat of your favorite song
  64. Sit on a friend for 5 minutes. Don't let them up
  65. Give the cashier all pennies for something that's like $5
  66. Lay on the floor, doing ground angels
  67. Melt some chocolate and offer "free face masks"
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