Smile159 Smile159 13 March

Little Yellow Riding Hood (Video)

Little Yellow Riding Hood is the thirty sixth Happy Colors TV series on DVD in Canada.

  1. Little Yellow Riding Hood
  2. The Happy Colors' Surprise
  3. Dingos

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Backyard Adventurer
  3. The Mad Song
  4. Follow the Leader
  5. Flying in Magic
  6. An Octopus Huggle
  7. Caribbean Amphibian
  8. Everybody Dance
  9. Ooh It's David Bubblestone
  10. Good Morning
  11. Quack Quack
  12. Move Your Mane Like a Lion
  13. On My Way Home (Hawaiian Lullaby)
  14. Dingo Tango
  15. Bing Bang
  16. Let's Go (We're Riding in the Big Red Car)
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Smile159 Smile159 13 March

It's Hero Time

It's Hero Time is the thirty fifth Happy Colors TV series on DVD in Canada.

  1. Ultra Good Space Hero
  2. Superheroes
  3. Ace Savvy in Rainbow World

  1. Martian Groove
  2. Caribbean Amphibian
  3. I Drive the Big Red Car
  4. Rainbow of Colors
  5. You Never Know What's in the Clubhouse
  6. Ayla's Dance
  7. Springtime Sunny Day
  8. Forget You (AKA The Chicken Song)
  9. Everybody Dance
  10. Base to Outer Space
  11. Hero
  12. Super Hero to the Rescue
  13. Reach Out
  14. Give Me Your Hand
  15. Please and Thank You
  16. Making Music
  17. Bing Bang
  18. Where's Wally
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Smile159 Smile159 13 March

Knighty Knight

Knighty Knight is the thirty fourth Happy Colors TV series on DVD in Canada.

  1. The Red Knight
  2. Nothing to Fear
  3. Haunted Castle

  1. You Never Know What's in the Clubhouse
  2. The Monkey Dance
  3. It's a Party
  4. Flying Along with Molly
  5. Here We Go
  6. Flying in Magic (New Recording)
  7. Night Will Sing Us All to Sleep
  8. Grab Your Dream
  9. Everybody Dance
  10. Base to Outer Space
  11. Swinging on the String and the Chair
  12. Nothing to be Afraid Of
  13. Dangerous
  14. Friendly Guy
  15. I've Never Seen a Unicorn
  16. Flying in Magic
  17. Playing on the Playground
  18. Bing Bang
  19. Eagle Rock
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Smile159 Smile159 13 March

The Happy Col-Baby

The Happy Col-Baby is the thirty third Happy Colors TV series on DVD in Canada.

  1. The Happy Col-Baby
  2. Coochie and Coo's Playdate
  3. Rock-a-Bye Baby

  1. Sleep Safe, My Baby
  2. Flying in Magic
  3. It's Our World Now
  4. Everybody Dance
  5. Come on in to Our House
  6. Old Mcdonald Had a Farm
  7. Follow the Leader
  8. Living in a Fairytale
  9. Baby, Baby (New Recording)
  10. All Together
  11. Jack and Jill
  12. Ring Around the Rosy
  13. ABC
  14. Everybody Dance (again)
  15. Five Little Ducks
  16. Good Morning
  17. Baby, Baby
  18. Everyone is Special
  19. Belly Button
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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Lori's New Phone

Lori: What is it, Catherine?

Catherine: It's your new phone! Lincoln told me that your phone is disturbing the concert and it made Lynn get him to leave the theater. You shouldn't bring your phone in the concert. With this new phone, You can get messages from anybody else beside Bobby

Lori: Why would I want that

Catherine: Go ahead and record your voice so everyone can hear when they're calling


Lori: Go away

Catherine: Maybe you should try that again much politely

Lori: That's all the polite you'll get from me today. It's time for my favorite show and I don't want to miss it

Catherine: Now you enjoy your new phone and hand over your other phone please

(Lori did that)

Raymond: This week we'll go after the crafty book trout and show you how to …

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Fixing the Telephone line

(Roger and Shaun are going to fix the lines for telephones)

Roger: Yep! Line's broken Shaun. Looks like the tree branch hit the line

Shaun: Maybe the lines need a tickle

Roger: I wouldn't do that if I were you. You're gonna get electrocuted

Shaun: How about I give you a tickle

Roger: No it's not a good time. Everybody is counting on us or Lori will literally turn me into a bunny pretzel. Now remember. Lift me up nice and slow

Shaun: Sure thing. Nice and slow. (pull the lever)

(Roger up nice and slow)

Roger: That's good Shaun

Shaun: I wonder what happens when you tickle these controls

(When Shaun tickle the controls, Roger fall)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Roger hit the car window)

Roger: Ow


Roger: Let's try again and this time if you're going to tickle a…

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March


(Marcus come with a mask and roar then take it off)

Marcus: (Laughs) Scared you didn't I? But if you think that's scary, wait till you see my Marcus' Scare A Phone! This phone is guaranteed to terrify!

(Marcus destroyed Lynn Sr.'s phone)

Marcus: All you do is plug it in and wait for your first call!

Lynn Sr.: But I like my old phone much better

Marcus: Yeah but did your old phone do this?

(phone screams)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

Marcus: Go ahead Mr. Loud! Answer it!

(Lynn Sr answer it and bats pop out)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming as he run)

Marcus: (Laughs) And the fun doesn't stop there! Each Scare A Phone contains a built in answering machine made just for you! Listen!


Lynn Sr: (Screami…

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

No Phones in the Theater

(Everyone is here at Lionel's piano show)

Ashley: Welcome to Rainbow World Theater! This is Ashley! Remember no food or drink is allowed on the theater. Please turn off all cellphones

(Everyone except Lori turn off their phones)

Ashley: And now give a warm welcome to Lionel!

(Lionel arrived at the stage and his piano)

(Lionel played then Lori's phone ring)

Lori: Hello?

Bobby: Hey Babe

(Raymond, Marcus and Molly look at Lori)

Lori: Hi Boo Boo Bear

(Then Lionel return to play piano)

(But he was disturbed when Bobby is talking)

Bobby: What are you doing?

Lori: I'm at a piano concert

Bobby: I didn't know there was a piano concert in Rainbow World California

(Lionel end up banging on the piano)

(Lincoln tap Lori)

Lori: One second Bobby. (to Lincoln) What do you…

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Beach Hut

(Lucy and Ariel are enjoying the beach and then Lynn Sr arrived)

Ariel: Hello Mr. Loud. Glad you can make it

Lynn Sr: I got just a few small items. You can never be too prepared. Isn't that right Lucy

Lucy: Yes. I don't like getting sunburn

Ariel: I love sun but not too much. I don't want to get sunburn either

(Lynn Sr. give Lucy, Ariel and himself some sunscreen)

Lynn Sr: I hope 5 layers is enough

Ariel: You know, There is the other way to protect from the sun like shades

Lucy: Yep. That can help too

Lynn Sr.: Well in that case, I got my umbrella

(Lynn Sr set it up then he start sweating)

Lynn Sr.: Phew! I need something better than that

(Lynn Sr build a beach hut)

Ariel: Cool! You're building a beach hut. Can I come in

Lynn Sr: It's not finished yet


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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Roger Playing with his Shadow

(Roger walk with the broom and it make a shadow)

Roger: Oh look at that. It's my shadow

(The shadow wave at him)

Roger: Huh?

(Roger moved and the shadow did the same thing)

(Then Roger make strong pose and the shadow do the same thing)

Roger: Grrrrrrrrrrr

(Then Roger waved and then the shadow dance around)

(Roger then sweep away the shadow)

Roger: That shadow is in impossible

(The shadow reappear)

Roger: (Gasped)

(The shadow started playing with Roger)

(Roger poke the shadow then shake hands with it)

(Lily crawl to him)

Lily: Goo goo

Roger: Lily?

Lily: (Giggles)

(Then Roger look at his shadow that he just imagining)

Roger: (Chuckles)

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Moon Rocks

(Molly, Lincoln, Lynn, and Shaun are blasting off to the moon and they arrived)

Molly: Molly to Mission Control we arrived safely on the moon

Lisa: Good work Molly. Hope you can find lots and lots of moon rocks

Molly: Affirmative Lisa. Over and out

Lynn: The moon is bigger than I though isn't it Lincoln?

Lincoln: Yep it is pretty big

(Then Shaun tickle Lincoln)

Lincoln: (Laughing) OW OW OW OW!

Shaun: I have just given the first tickle on the moon

Lincoln: And hopefully the last

Molly: Okay. We're going to collect some moon rocks and then we can send them to the science museum

Lynn: Sounds easy enough

Shaun: And I can give Lynn a moon tickle

Lincoln: Now it's not the time for tickling in fact we're not here to have fun

Molly: Oh we're going to have fun a…

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Moon Tree

Lori: (Snoring)

(Then the tree hits the window)

Lori: Just when my dream was getting good

(But it was just Leni digging something)

Lori: Leni, it's the middle of the night. What are you up to out here

Leni: Hi Lori. I'm planting a tree

Lori: In the middle of the night

Leni: No. In the middle of the yard

Lori: You couldn't wake until morning

Leni: I could but it wouldn't work. These are Moon Tree Seeds. These seeds will grow into giant trees only during a full moon

Lori: It's more like a myth. How can a tree grow in one night

Leni: I don't know. I never though to ask

Lori: Could we please go back inside the clubhouse? I want to get some sleep

Leni: Do you want a moon tree of your own

Lori: (Sigh) Fine

Leni: Take a seed. You'll be happy you did

Lori: Happie…

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Smile159 Smile159 12 March

Pink is Yuk-a-Rooney

(One day, The Louds, David, and Cris are doing their own things while Lola is singing all by herself)

Lola: (Singing) She'll be wearing pink pajama when she comes (pink pink)

She'll be wearing pink pajama when she comes (pink pink)

Wearing pink pajama

Wearing pink pajama


(Spoken) Aw come on you guys!

(Singing) Wearing pink pajama when she comes

(Spoken) Why aren't joining in

David: Well, The thing is you always want everything to be pink

Lola: With in the song of pink pajama

David: No no. I don't mean the song. It's the only color you talk about

Lola: Well, I love pink!

Cris: Well, Other colors are nice too like I love purple

David: And I love red

Lori: I love light blue

Leni: I love light green

Luna: I love purple

Luan: I love yellow

Lynn: I love re…

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

Present for Lynn Sr

(Lynn Sr is giving Ayla a nice haircut)

Lynn Sr: Oh Ayla, You have no idea the pressure of getting so many gifts

Ayla: I'm sure those are not that bad.

Catherine: Hello! I got you a gift Mr. Loud. It's my way of saying thank you for all you do for my do

Lynn Sr.: Thank you Cat. I will open it but I'm giving Ayla a haircut

Catherine: Okey dokey. It's a potholder I knitted myself

Lynn Sr.: Uh, Please don't spoil the surprise

Catherine: Sorry

(Then Clyde come in with her gift)

Clyde: Here. Thank you for my stylish haircut

Lynn Sr.: Thank you Clyde. I bet your dads picked it for you

Clyde: Yep they did!

Lynn Sr.: I would open it but maybe later. Sorry about that. Where was I? Going somewhere later?

Ayla: You're giving me a haircut

(Marcus come with his gift…

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

Present Store Tickle

(Shaun is waiting for a customer and Ariel came by)

Shaun: Yay! A customer

Ariel: Hi Shaun

Lori: What do you want Ariel

Ariel: I was going to buy my pet cat "Elizabeth" a present for her birthday

Shaun: How about this lunchbox with removable flask? It comes with a tickle

(Shaun tickle Ariel)

Ariel: (Laughing)

Lori: Are you going to buy the lunchbox or not

Ariel: Not because Elizabeth is a cat. I want to give her something special

Lori: This is a present store not a pet shop

Ariel: Okay. Suit yourself. (as she leave)

(Then Lincoln come)

Shaun: Hello Lincoln. Looking for a gift

Lincoln: Yes

Shaun: How about a bucket? A trampoline? A fish lamp? Every one comes with a tickle

Lincoln: No tickle but I'll take a trampoline for Lily

(Shaun tickle Lincoln then the …

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

Friendship Present Day

(It's Friendship Present Day in Rainbow World)

Ashley: I do love Friendship Present Day

Lola: I couldn't agree more! I do like to open a nicely wrapped gift

Ashley: Now the only rule for this holiday is when we open presents, We make a pretty present face like this

Lola: That way I won't hurt the gift givers feelings

Ashley: Now if you excuse me, David and I are about to open our presents first

(Lola goes to open her present then Felix and Lisa come)

Lisa: Hello Lola.

Lola: (Gasped) Lisa! Hi.

Felix: I see you got a lot of presents here

Lola: Yes and Lana has presents too.

Lisa: We invited the Schmuzzies for Friendship Present Day

Schmuzzies: Schmellow

Lola: Be careful now to mix up the gifts. The cards are color coded Pink for me and Blue for Lana


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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

Restaurant Prank

(Lynn Sr, Lola, and Ayla arrived at the restaurant)

(Luan was cutting a table leg)

Luan: Customers! Hello. Welcome to my restaurant. Can I help you?

Lynn Sr.: Table for 3

(They got to their table)

Luan: Sit here. I'll get you something fabulous to eat

(As Luan leaves)

Lynn Sr.: She might have something to eat but I don't think it might be right

(Ayla lean on the table and the forks and knives falls down)

Lola: Ayla! Keep your elbow off the table!

(Ayla saw the saw and the broken table leg)

Ayla: It's not me, It's the table

Lola: It's not the table! Put the tools back

(Luan put the octopus in the soup then served the soup)

Luan: This is my delicious octopus soup

Lynn Sr.: It's not too hot is it?

Luan: No. It is just right

(Lola is about to enjoy the soup ex…

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March


(Lori came to Shaun's restaurant called Tic-Tac-Tickle)

Shaun: Hello Lori. Welcome to Tic Tac Tickle

(Just then, Lori can alarm clock and Shaun lift the table cloth and Wally is under there)

Wally: I'm Wally and I'll be your what did they call it again

Lori: Waiter?

Wally: That's it! I'll be your waiter

Lori: This picture is nothing but tic tac toe

Wally: I know. Aren't they pretty

Lori: I need a beanbuger

Wally: Coming right up

Shaun: How about an appetizer tickle

Lori: Touch me and I'll literally shave your mane off while you're asleep

(Then Ariel sat by Lori)

Ariel: Hello Lori! Fancy meeting you here

Lori: I'm trying to enjoy my dinner in peace and quiet

Ariel: Maybe we can play the quiet game

Shaun: How about a peace and quiet tickle

Ariel: I love one! …

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

Chef Schmuzzle

Schmuzzies: Schmellow!

Luan: I am Luan and this is the Schmuzzies' new restaurant, Chef Schmuzzle

Schmuzzies: Schmuzzle

(Luan came to Raymond who is eating a bread)

Luan: How's that bread going

Raymond: Schmelicious

Luan: Here at Chef Schmuzzle the Schmuzzies will give you the food

Schmuzzies: Schmizza

(Schmuzzies serves Ayla a pizza)

Ayla: Schmummy

Luan: When dining at Chef Schmuzzle we will tend to your every need

(Schmuzzies come to David and Catherine)

David: Catherine and I would like to see the Schmenu to see what Schmood you have

(The Schmuzzies gave them menus)

Catherine: Schmank You

Luan: So come to Chef Schmuzzle and give it a try

Schmuzzies: Schmye Schmye

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Smile159 Smile159 11 March

David's Magic Restaurant

(Lincoln and his mom are out in David's Magic Restaurant)

Lincoln: Thanks for inviting me to this fancy restaurant Mom

Rita: Your welcome Lincoln. I wanted to try out the new restaurant and it will be excellent

Lincoln: I do think the food can be excellent

Rita: Yes. That too

(David appear)

David: Welcome to the Magic Hat Cafe. I'm David and I'll be your waiter

Lincoln: That's amazedly magical!

David: May I bring you something to drink

Rita: I'll have a nice fizzy pop with lemons and limes

Lincoln: And I'll have an orange juice

David: Coming right up! (waves wand) Abracadabra!

(Lincoln's Orange Juice appear and Rita got sprayed in fizzy pop by the light)

David: Ta da!

Rita: I asked for a glass of fizzy pop. I didn't expect shower of fruit

David: Oh. I'm so…

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Selling a Noisy Vacuum

(Danny arrived at Marcus' castle)

(Raymond bounce down the stairs and open the door)

Raymond: You rang?

Danny: Is Marcus home because I'm going door to door

Raymond: Yes but he's busy upstairs feeding his bats

Danny: Perhaps he should come downstairs for a moment

Raymond: They must be washed and hung to dry

Danny: But...

Marcus: (Off-Screen) Who is it down there?!

Raymond: One moment

(Raymond bounce up)

Danny: What is he gonna say? This could be a job for my super sensitive hearing!

Marcus: (Off-Screen) Well who is it?! Well what's he want?!

(Raymond bounce down)

Raymond: Okay. What do you want

Danny: I'm going door to door selling

Raymond: One moment

(Raymond bounce up)

Marcus: (Off-Screen) What?! Why would I want a door?! This place is loaded with doors! …

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Good Up and Bad Down

(In the Up and Down restaurant, Lola finish cooking)

Lola: Pick up one stinky bean burger

David: Thank you Lola

(Lola send the food up)

David: Order is ready Mr. Loud

Lynn Sr: I can't serve the customer this. It's burnt

David: Oh. Lola, I don't think the customer will like the burnt burger.

(David send the food down)

Lola: I'm not making another

(Lola send the food up)

David: You heard her. But not to worry! I can fix it myself with magic! Abracadabra!

(But it turns out to be a pineapple)

Lynn Sr: Fantastic! But that's not a burger

David: Well, It's a thought that counts, Right?

Lynn Sr: Right. Who wouldn't want a magic pineapple of their very own

David: Lola! The pile of dishes need to be washing.

(David send the dishes down but Lola didn't answer)


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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Elevator Ride with Shaun

Shaun: Tired of the same old predictable elevator rides? Then join me, Shaun, for an elevator ride you'll never forget

Ariel: Floor 7 please

(The elevator go up)

(The elevator open Shaun tickling Ariel)

Ariel: (Laughing) That tickle!

(Then it shows Shaun tickle David, Catherine, and Wally)

Shaun: No matter what floor you want, one thing for certain, you'll leave this elevator car with a smile

Wally: You know, This elevator ride is full of barrel of donkeys or monkeys

Shaun: So if you need a good tickle to improve your mood

Lori: Going down. Floor 2.

(The elevator go down)

(Shaun's mane is tied like pretzel)

Shaun: Ouch!

(Lori left)

Shaun: Come on down to Shaun's Elevator where almost every ride is sure to get you a tickle

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Lori at the Baseball Game

(Lynn is giving Lori the best seat at the baseball game)

Lynn: Here you Lori. Best seat in the house

Lori: I bought the whole row. That way no one can sit next to me and I can enjoy the game myself in peace

Lynn: I'll be up there where Lana, Danny, and Luna are at. Enjoy the game

Lori: There's nothing like sitting down by the field for a game of Rainbow Ball. Best of all no doubting jokers to bother me

(Felix blow the whistle)

Lori: That game is about to begin! That's it! Take it to the top!

(Then a nacho cheese drop on Lori)

Lori: HEY!

Lana: Hey! Look down here!

Danny and Luna: (Laughing)

Lori: Lana!

Lynn: Sorry Lori. This is cheese is super messy isn't it, Lana

Lana: Yep! (eat a chip and the cheese goo gets all over Lori's chair)

Lori: Just keep your ch…

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Lincoln and Clyde's Party

(Roger is here at Lincoln and Clyde's Party)

Roger: Great party Lincoln and Clyde

Lincoln: Thanks Roger

Roger: And you two worked hard on the ice sculpture. Not as nice as your pottery coffee mug, No offence

Clyde: Give it a taste. It's strawberry flavor

Roger: What other flavor on the other sculpture

Lincoln: And blueberry too

Roger: I'll take a strawberry.

(When Roger lick it, His tongue is stuck)

Clyde: Oops. Maybe that wasn't a good idea

Lincoln: Or maybe we put them in the freezer too long

(Roger try to pull his tongue off)

Clyde: Time to bob for apples!

Lincoln: How do we know to put apples in two bucket?

Clyde: I'll use this bucket for the apples

(Roger, Lynn, Raymond, Lisa, and Fana are in lines)

Clyde: What you need to do is get an apple in your …

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Shaun's Halloween Party

(Lynn Sr. is delivering a pizza to the Happy Colors Clubhouse)

Catherine: Mr. Loud are you at Shaun's party yet

Lynn Sr.: Yes. I'm parking in the Happy Colors' Garage right now,

Catherine: Excellent! Now I want you to deliver to Shaun for his Halloween Party

(Lynn Sr ring the doorbell on Shaun's room)

Lynn Sr: Anybody home? Pizza delivery

Lisa: Ahoy there!

Felix: Happy Halloween!

Lynn Sr: Hideous horrible pirates! Take them! Just don't make me walk the plank!

Felix: Thanks Mr. Loud. Care to join the Halloween fun?

Lynn Sr: No! I hate Halloween! Must run now!

(Lynn Sr. run into the room where everything is decorated for Halloween and everyone in their costumes)

Marcus: Hey Mr. Loud! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Lynn Sr: (Scream as he ran) Ghastly ghoulish ghost!


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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Party Diaper Balloon

Molly: Do you want to make party more fun? That's why I have Molly's Party Diaper Balloon. With just the push of a button you will inflate the diaper like a balloon

Ariel: Hi Molly! Are you having fun at my party?

Molly: I sure am! Look what I got

(Molly press the button and her diaper inflate and she started floating)

Molly: With my Party Diaper Balloon you can also impress party guests with your fly moves

(Molly flys)

Lily: (Giggles)

Molly: And my Party Diaper Balloon can really come in handy in birthday parties

Everybody: SURPRISE!

(Molly did her fly moves)

Molly: And as usually, My diaper is not quite that absorbent so you can use it at pool party

(Molly use the diaper in the pool)

Luan: Hey Molly. Don't you usually use the tube floats

Molly: My di…

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Smile159 Smile159 10 March

Lana's Party

(David is taking to Shaun's Room where Lana is having a party)

David: Come on, Lola! We don't want to be late

Lola: I enjoy a party as much as the next person but somehow a party with Lana sounds...

David: Fun? Exciting? Ticklish like Shaun?

Lola: No. Filthy. But it is only polite to accept an invitation. I will do my best to have a good time

David: You know what it make you have a great time, Bouncing on Shaun's bed in his bedroom

Lola: Sounds fun but it's too wild and could make a mess

David: I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Beside, He's a lion and he love going wild.

(David knock on the door and Lana answer)

Lana: Hey David! Glad you could make it! Come on in!

(David and Lola enter Shaun's Room)

Shaun: All right! More guests to go wild!

Lola: Where are a…

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Todd the Robot


David: Hello! I'm David Bubblestone!

Ashley: And I'm Ashley Stanhopes

David: Today we're celebrating robots!

Ashley: Here's our special guest is Lisa's robot Todd

(Todd sat on the chair)

David: Good morning Todd

Ashley: What bring you here in our show

Todd: Thank you for having me. I always wanted to be on television

Ashley: Do you run on batteries

Todd: Yes I do. May I now be host of show

David: Uh, Actually you're the guest and Ashley and I are host

Todd: Negative. Host is much better

Ashley: We're not being negative. We think positive and David and I are the host

David: Now Todd I understand you're going to do cooking today

Todd: You betcha! I'm going to make fruit salad

David: I love fruit! How about we get rig…

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Scary Robot

(At Marcus' castle, Wally and Marcus are making a robot)

Marcus: Thanks for helping me with my robot Wally

Wally: Not a problem

Marcus: With that computer for a brain, I'll have the most terrifying robot in all of Rainbow World! (Laughs)

Wally: Not too scary?

Marcus: Why don't you put in the brain! I'm going to make her thoughts

Wally: Okey dokey.

(But then he dropped and break it)

Wally: Uh oh! Marcus is going be happy with me! What am I gonna do

(Wally find a toaster)

Wally: A toaster! That could work.

(Later at outside, Ayla is riding her bike)

Marcus: He's going to totally terrify Ayla! Okay robot scare away

(Marcus' robot go to Ayla)

(The robot zap Ayla's bread)

Marcus: Hey! That wasn't very scary

Ayla: That robot burn my bread! That's not nice


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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Robot Lori

(Ariel came to Fana's Room)

Ariel: Special delivery for Lori Loud

Lori: About time Ariel

Ariel: Sign the paper and the robot is all yours

Lori: This robot is gonna change my life

(Lori sign the paper and open the crate)

Robo Lori: I'm literally new here

Ariel: It sounds just like you! But it sounds more like a robot

Robo Lori: Being old does not compute

Ariel: What re you gonna do with your robot

Lori: Do all my little jobs like get my shopping and fetch my mail

Ariel: Okay. Enjoy your robot. (as she leave Fana's room)

(Lori shed a tear)

Robo Lori: Why are you crying

Lori: There tears of joy.

(Just the Lori's stomach is growling)

Lori: It's time for my lunch. I want you to get me Double Bacon Cheese Burger

Robot: Double Bacon Cheeseburger coming up

(Later, …

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Hat Contest

(Lori is here at the Hat Contest and she has a hat which it's not very exciting)

Shaun: Good morning Lori. I see you got up bright and early for Hat Day too

Lori: Well, I'm going to win this pipe organ

Shaun: I'm sorry but the rule say that you need to wear hats that is exciting because I have a Viking hat

(Then Luna come with her hat)

Shaun: Hey Luna! What bring you here?

Luna: I got a feather hat and I am preparing to win that pipe organ

Lori: Dream on

Luna: Way harsh dude

Lori: Dream on

Luna: Way harsh dude

(Then Lincoln and Clyde arrived)

Clyde: L-L-Lori?!

Lori: This hat I have is guaranteed to win

Clyde: (Robot-tune) Abort! Abort! System shutting dooooooooooown!

Lincoln: He's just like that when he's around Lori

Shaun: That's awkward and to fix it, S…

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Leni's Big Hats

(Lynn Sr. is waiting for the car for a ride and it did as he went into)

Fana: Hi Mr. Loud! Nice hat

Lynn Sr: Thank you Fana. This sun can give you a horrible sunburn if you're not careful

Fana: I got a hat too and our driver will be Leni

Leni: Buckle up so we can be safe

Lynn Sr.: Fana, I'm not sure Leni will be our driver if she doesn't have a license

(Leni has a hat over her eyes)

Fana: Leni, I think your hat is too big

Leni: I know but it fits me well

(Then she ran over a mailbox)

Fana: You ran over a mailbox because your hat is in your eyes

Leni: Oops

(Leni continue driver)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming) Leni, Keep your eyes on the road!

(Leni try to drive and the drivers avoid her)

(Lynn Sr purposely took Leni's hat off)

Leni: Where's my hat

Lynn Sr.: Uhhh... …

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Gluing the Hat

Catherine: I'm Catherine here to tell you about a product that will change your life

(Lana is playing in the mud)

Lana: (Giggles)

(Then the wind blew her hat off)

Lana: OH NO! MY HAT!

Catherine: Holding on to your hat on a windy day can be a real challenge. But with a dab of my Super Strong Hat Glue your hat is stuck on your head and your hands are free for other things

(Catherine turn on the giant fan but it didn't blow Lana's hat)

Catherine: Now that's a super strong glue

(Lana continue playing in the mud)

Lana: (Giggles)

Rita: (Off-Screen) Lana, Are you rolling in the mud again

(Lana's hat is stuck to her head)

Catherine: See what I mean

Lana: Yes and I can't take off my hat cause I'm not taking a bath

(Then it shows crows)

Catherine: Crows are famous…

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Smile159 Smile159 9 March

Magic Hat Shop

(Ariel and Rita are out shopping for hats)

Ariel: I'm so glad you asked me to come with you Mrs. Loud

Rita: Well, It's important to wear the right pair of hat to give you a perfect look

(David magically appear)

Ariel: David! I love it when you do that!

David: Hi everyone! Welcome to the Magic Hat Shop where I can give all kinds of hat

Rita: I'm here for a hat. But where's all the hats

David: I bunch of hats right inside my magic hats and even rabbits

(Rabbit jump out of the hat)

Ariel: Wow! I love the rabbits

Rita: I would like a hat that's just like me. Neat, tidy, charming and no rabbits

David: Coming right up! Abracadabra!

(The hat appear on Rita's head)

David: Tada!

Ariel: Yee-ha! What do you think of that one?

(Rita look at herself in a mirror)


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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Reptile Show

Lori: No car in sight! At least I got phone

(Just then, Wally arrived pulling his chameleon)

Wally: Hello Lori

Lori: Wally, what are you doing here

Wally: I'm taking "Mustard" my chamelion to the Rainbow World reptile show. Do you want to come along

Lori: I literally sooner eat a cactus

Wally: I might have a cactus for you. Let me see. Tiara, Glockenspiel, and the missing key of the glockenspiel No, no cactus

(A car pull up)

Lori: A car! Maybe they can help

(It turns out to be Ashley)

Lori: Oh, It's your Ashley

Ashley: Do you need a ride

Lori: Okay.

Wally: Can I come too. Mustard and I are going to Reptile Show

Ashley: So am I! I'm taking my chameleon "Pinky"

Wally: What a coincident!

Ashley: Why don't you come along? The more the merrier

(They got in)


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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Honking Turtle

(Lynn Sr, David, and Shaun are crawling to look for something)

Lynn Sr: Hello and welcome to the show. I'm Lynn Loud Sr, host, and today we're in search of the Spotted Honking Turtle. Joining me are my guests David Bubblestone and Shaun the Lion

David: Thank you for inviting us on this expedition Mr. Loud

Shaun: Yeah! I never tickled a turtle before!

Lynn Sr.: No! It's a not a place for a tickle! The Spotted Honking Turtle can be dangerous! Follow me

(David and Shaun follow him)

David: Look at these eggs

Shaun: Are these turtle eggs

Lynn Sr.: Yes. Luckily none of them aren't hatch. Show's over. Time to go

Shaun: They just need a tickle

(Shaun tickle the eggs)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

(The eggs hatches)

David: Oh adorable

Lynn Sr: Stay away from them! They'…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Marcus' Snake Charmer

Marcus: I'm Marcus Bubblestone here to tell you about my terrifying product! Marcus' Snake Charming Kit! It's the perfect gift, party game or hobby! Every kit comes with a recorder, a basket, and one giant cobra!

(Danny and Luna play the recorder and a cobra came out and it scare them away)

Marcus: That's a Saturday night they'll never forget

(Ayla play the recorder and the cobra slither on her head)

Marcus: A hobbie work every time

Ayla: Can someone take this snake off my head

Lola: No! It's poison!

Marcus: There's no end to the fun you can have with Marcus' Snake Charming Kit! And if you act now I'll send you a bonus gift. My Hatch Your Own Scary Snakes Kit

(The egg hatches)

Rita: (Screaming)

Marcus: (Laughing) It's totally terrifying! So don't wait…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Swamp Tour with Alligators

Lana: All aboard to the Swamp Tour

Ariel: I think swamp is fascinating don't you Roger

Roger: I don't know Ariel. Alligators live in Swamp

Lana: That's right! They do live in the swamp

Roger: Well, We shouldn't be here

(Then they stop)

Lana: It's now time for the special feature! Swamp tubing!

(Lana throw the lifesaver in the water)

Roger: Not me! No way!

Ariel: Give it a try. I'm sure Lana knows it well

Roger: Uh, Okay.

(Roger jump in the water)

Lana: Watch and let me know when Roger is ready to go

Ariel: Will do

(Roger is on the tube)

Ariel: Now he's ready

Lana: Here we go

(Roger sit on the tube)

Roger: Hey this is kind of fun

Ariel: Hold still! I want to take a picture! (as she take picture with her camera)

(It doesn't take picture)

Ariel: What's wrong with…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Ticking Tomato

Lana: Thanks for inviting us over to play with toys Mom

Rita: Well, I let you three stay up late to play with the toy to play a game.

Shaun: What are we gonna play tonight

Rita: Tonight we're playing with my new Ticking Tomato

Leni: Good thing I brought spaghetti

Rita: This tomato will not be served on spaghetti. It's a toy. Here's how it works. We throw the tomato to one another until the alarm sounds and lights flash


Shaun: Whoa!

Rita: And whoever is holding it when the lights go off is out

Lana: It's like hot potato

Rita: Shall we play?

Shaun: Should we have a warm up tickle first

Leni: Should we?

Rita: No. Let's begin. (toss it to Shaun)

(Shaun toss it to Lana who toss it to Rita who toss it to Leni but she toss a bowling ball)

Rita: Stop the g…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Danger Toys

(Lori is giving Lynn Sr a job for toys)

Lori: The job is simple. All you have to do is take the toys out of the box and put them on the shelf. Can you handle that

Lynn Sr.: Okay Lori

Lori: If you need me I'll be in my office

(Lynn Sr pick up a toy dinosaur)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming) A dinosaur!

(Then Lynn Sr imagine he's with the dinosaur)

Dinosaur: (Roared)

Lynn Sr: He must've caught my scent! I should've never worn cologne

Dinosaur: (Roared)

Lynn Sr: No! Don't eat me! I'm too chewy!

Lori: Dad, What are you doing up there?!

Lynn Sr.: That dinosaur is gonna eat me!

Lori: Why don't you go over to aisle 7 and unpack those boxes

(Lynn Sr go to another box)

Lynn Sr.: Thank goodness. A trusty steed

(Lynn Sr take out another toy)

Lynn Sr: Oh no! A medieval menace is…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Scary in the Box

(Marcus turn the handle and it pop out scary)

Marcus: (Laughs) Why have a normal jack in a box when you can have my new scary in a box!

(Ashley turn the handle)

Marcus: My scary in a box is guaranteed terror in a toy!

(The monster pop out)

Ashley: (Screaming)

Marcus: (Laughs) What could be more fantastic

(Roger turn the handle)

Marcus: This toy scares everybody

(The monster pop out)

Roger: (Screaming as he knock down his project)

Marcus: The best part is you don't even need batteries

(Ariel turn the handle)

Ariel: I love jack in the box! But I think this one is broken

Marcus: No little sis! You're not even turning hard enough

(Marcus turn the handle and the monster pop out)

Ariel: (Screaming)

Marcus: You won't find a better toy! So get your own scary in a box t…

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

Wally's Toy Factory

(Lincoln is at Wally's Toy Factory)

Lincoln: I'm Lincoln Loud here at Wally's Toy Factory. Many of you know Wally was named toy inventor of the year

Wally: What can I say? I'm a natural

Lincoln: So I've heard! Maybe you can show us some toys you invented

Wally: Sure! This toy is hold me bear. And boy can he snuggle

(The bear snuggle Wally)

Lincoln: Oh, how lovable!

Wally: Why don't you can try for yourself

(Lincoln try it and it hug him too hard)

Wally: Isn't he sweet? There's nothing better than a toy that hugs back

Lincoln: Ow ow ow!

Wally: Oops. (steps on it) I think he likes you a little too much Lincoln

Lincoln: What else do you have Wally

Wally: This is my remote control helicopter

(Wally use the remote to control the helicopter and it fly)

Lincoln: …

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Smile159 Smile159 8 March

The Nosejob Job

(One day, The Louds want to do something today)

David: Hey Lincoln. What are we gonna do?

Lincoln: I don't know. (to Lola) What do you want to do?

Lola: I don't know. (to Lori) What do you want to do?

Lori: I don't know.

Lincoln: Maybe should play video games

Sister: (Buzz)

David: Girls, Maybe should play just for a little while.

Luna: Okay, Dudes.

(The Louds go inside the Loud House and they discover bunch of grown-ups in the living room)

Leni: How can we play video games if bunch of grown-ups are in here?

Lincoln: Mom, Why are there grown-ups are in our house?

Rita: Well, It's because I made a club for modeling shot.

David: You have to get a shot to be a model?!

Rita: I'm talking about photos and once I'll get mine, I'll be a model too.

(Just then, Cly…

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Lana the Mechanic

David: Wonderful! I can get along just fine with only 3 tires! I'm no expert but I think something's wrong with my car

(The leak spray Roger)

Roger: Blech! No kidding! Bad news is your car is a mess. Good news is Lana is the best mechanic in Rainbow World

Lana: Here you go, Fana! Good as new

Fana: Did you wash the floormats

Lana: No but I could do that

Fana: Do that and paint a racing stripe on the side and bring me magazines to read

Lana: I'm gonna be quite busy with Fana's car. How about if I let Roger do David's car

Roger: You can count on me Lana. Should I put the car on the lift first

Lana: That's the spirit! See, You know what to do

Roger: By putting your car on the lift I can work underneath it and see what's wrong

David: I'm impressed!

Roger: …

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Garage Door

(Luan is giving the Happy Colors a new garage door and then Lori came to her)

Luan: All done! The new garage door is ready to use

Lori: I can't thank you enough. It's gonna rain tonight and I don't want my rental car to be ruined

Luan: Point this at the garage press once and the door opens

(Lori press the button but the garage half open and close)

Lori: Hold on! This garage door is suppose to stay open

Luan: You hit it twice. You have to only hit it once

Lori: I did not press the button twice! Watch!

(Lori press the button but the garage half open and close)

Luan: I said, it works perfectly

Lori: How could you say that?

Luan: You wanted the door to open and it opened

Lori: It barely opened! How can I get my rental car in the garage

Luan: Not my fault i…

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Ariel's Car Finders

Ariel: Has this ever happen to you?

Ashley: Where did I park my car

Ariel: With my new Ariel's Car Finder you'll never lose your car at parking garage again

Ashley: Car! I'm done shopping in the mall! Where are you?

(The car come to Ashley)

Ashley: That's my car!

Ariel: See what satisfied customers have to say

Lynn Sr.: I'm lost! Where is my rent car

(The car comes and it hits Roger)

Roger: Ow!

Ariel: See what I mean? You don't find your car. The car finds you

Lori: Rental car! Find the oldest sibling of the Loud

(Roger was driving and Lori's car run over Roger's)

Roger: Ow!


Ariel: It's not recommended for Danny but everyone else should buy my car finder

(Roger's car ran over him)

Roger: Ow!

Ariel: Just remember. It…

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Messy Garage

(Rita is cleaning the Happy Colors' Garage)

(Lana come with a sandwich)

Lana: Hi mom. Are you washing the garage floor

Rita: Yes. Somehow, The Happy Colors' cars keep skidding to make car marks

Lana: Isn't garage supposed to be messy

Rita: Absolutely not. You could eat off the garage floor

Lana: All this talk about neatness and window cleaner makes me uncomfortable. I just came to ask a favor

Rita: A favor? What kind of a favor? Was it planting the garden? Or help me write a novel?

Lana: I bought a new bike. I was wondering if I could keep it in this garage

Rita: Well, I suppose you can do that. In fact, I would be proud to keep the bicycle in the garage.

Lana: Thanks Mom. Feel free to ride it anytime

Lisa: Hello mother

Felix: I see you got a new bike …

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Lisa Lost her Glasses

David: This is your captain David Bubblestone speaking! Lisa Loud, our wonderful flight attendant will be in the cabin to serve you. Sit back and enjoy the flight

(Raymond bounce everywhere and all the suitcase crashed Lisa)

Lisa: Oh no! I lost my glasses! Oh well. I can try doing this without them

(Lisa put the suitcases back and put Raymond in where the suitcases are)

(Lisa came to Lynn Sr. and Clyde)

Lisa: Hi Luan. Hi Felix

Lynn Sr: I'm your dad

Clyde: And I'm Clyde

Lisa: Oh yeah. What would you like for lunch you two?

Lynn Sr: What are our choices

Lisa: What kind of airline lunch is this?

Clyde: Where's your glasses Lisa

Lisa: Nah. Who needs them? Your choices are fruit salad or casserole

Lynn Sr: Oh! Airplane food really is bad!

Clyde: No. Lisa jus…

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Smile159 Smile159 7 March

Eyeglasses Store

(Catherine advertise her eyeglasses wear store)

Catherine: Hi there! I'm Catherine and if you're like me you noticed that a lot of people wear glasses that are not very exciting

Lisa, Felix, and Clyde: Huh?

Catherine: In fact they're downright boring

Lisa, Felix, and Clyde: Hey!

Catherine: That's why they need to visit Catherine's Glasses Shack. Where we make your spectacles sparkle

Lisa: Is it me or does these glasses smell like toothpaste

Catherine: They certainly do! They're made from 100% recycled toothbrushes


Catherine: Feeling a bit dowdy? Try a whole new look with the blinkers! You'll be sure to get attention with these

Felix: Whoa! I can't see with all these lights!

(Then Felix fell in the gopher hole)

Felix: (Screaming)


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