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Catherine's Helpful Home Improvement

(Catherine took Lincoln to the Happy Colors Clubhouse from the short trip to the hospital)

Catherine: Are you sure you're gonna be okay Lincoln

Lincoln: Positive Cat. I only have a couple of broken arms and a headache

Catherine: You want me to make you cabbage soup or organize your sock drawer

Lincoln: Just the cabbage soup and from now, I'm gonna go to David's Room and take a nap

Catherine: Do you need help to get there

Lincoln: No thanks guy. Besides, My eyelids are not sprained.

Catherine: You sure you don't need my help

Lincoln: I'll be fine. Just call me when my cabbage soup is ready

(Lincoln go to David's room)

Catherine: Well, The clubhouse is a mess. Maybe I better tidy up

(Catherine start by moving the sofa)

Catherine: This is perfect for Lin…

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David's Magic Paint Wand

(Lola is painting the Happy Colors Clubhouse in pink but Lana ruin it with blue paint)


Lana: Sorry Lola! That paint just jumped off my brush!

(David appear)

David: Don't let this happen to you! I'm David Bubblestone here to tell you about my amazing magic paint wand. There's no easier way to paint your house. Just turn the dial to the color you want, wave it over where you want to paint and presto!

(Lola spin the dial and wave it and presto and the clubhouse is pink)

Lola: How pretty!

(Lana spin the dial and wave it and a splatter of blue paint)

Lana: Now that's what I'm talking about!


(Lola wave the wand and it hit Lana and turn her pink)

Lana: (Screaming)

David: Of course the magic paint wand …

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Building the Castle

(Lori came to Ariel)

Lori: Well, Ariel. I see you're drawing the plans for my new castle. So I wanted a castle so I can talk to Bobby in peace

Ariel: That looks great! Actually it's kind of boring so I came up with something better

Lori: You're turning your clubhouse into a castle

Ariel: Yeah! And it'll make this place more exciting

Lori: You're not saying you'll be inviting more people in Rainbow World did you?

Ariel: Well

Lynn: Yo Ariel! Where do you want me to start digging the moat

Lori: Moat?!

Ariel: Start digging right over there Wally

Wally: You got it, Ariel!

Lori: Hold on! There will be no digging

Ariel: But it's our clubhouse and we have to dig or it wouldn't be a moat

Lori: That's fine. I don't want the clubhouse to become a castle or moat


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Scary Godparents

(Lori was watching TV and the TV become static)

Lori: Dang it. That fish is about to bite

(Marcus come in from the window)

Marcus: Ah quit your bellyaching

(Lucy come in from the window too)

Lucy: That's right. Because lucky for you, Your fairy godparents are here

Marcus: I'm your scary godfather

Lori: Don't you mean fairy godfather

Marcus: No! It's scary godfather and Lucy is your scary godmother because (to Lucy) We're Scary Godparents Lucy!

Lucy: We grant wishes and scare too.

Lori: Okay scary godparents, Can you fix the TV

Marcus: Watch this!

(Marcus touch the TV with the wand but it doesn't do anything)

Lori: I should've known

(Lucy bang the TV and it's back on)

Lori: Well, Easy come easy goes

Marcus: Are we good or what

Lori: Yes.

(Just then, Ariel ca…

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Fear of Gnomes

(Catherine and Fana are giving Lynn Sr and gnome in the Garden Room in the clubhouse)

Fana: Catherine are you sure Mr. Loud will be okay with the garden gnome

Catherine: I'm absolutely sure! He'll be so happy to see this little fella protecting the Garden Room

Fana: Do you suppose the gnome might get lonely all by himself

Catherine: Good point. You just gave me an idea. (as she and Fana leaves)

(Lynn Sr enter the Garden Room to do some gardening)

(Lynn Sr see the gnome)

Lynn Sr: (Screaming) NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

(Lynn Sr call the phone)

Luan: 911, Luan speaking

Lynn Sr: Hello! I'm calling to report a terrifying man with a beard hiding in my cabbage!

Luan: That man in the cabbage could be "Santa Cabbage" (Laughing)

Lynn Sr: This is no laughing matter!…

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Ashley: Gnomes are little helpers who make your garden grow toiling late all through the night with a little red handled hoe

(Gnome cry)

Ashley: The gnomes are kind to all your plants and gardening their quiet act

(Luan come out sleepwalking)

Luan: (Snoring)

Ashley: So make sure when you're out at night to be careful where you step

(Gnome run away from Luan's feet)

(Lola play the harp)

Ashley: The gnomes work hard at night as the world sleeps like a log

(Luan sleep walking with a dog)

Ashley: So the one thing you must never do is let out the family dog

(The dog chase the gnome as he run away)

Ashley: Gnomes live throughout your garden and in the shrubs outside your home

(Luan spray water with the hose)

Ashley: So be careful where you water or else you'l…

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Leni the Tooth Fairy

(Leni is flying but she's being a tooth fairy and she's heading to the hospital where Roger is at)

(Leni crash to a window)

Leni: These wings are hard to get used to

Roger: Leni, What are you doing here?

Leni: I'm filling in for the tooth fairy. She had a little accident

Roger: I know the feeling

Leni: So you, The Bear, The Log, The Beaver, The Boulder, and Baby Herman fall right into the geyser and blast you off out of Hollywood to South Dakota and crash into Mount Rushmore

Roger: Yep! It went like that

Leni: You look like you could use some rest. Why don't I just collect your tooth and leave you some money and be on my way

Roger: But I didn't loose a tooth.

Leni: Are you sure because I couldn't sworn I hear someone lost a tooth

Roger: Very sure. I …

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Living in a Rainbow: Draft Version

Me: Here we are at the Smiling Meadow where the flowers are smiling.

Ariel: The flowers smell so good today.

Me: Can you guys smell the flowers.

Ashley: These flowers smell wonderful

David: Yep! The smiling meadow look extra happy today.

Me: Gosh, I wish I could live in a rainbow.

David: Me too

Danny: Me three

Ashley: Me four

Felix: Me five

Wally: Me six

Ariel: We can all live in the rainbow

David: ♪If I look around, As far as I can see, The colors of the world, Are waiting for me.♪

Danny: ♪Blue for the bird, Green for the trees, Yellow for the sun, Orange cheddar cheese♪

Ashley: ♪If I had to choose one color, A color just for me, I'd have to take them all, Take them all you'll see.♪

All: ♪And I'd be living in a rainbow (Living in a rainbow), Colors ever…

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Boomerang Prank

(The Happy Colors are working on something)

Molly: What's going on

David: Don't worry Molly. You'll find out.

(Felix hold up the sign Wally's Prank Video)

Wally: Welcome to Wally's Prank Video. Featuring my trusty crew David, Ashley, Danny, Felix, Ariel, and Molly. Say hi Molly

Molly: Hi daddy

Wally: Nice. Today our subject is Raymond the Kangaroo.

(shows Raymond the Kangaroo)

Wally: The Australian kangaroo's interests include being athletic and being good at sports. Let's see what happens when Raymond discovers this boomerang

David: Okay. Go go go! Scatter scatter!

(The Happy Colors began hiding)

Ashley: This is going to be sweet.

Wally: He's coming

(Raymond came and found the boomerang)

Raymond: Oooh! I know this one. It's a boomerang. Oh, But I'm not…

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Molly's Time Machine

(Lucy, Marcus, Lily, and Lynn Sr are in line where Molly is at)

Molly: With my Time Machine you can travel back to any time in the past

Lily: (Giggles)

Lynn Sr.: Do we get to meet George Washington?

Molly: Yes

Marcus: Can this machine of yours travel back to see real dinosaurs?

Molly: Yes! That too if you dare

Marcus: Sign us up!

Lily: Goo goo!

Lynn Sr.: Dinosaurs?! I don't like the sound of them

Marcus: This is gonna be fantastic! Come on! What are you waiting for?

Lynn Sr.: Courage

Lily: (Giggles)

Molly: What do you say Lucy? Are you coming

Lucy: How could I resist seeing how life was back then

Lily: (Giggles)

Molly: Okay! Prehistoric times here we come!

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

(The time machine zap to Prehistoric Time)

Molly: See? What I tell you

Lynn Sr.: Ok…

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Street Sweeping

(Lori is giving Luan a job for street sweeper)

Lori: Luan are you sure you driven a street sweeper before

Luan: I've been sweeping the house the whole time

(Lori lead Luan to the machine)

Lori: Go ahead and turn on the machine

(Luan turn on the machine)

Luan: Okay. It's on

Lori: Listen. I'll only say this one. You got your brake pedals and gas pedals. There's 4 buttons there and 3 levers here. This lever turns on the vacuum and sweepers and this one turns on the trimmers in case you come across any low tree branches and this one activates the arm that picks up any parked cars in your way. Got it?

Luan: Got it

Lori: Now get to work

(However, Luan started playing around with the machine and Luan pull a lever and it knock down a tree and a light)

Roger: …

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Lynn's Fitness Machine

Lynn: I'm Lynn here to tell you about my new gym where you can take advantage of the best fitness machines around.

(Ayla is exercising)

Lynn: Try my new Leg-O-Ciser. I guarantee there's no better way to exercise your legs


Lynn: Come and try my Aerobics Machine. I'm telling you this machine will help you really work out a sweat

Ashley: (Screaming)

Lynn: If you're looking to exercise your arms this next machine is the one for you. Using a stretch technique my Arm-O-Ciser will help you strengthen your arms in no time

Shaun: Ow! My arm has a cramp!

Lynn: So come on down to try my fitness machines and remember when it comes to fitness if there's no pain there's no gain

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Clean Up Machine

(Lola brought a package for Lana and she enter Shaun's Room)

Lana: I can't believe you bought me a present. What is it? Let me guess. A used trashcan

Lola: No.

Lana: A hunk of space junk?

Lola: No

Lana: That statue of me that made out of mud?

Lola: No

Lana: Well, I give up

Lola: It has nothing to do with dirt. In fact it's the opposite. Behold! Your brand new Clean Up Machine

Lana: I don't like the sound of that

(Lola plug it in)

Lola: Nonsense. With the flip of a switch this Clean Up Machine will once and for all put an end to your messiness

(The machine wash Lana's laundry and it's all cleaned up)

Lana: Get that thing out of here! I like my messiness!

Lola: That doesn't mean the rest of us do. It's time to start thinking about others. Namely your nei…

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Lunch in the Woods

(Ayla, Lana, Ariel, and Rita are out in nature in the woods)

Rita: It's at this point that we might spot the Very Rare Bended-Leg Bubble Brain Booby Bird. So let's all be very quiet

(Rita use the binocular and she see it)

Rita: (Whisper) There it is

(Then Rita's watch beep)

Rita: Dang it. My watch made it flew away. Anyway, It's time for lunchtime

Lana: That's what I'm talking about! My stomach's been growling up a storm. (as she take a sandwich out of her sock)

Rita: Lana, Just because we are eating in the woods doesn't mean we have to act like animals

Lana: I don't know any animals who wear socks

Ariel: Animals definitely don't wear socks

Ayla: Yeah and neither does Shaun, Fana, Molly, and Raymond

Rita: What I mean is lunch should be a civilized aff…

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Sandwiches Delivery

(Lincoln and Clyde are delivering sandwiches to the workers)

Lincoln: Hold that door please

(Lisa hold the door and Lincoln and Clyde enter)

Lisa: Sandwiches!

(Then they come out of the elevator as Lincoln and Clyde come into the office)

Lincoln: Hello Ashley. Do you think anyone in your office would like to buy a sandwich

Ashley: Do you have banana sandwich

Clyde: You bet we do! We also have salami and cheese, meatballs, ham and cheese, egg salad

Lincoln: And peanut butter and sauerkraut

(Clyde gave Ashley the banana sandwich)

Ashley: You two made my day! (as she eat the banana sandwich)

(Then they walk by Ariel, Felix, Lynn and Lucy)

Lincoln: Care for a sandwich Lucy

Lucy: You bet. Better check what I want in my crystal ball

Clyde: Well there's so man…

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Lynn's Lunchbox

Lynn: If you're like me a regular ordinary lunch box is well boring! That's why I invented Lynn's Awesome Lunch Box! It has special compartments for milk, fruit, and even a keep cool compartment

Rita: This refrigerator can keep my egg salad nice and cold

Lana: Check it out! I have room for my stinky cheese

Lynn: But that's not the best part! This lunchbox is also a jetpack! How awesome is that?

Roger: Totally awesome and it's quite comfortable to wear too

(Roger flys up)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Roger got hit by a plane)

Lynn: My awesome lunchbox can also be used as personal floatation device! It's also sharkproof!

(Then the shark broke his teeth)

Roger: And my lunch is still dry

(Roger eat his sandwich)

Lynn: Order your very own Lynn's Awesome Lunchbox to…

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Selfter Cafe

(David invited Lori and Lola to the new restaurant)

Lola: Is the food any good?

David: Oh the food is wonderful! I'm sure you'll both be very impressed

Lori: Even the soup?

David: The cafeteria makes many kinds of delicious soup! Here have a tray

Lola: What are for?

David: It's for you to pick any food on the try by yourself

Lori: I think I'll love this place

Lola: Me too

David: I recommend macaroni and pickle salad and the coleslaw's quite tasty too

Lori: How can a person choose

David: Lola, What's wrong? Aren't you getting anything?

Lola: I'm waiting for cake

Lori: They got a lot of other great food

Lola: But I want cake

Lori: Have some mashed yams or cheese casserole

Lola: No! I want cake!

Lori: Try the meatloaf. It's like meat cake

Lola: I would but it …

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Parking Spot

(Ariel went out of the clubhouse to go for walk and Lori park a car in Fana's spot)

Ariel: Hi Lori! Uh, I think you might of parked Fana's parking spot

Lori: I needed somewhere to park at

(Lori went inside the clubhouse and Fana drive and stopped)

Fana: Who rental car parked my spot? That's rude

Ariel: Hi Fana. That was Lori's car

(Fana go to the clubhouse and go to her room and knock on her door and Lori answer)

Lori: What do you want

Fana: You might wanna move your car because it's in my parking spot

Lori: That is not my problem

Ariel: Well, She let you no choice. Let me call 911. (as she call 911)

Luan: 911, Luan speaking

Fana: A car was parked in front of my driveway and that was rude so I need a tow truck

Luan: Guess the car is kind of "Pushy" (La…

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Neighbor Chorse

(Marcus come out of his castle and go the Happy Colors Clubhouse)

Marcus: Hi Mr. Loud

Lynn Sr: Marcus!

Marcus: I'm heading out to the Bug and Bat show for the weekend! Can you check on my castle for me

Lynn Sr.: No Marcus! The castle is really scary!

Marcus: (give him the list) Here's the list of what to do! Thanks!

Lynn Sr.: Note to self: Why did Marcus moved to Rainbow World?

(Lynn Sr went to Marcus' castle)

Lynn Sr: Number 1. Water plants

(Lynn Sr. water the plants until he see the Venus Fly Trap)


(The fly trap eat the fly as Lynn Sr run)

Lynn Sr: Number 2 feed Mabel. Who or what is Mabel

(Here's Mabel the hamster and he's big)


Mabel: (Squeak and sniff)

Lynn Sr: OH NO N…

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Be a Good Neighbor

Clyde: Clyde here with a few tips on how to be a good neighbor! If you see a newspaper on the walk give it a friendly toss to your neighbor's door

(Clyde throw the newspaper on Ayla's door and she answer)

Ayla: Thank you Clyde

Clyde: If your neighbor's car is leaking oil let them know

(Roger came to Clyde)

Clyde: Roger, I think your oil pan has a leak

Roger: Oh! Thanks Clyde

Clyde: Just a small thing but it makes a big difference. And if you see a tree branch that could fall do your neighbor a favor and take care of it for them

(Clyde call 911 on the phone about the branch)

Clyde: 911, The branch is about to fall

Lynn: I'm on it

(Lynn climb up with the ladder and get rid of the branch)

Clyde: Thank you. The branch almost crash the clubhouse.

Lynn: No p…

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Twin Sisters

(Lola is having a nice meatloaf in Ariel's Room)

Lola: (Sigh) There's nothing like a nice meatloaf

Lana: Hi twin sister! (Laughs)

Lola: Whatever it is, Don't get my meatloaf dirty

Lana: Do you think I can borrow a cup of sugar? I'm baking a cake

(Lola get the cup and get some sugar)

Lana: That corn smells wonderful

Lola: It certainly is. Goodbye

(Then she hear another doorbell)

Lola: Now what

Lana: Do you have any 2 eggs?

(Lola go to the refrigerator and get the eggs)

Lola: Take the milk too and save your trip

Lana: Is that apple crisp for dessert

Lola: Well I like to be surprised. Goodbye (as she close the door) Now I can eat without my food getting dirty

(Lola is about to eat her meatloaf)

Lana: I don't mean to intrude but are you using the garden hose t…

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Deserted Island

(Lynn Sr, Felix, and Lisa are on deserted island)

Lisa: Still no sign of life Felix

Felix: Nothing Lisa. Maybe if we can put the boat back together and then we can go home

Lisa: Glue in all the world wouldn't put the ship back together. But take heart. Someone is sure to see the help sign that is being spelled out with coconuts

Luan: I was making Mr. Coconut puppet made out of coconut. (Laughing)

Lynn Sr.: (Laughing) Good one, honey

(A ship come back with Catherine and Wally on it)

Lynn Sr.: (Gasped) We're saved! Over here!

Catherine: Look Wally these island people are waving at us! Everyone is so friendly in these parts

Wally: Those aren't island people, Those are castaways and it's Mr. Loud, Luan, Felix, and Lisa

Catherine: You're right! They might…

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The Sunken Ship

(Molly, Lynn, David, Lucy, Ariel, and Catherine are on a journey for a sunken ship as Lynn drive the sub)

Molly: Everyone okay back there

David: Wonderful, Molly!

Lucy: You're on David

David: Testing 1 2 3. David Bubblestone here coming to you live from under the sea where we're searching for the Good Ship that sank a year ago today. Here to help us located exactly where it's at is the captain of the ship Catherine

Catherine: I want to say aloha to my mom

David: Also with Catherine is her first mate Ariel

Ariel: I'm on live TV? That makes me nervous and I don't know why

Molly: I think we're getting close to the spot where your ship sank Catherine

Catherine: That's great to hear that! Maybe next year we can see the Lost City of Atlantic.

(Then the su…

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Do-It-Yourself Mermaid Kit

Ashley: Have you ever wished you could be a mermaid? I know I have! That's why I invented Ashley's Do-It-Yourself Mermaid Kit

(Lori is curious about the kit)

Ashley: The kit comes complete with a mermaid tail and of course fancy mermaid hair! Now you can do all the things mermaids do like wave to passing sailors

(Lori wave and Lincoln see her)

Lincoln: Hey, is that a mermaid?

(Then the boat hit a rock and Lincoln sink)

Ashley: Live in a dazzling undersea world just like a mermaid!

Ariel: I always wonder what it like under the sea

(Ariel go under the sea)

(Leni become a mermaid too)

Ashley: And enjoy a sunset on the beach knowing you're one of the world's most beautiful creatures! A mermaid!

(Then the waves splashes Leni and Ariel wash back up)

Ariel: O…

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Fishing for Sea Monster

(Lana, Marcus, and Ayla are out for fishing)

Marcus: There's the best fishing spot to catch something Lana

Lana: We want to land a tuna as big as this one. Don't we Ayla

Ayla: We sure do!

Marcus: That's nothing

Lana: Nothing? Why not?

Marcus: What would you say if I told you we were going to catch a sea monster

Ayla: (Gasped)

(Then Marcus toss fish guts in the water)

Lana: What are you doing?

Marcus: I'm tossing fish gut in the water to attract the sea monster

Lana: But we're going after tuna

Marcus: I'm telling you there's a sea monster out there

(The sea monster come out)

Ayla: He's right! Sea monster out there!

Lana: I don't think there's anything but fish

Ayla: Plus a big sea monster

Lana: Fish are waiting to be caught and I'm just the girl to do it


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Rainbow World Express

(Lori is enjoying herself on a train and she get a phone call)

Lori: Hello?

Ashley: Hello Lori! What are you doing today

Lori: Taking a nice quiet train trip

Ashley: I'm taking a train trip too! I love train trip! OMGosh!

Lori: Isn't that Leni's line?

Ashley: Yes and she told me that I'm sitting next to a girl that look like you

Lori: That's because that is me

Ashley: What a coincident! Now we can ride on the train together

Wally: Hello Ashley! Hello Lori

Ashley: Wally! That's a double coincident!

Lori: What are you doing up there

Wally: Riding the train

Lori: That's for luggage not people

Wally: No wonder Ashley is upside down

Ashley: We have plenty of room down here

(Wally fall to the ground)

Shaun: Look like somebody needs a tickle! (as he tickle Ashley…

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Pineapple Juice

(Marcus and Rita are on an airplane trip)

Marcus: Where's that flight attend? I'm thirsty!

Rita: I'm too but do be patient

(David appear)

David: Ta da!

Marcus: (Laughing)

Rita: Can I get a drink

David: Sure. What would you like

Rita: A cup of pineapple juice with ice cubes.

David: Abracadabra!

(Marcus turn into a pineapple)

Marcus: Hey! This isn't part of the deal

Rita: You're even more frightening as a fruit

Marcus: I doubt it. Turn me back

Rita: And about my pineapple juice.

David: Stand back and prepare to be dazzle! Alakazam!

(Rita get sprayed with pineapple juice)

David: Oops!

Rita: I asked for juice in a cup

Lucy: Well, At least you got your juice

Rita: Can I please have ice cubes

David: Hocus Pocus Ocus Crocus!

(David freeze Rita)

David: It's magic!

Rita: …

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Messy Air

Lana: Hi! I'm Lana! If you're like me you wanna fly in a plane but don't want any fuss like napkins and soap. That's why I started Messy Air! Here on Messy Air you can toss your junk wherever you want!

(Rita eat a sandwich and spit it out)

Rita: UGH!

Lana: You can even use the seat cushion as a napkin! Best of all on Messy Air even the cockpits are a pigsty

Ashley: With all the trash, It's hard to find the control

Lana: Isn't it great? See what other people have to say about Messy Air

Lynn Sr.: At first my seat is comfortable but then I went to the restroom and then the grape jelly spray at me!

Lana: Good and sticky!

Lola: I think there are fleas in the airplane

Lana: It wouldn't be Messy Air without them

(The fleas come in)

Lana: So the next time yo…

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Railroad Fixing

(Catherine and Lincoln are working on the railroad)

Lincoln: Now, Catherine, you look out for trains while I repair the real road ties

Catherine: You got it Lincoln

Lincoln: You grab the new railroad ties from the cart and I'll remove the broken ones

Catherine: You need me to bring a shovel or a saw or a pair of goggles?

Lincoln: No thanks. Just the railroad ties

Catherine: Well you know Lana! She never leave without a screwdriver or my lip-gloss

Lincoln: I just need railroad ties

Catherine: Coming right up

(Lincoln try to pull the broken tie out)

Catherine: Are you sure you don't need help

Lincoln: I'm sure I don't need help. Just a little further!

(Catherine hear a train)

Catherine: Train coming! The sound's coming from that direction. I think


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Space Goo on Musical Number Show

Danny: It's the Musical Number Show with your host Luna Loud!

Luna: How's it going Rainbow World? Welcome to the Musical Number Show! Today's guest has a new music video I can't wait to see! So let's give it up for Marcus!

(But he didn't come)

Luna: Marcus?

(Marcus pop up wearing the mask)

Marcus: (Roaring)

Luna: (Screaming)

Marcus: (Laughing)

Luna: That some scary stuff, Dude!

Marcus: I'm just getting warmed up!

Luna: Tell us about your new song

Marcus: It's called Space Goo and it's going to take over the world!

Luna: I'm already shaken in my boots!

(The music video started)

Marcus: (Singing) This evil space king had a plan

To scare everyone in Rainbow World.

He just knew what had to do

Send a space pod full of wicked space goo!

Uh-oh! You're out of luck


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Best Princess of the Year

(Lola is waiting for her statue)

Lola: But Luan, Everyone will be here in Ariel's Room any minute for my party and I don't want to lose a chance to win for Best Princess of the Year

Luan: Genius cannot be rushed

Lola: Okay

Luan: All finished

(Luan make the fountain with the statue of Lola as a mermaid)

Lola: How lovely

Luan: Let me show you. This button show the water (as she press the button)

(The fountain squirt water)

Luan: This button show the lights (as she press the button)

(The fountain shine the lights)

Lola: Could it get any better?

Luan: It will because this last button is a surprise

Lola: What does that mean

Luan: Well I can't tell you because it's a surprise

(The doorbell rings)

Lola: Oh! My guests

(Lola answer the door to Ariel's Room and it's…

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Lana's House of Goo

(Ayla is relaxing in her hot tub)

Ayla: (Sigh)

(Lana come down)

Lana: There's only one thing better than relaxing in a bubbly jacuzzi! And that's relaxing in a ja-goo-zi

(The goo come out fall on Ayla)

Ayla: ACH! Gross!

Lana: That's why I created Lana's House of Goo

(Later, Ayla is in the seat where Lily is giving her a gooey diaper)

Lana: Treat yourself to one of our gooey diapers

Ayla: Oh no!

(Later, Ayla is with Catherine)

Lana: We serve all sorts of healthy snacks like our fruit goo-thies. Which come in 3 flavors. Gunk junk and punk

(Ayla spit it out)

Ayla: ACH! (as she faint)

(Catherine blend all of them)

Lana: So do yourself a favor and come on down to Lana's House of Goo

(The goos fall on Ashley, Lola, and David)

Lana: Because face it if you're look…

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Smile159 Smile159 26 days ago

Gooey Bathroom

(Fana is going to take a shower but then she see the goos in the bathroom)

Fana: Oh my goodness!

(Fana call the Gunk and Goo Hotline)

Luan: 911, Luan speaking

Fana: Hello Luan. This is Fana and I have a problem

Luan: What's seem to be the problem?

Fana: There's goo in my drains

Luan: Seem like the bathroom is getting "Goopey" with it! (Laughing)

Fana: This is no laughing matter! I need you to send plumber right away

Lynn: Yo, Fana!

Fana: I'm glad you're here Lynn

Shaun: Hey, what about me?

Fana: Oh. I'm Sorry. You too. Now there's goo everywhere in the bathroom and I need you to fix it

Lynn: Yep! Looks like goo to me! Must me something stuck in the pipes. Let's see if I can unstick it

(Lynn took the sink out and goo come out)

Fana: What are you doing?


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Character Reviews: Green Isn’t Your Color (with Kacy)

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Episode analysis
  • 3 Review
  • 4 Outtro

Kacy: Hello, Everyone! And welcome to another episode of Character Reviews! So remember ho I reviewed the MLP episode, Viva Las Pegasus with Chloe last time? Well, now I am by myself, and I am here to review another episode of MLP! And I can tell you right now, this review will get quite... colorful!

(clip from a SB short)

”SpongeBob: Ooh, I didn’t realize you were such a colorful character! I’m green with envy! (laughs)”

Kacy: Funny enough, I am actually going to be reviewing an MLP episode with “green” in the title! Yeah, you heard me right! So the title I am going to be reviewing is called... Green Isn’t Your Color! Which is another Fluttershy episode! It’s in season 1, and you know what else is kinda …

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Space Pirate

(David, Shaun, and Lily are out in Outer Space and there's space pirates out there)

Luan: This is ground control! Come in Jupiter 9

David: Hello Luan! What's our important mission?

Luan: I'm supposed to tell you to look out for alien space pirates! (Laughing)

Lily: (Gasped)

(Then they hear rumbling)

Shaun: Oh no! Someone has come aboard our ship

David: Maybe it was the space pirates that Luan warned us about

(The space pirates come)

David: How wonderful to meet you! I'm David Bubblestone captain of the ship

(The alien poke David)

David: I hope they're friendly.

Shaun: Maybe they need a tickle

Lily: Goo Goo

David: Lily, Don't get too close! It will anger them. Honestly, We come in peace

(Lily blow her diaper up and the aliens set up the laser sword)

Lily: (…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Raymond's Pirate Cafe

(Lori, Ariel, and Ayla are at Raymond's Pirate place)

Ariel: I wanted to try this restaurant for a really long time

Ayla: Me too

Raymond: Arrgh! Welcome to Raymond's Pirate Restaurant! Here's some menus to get you started

Ariel: Wow! These food on the menu are so unusual because this is a pirate theme food

(Raymond come down with water)

Raymond: Arrgh! Here's your water

(Lori drink and spit it out)

Lori: That's saltwater!

Raymond: Aye, Aye! Only saltwater to drink

(Raymond come back with the stew)

Raymond: Arrgh! Here's some landlubber stew! Would you like pepper with that

Lori: Yes

Ariel: Yes please

Ayla: No thank you

(Raymond put pepper in Lori and Ariel's)

Raymond: Enjoy your meals!

(Raymond climb on top of the rope and the rope flew off)

Ariel: This lan…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Pirate Be Gone

Lynn Sr: Are you afraid of pirates? I know I am! That's why I invented "Pirate Be Gone"! I'm Lynn Loud Sr. here to tell you about the first pirate repellent in a can! One spritz will do the trick. Watch

Luan: Give me your treasure or you'll get pranked by me forever!

(Lynn Sr give Ayla the Pirate Be Gone and Ayla spray Luan with it)

Luan: ARRGH!

Ayla: Thank you pirate be gone

Lynn Sr.: Don't thank the can, Thank me. And for those times when you can't reach for a can I invented the Pirate Be Gone Captain's Hat

(Lucy put on a pirate hat and Marcus press the button and got sprayed)

Marcus: Curse you and your hat!

Lucy: Thank you Pirate Be Gone

Lynn Sr.: Don't thank the hat, Thank me. And of course not everyone can wear a captain's hat which is why I i…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Marcus' Pirate Lesson

(Rita, Fana, Lana, and Clyde are waiting for Marcus to come)

(Lana eat the sandwich and the tuna jump out and on Rita)

Lana: Sorry about that mom, the tuna jumped out of the sandwich

Rita: I wonder where's Marcus. He should be there by now because it's our first day at Sailing Lesson

Fana: I always wanted to learn how to sail! I also want to learn how to fly but I put it off until I get a set of wings

Clyde: But you're not a bird, You're a hippo

(Marcus swing by)

Marcus: Watch out! Coming through!

Clyde: Marcus, You're here. Are we too early?

Marcus: Nope! Welcome to Pirate Class

Rita: Pirate Class? But this is supposed to be Sailing Class it says it on the brochure

Lana: Well, I'm always into pirates!

Marcus: Who wants to volunteer

(Clyde raise his ha…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Library Prank

(Luan is up with her pranks in the library)

Luan: Switching the covers on all of the books is my best prank ever! I can make the book about mud look like a book about keeping clean! I can make a book about spiders look like a book about puppies! That's the last of them!

(Luan put lampshade on her head and Lola came to the book)

Lola: Hmm. Keeping yourself clean. It's not quite princessy but then again, This could be interesting

Luan: Won't they all be surprised

(Lola open the book and there's mud)

Lola: (Screaming)

(Felix, Ariel, and Shaun open their books and were disgusted)

Leni: Huh?

(Lynn Sr opened a book then scream and run)

Rita: Whoa Lynn! What's wrong?

Lynn Sr: It's terrible! I checked out what I thought was a book about puppies but it's a bo…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Overdue Books

(Roger came to the library)

Shaun: Hi Roger. Here to return your library book?

Roger: Yes. It's really overdue

Shaun: Wow! It's been overdue for 15 years!

Roger: (Panic) Please don't roar to make me run! I'll pay you a fine

Shaun: The rules changed. Now when a book is late you get a tickle

(Shaun tickle Roger with his mane)

Roger: (Laughing) NO NO! STOP! I don't like this new rule. No roaring?

Shaun: That's what they all say

Roger: Okay. I'll get another book and it won't be overdue again

(3 weeks later,)

Roger: Oh no! This library book is due back in 20 minutes! Can't be late! Can't be late!

(But then he stopped at traffic jam from Leni's car accident)

Roger: Oh come on! I don't want another tickle

Rita: Sorry Roger but Leni failed the test again


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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Mega Scooter Library

Molly: Wanna read a good book but you can't get to the library? Then why not let the library come to you?

Wally: Like what?

(The scooter library crash into Wally's Room)

Molly: Call Molly's Mega Scooter Library! Just give my trusty assistant Mr. Loud a call and we'll be at your door in a flash! But the best part of the Mega Scooter Library isn't the books in the back, it's what's under the hood! We're talking 15 rocket boosters!

Lynn Sr.: Molly, This is call for you

(The books flys out and Lynn, Lana and Lola got one)

Lola: Too bad there's no book about the books that fly

Molly: Thanks to these rockets this baby can boogie! WOOHOO!

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

Molly: So if you don't feel like going to the library let the library come to you! Come to Molly…

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Smile159 Smile159 27 days ago

Library Tour

(Ayla met up with Danny and Luna)

Danny: Hello Ayla!

Ayla: Morning Danny. Morning Luna

Luna: Welcome to your first day on the job at the Rainbow World Library!

Ayla: Loving it already

Danny: Let us show you around

(Ayla follow Danny and Luna)

Luna: Here in the A B and C aisle library goers can find books on subjects ranging from aardvarks to beeswax to coconut cream pie

Ayla: That's really nice

Danny: Now over here we have the music sections

(Lynn Sr. pick out and audiobook)

Lynn Sr.: Ahh. An audiobook of how to make rainbow casserole. My kids will love it.

Luna: Can you please keep it down Dad? This is a library where people come for peace and quiet

(Lynn Sr walk back)

Danny: You really gotta keep an eye on Mr. Loud. Over here we have our reading room


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Smile159 Smile159 10 days ago

The Happy Colors (Movie) Script

Narrator: Once upon a time in a magical land called “Rainbow World”. There was a band called the Happy Colors. There was David Bubblestone, who played a guitar, Danny, who played the drums, Ashley, who played keyboards, Felix, who played Bass Guitar, Wally, who played the electric guitar, and Ariel Bubblestone, who played the tambourine. They all met at the Rainbow World Preschool. They became good friends and decided to make a band.

David: Yep. That definitely is going to happen!

(The music play the song “Dance Floor Anthem” by Good Charlotte. David come out of his bedroom and the rest of the Happy Colors come out of their room and they’re happy to see each other. The Happy Colors slide down the stairs to make like a rainbow turning into th…

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Orange Speckled Tree Frog

(Lincoln and Marcus are out in the rainforest)

Lincoln: Thanks for offering to be my camera person Marcus

Marcus: Are you kidding? Being in the rainforest with all the alligators, tigers, and panther but what are we searching for anyway

Lincoln: That would be the rare Tiny Orange Speckled Tree Frog

Marcus: That's not scary! You think there any snakes around here

Lincoln: No need to find out. Let's keep focused on the tiny and harmless speckled tree frog

Marcus: How about I scare it out?!

Lincoln: Not a good idea. Wouldn't want to scare out any snakes. According to my map the Tiny Orange Speckled Tree Frog makes its home up in those trees. A pulley system will slowly raise us into the treetops

Marcus: Lincoln, Look! A monkey behind you!

(Lincoln lo…

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Tree Tunnel

(Everybody is driving through the tree tunnel)

Ashley: Hello David how much does it cost to drive through the tree tunnel

David: Well, Admission is free Ashley

Lily: Goo goo?

David: I'm just here to answer any questions

Lily: Goo goo?

David: Because it's wonderful

(Then the giant pinecone hit Ashley's car)

Ashley: Ooh! Ouchie

Lily: Boo boo

David: That's a wonderfully giant pinecone

(Then Lori arrived)

Ashley: I have to put my top up in case a giant pinecone falls on me

David: I'm sorry Lori but your car is too big to go through the tree tunnel

(The tree show that the tunnel won't fit)

Lori: I can still go there anyway

David: I really don't think you should do that or else you might get

(Then Lori got stuck in here)

Lori: I'm stuck

David: You bet you're stuck…

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

David's Tree Wand

David: Hello! I'm David Bubblestone here to tell you about my new product. David's Amazing Tree Wand. Just wave my wand over to your tree and it'll grow to twice the size

(Raymond wave his wand and the orange tree grow)

Raymond: It's like magic

David: It's not like magic. It is magic! My magic tree wand works on any tree! Give it a try Mr. Loud

(Lynn Sr wave his wand and the tree grow into a monster)

Tree monster: (Roared)

Lynn Sr: (Scream and run)

David: Of course my magic tree wand might go wrong.

(Lola's tree grow big and come to life and grabbed her)

Lola: (Scream) PUT ME DOWN!

David: Sometimes my magic can surprise even me

(David turn himself into a tree)

David: Don't delay and order your amazing tree wand today

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Ayla's Treehouse

(Ayla is up in her very own treehouse)

Ariel: Hello there Ayla! I see you built a treehouse

Ayla: You like it?

Ariel: Yeah I do!

(Then she call Catherine)

Catherine: Hello. This is Catherine where you can get your ticket for the Happy Colors concert and I'm doing my paperwork

Ariel: You have to see this! Ayla built a treehouse

Catherine: Really Ariel? I'll be right there!

Ariel: Ayla, Are you sure this ladder is safe? (as she shake the ladder) Seems a little shaky

Ayla: Careful, Don't let the ladder fall

(Then Catherine arrived)

Catherine: Aloha Ariel

(Danny arrived too)

Danny: Now that's what I call a treehouse!

Ariel: Hi Danny! Isn't it great?

Danny: Great? It's super!

Catherine: Mind if we come up and take a look?

Ayla: Okay. If you really want to

(They …

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Marcus's Scary Play

(Everybody are at Marcus Scar Play where Marcus can dance and scare people)

Rita: I'm glad you could join me Lily. It's nice to have someone willing to share a little culture

Lily: (Sigh)

Rita: Now, Try to show some manners and not to fart or poop your diaper

Lily: Goo goo (as she try to hold)

Rita: Thank goodness it's about to begin. Now do be quiet. Wouldn't want to disturb the performance

(The curtain open and Marcus dance and the thunder sound and it startled Ayla)

Rita: Yes. Marcus try to find the way to work a thunder into ballet

Lily: Goo goo (she still try to hold)

Rita: Don't worry. The play won't be that long and it's too bad that my watch is stopped

(Marcus do the dance on the stage telling a story)

Rita: Let's try to enjoy the play. (Readi…

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Flying in Magic on Musical Number Show

Danny: It's the Musical Number Show! With your host, Luna Loud!

Luna: How's it going Rainbow World? Welcome to the show where each of you can hear a brand new music video. And the stars will be right here in the studio! Let's give it up for Molly and her friend Olly

(Molly and Olly fly in)

Luna: Here. Just move some stuff out of your way

(Molly and Olly land)

Molly: Thanks for having us, Luna

Luna: Thanks for coming, Molly and Olly! Wow! Those are some styling diapers

Olly: Thanks! I wonder why that make our diaper inflatable

Molly: It's helium! It happen when David is on the phone. We can fly around the sky when we sing about it!

Luna: Here it is in their new song "Flying in Magic"

(The music play the song Flying in Magic (…

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Smile159 Smile159 28 days ago

Frightening Dance

Lynn Sr: My name is Lynn Sr and I'm here to talk about a dangerously hazardous activity known as dancing

(Roger and Luan dance)

Lynn Sr: To dance or as people say to boogie is a one way ticket to your doom! Watch what happens when Roger and Luan do the dance called "The Bump"

(Roger and Luan bump, bump, and Luan literally bumped Roger)

Roger: OW!

Lynn Sr: Every dance is more perilous than the next

(Lynn, Felix, Lisa, and Fana do break dancing)

Lynn Sr: This menacing movement, performed by Lynn Jr, is something they call break dancing

(Lynn Jr break through the floor)

Lynn Jr: Ouch! That hurt

Lynn Sr: Now you see why? It only takes an instant for Marcus to turn an empty dance floor into a trap of trouble!

Marcus: (Roared)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

(Lynn Sr …

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