Character Reviews: Grannies Gone Wild (with Mimi and Rosemary)

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Mimi: Hello, Everyone! Welcome to another installment, of Character Reviews! My name is Mimi, and I am here to review an episode of MLP! Here with me, is my grandma Rosemary. She’s going to be reviewing it with me.

Rosemary: Hi! Indeed we are going to be reviewing an episode of My Little Pony. We’re going to be reviewing an episode called, Grannies Gone Wild. Which involves Granny Smith. Honestly one of my favorite ponies from the show.

Mimi: Yep. It’s is going to be that episode! Plus, Rainbow is in there! This may surprise you, but I think I would chose Rainbow Dash to be my pony friend. Yeah, her personality is pretty much different from my personality, but I would say that I tend to stay more in touch…

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Character Reviews: Made in Manehatten (with Melanie)

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Melanie: Hello, Everyone! Melanie here, and welcome to another installment of character Reviews! I’m Melanie’s, here to review another MLP episode! Before I get started, I bet some of you are wondering who would be my pony friend in the show. Well, my pony friend in the show will have to be Coco Pommel. I guess what I do like about her, is that... well, she does kinda remind me of me with creating these shows. I have hosted some art shows in my ceramics studio, Color Me Crafty before, and I do at times need help figuring out what exactly I want to do. And that is pretty much what happens here. So, the episode of MLP I am going to Ben reviewing is called, Made in Manehatten. It does feature Coco Pommel, …

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Smile159 Smile159 13 days ago

The Happy Colors (Series 0)

Series 0 is the Happy Colors pilot. One unaired episode is filmed at Sydney Australia. The show was produced by Australian Broadcasting Cooperation.

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 The Happy Colors
    • 1.2 The Happy Colors' Friends
    • 1.3 Guest Stars
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Gallery

  • ??? as David Bubblestone
  • ??? as Danny
  • ??? as Ashley
  • ??? as Felix
  • ??? as Wally
  • ??? as Ariel Bubblestone

  • ??? as Shaun the Lion
  • ??? as Fana the Hippo
  • ??? as Molly
  • ??? as Raymond the Kangaroo
  • The Schmuzzies
  • ??? as Catherine
  • ??? as Lionel

  •  ??? as Mr. Sunny
  • Tim Harding as himself
  • Greg Page as himself

The episode begin with the Happy Colors waking up and the sun is about to rise

Song #1: Good Morning

Molly has nothing to do today but the Happy Colors are sneaking up to surprise her. David put the balloon tank in Molly's nappy and she though h…

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The Happy Colors with the Loud Family (Script)

(The video started fades to the title “The Happy Colors with the Loud Family” as Lily fly around)

Lily: Weeeeeeeeeeee!

(Lily transition fly to the song where the video begin.)

All: ♪This is the Loud House Family Song, It's gonna help you learn their names to figure out where each siblings belongs!♪

David: ♪Lori's the oldest; her favorite hobby's talking on the phone with her boyfriend, Bobby♪

Ashley: ♪Leni's looking ready for the runway, Her glasses and her dress are the outfit of the day♪

Danny: ♪And then we got Luna, She can pull out a guitar and rock it to the moon, brah!♪

All:  ♪There’s Lincoln who is the sisters’ only brother!♪

Wally: ♪If you hear a pun, then Luan said it, “I guess that's a wrap” Get it?♪

Raymond: ♪Oh, look; there's Lynn, A st…

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The Happy Colors VS The Loud House Movie (Script)

(The movie started with an action music and the silver word VS shines up and goes in the middle. The camera zoom into the dot where the Happy Colors are in a comic book and appear with David’s name, Ashley’s name, Danny’s name, Felix’s name, Wally’s name, and Ariel’s name. The next page in the comic book is the Loud House and appear with Lincoln’s name, Lori’s name, Leni’s name, Luna’s name, Luan’s name, Lynn’s name, Lucy’s name, Lana and Lola’s name, Lisa’s name, and Lily’s name and the camera move to the picture of the Louds meet the Happy Colors. The camera zoom out of the dot and the title The Happy Colors on the left and The Loud House on the right appear to a movie “The Happy Colors VS The Loud House”. The camera zoom back to the dot…

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Character Reviews: 28 Pranks Later (with Mitzie)

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Mitzie: Happy April Fools, Everyone! Yep, it is the time of year to do some crazy pranks! As long as you play it safe. I love April Fools Day, and to pull some funny stuff on my family! And hey, it’s all in good fun! So today, I am actually going to be giving you a special character review! Today’s is, Yep, another episode of My Little Pony! So Rainbow Dash has been known to be a bit of an ego centric pony, and she would be the type of pony to pull off some sort of prank on her friends. And that is what this episode is. Yep, you guessed it, I am going to be reviewing... 28 Pranks Later! The MLP episode of season 6! And since today is April Fools Day, it is appropriate for me to review this episo…

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The Happy Colors Molly's Musical Birthday Movie (Script)

Tim: (Vocalizing but he made the sour note which it hurt the talent show president’s ears)

Mr. President: Tim. Tim. Tim. you may be the great-great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him.) Tommy but your singing voice is not good.

Tim: Look, Give me a chance. I-I can prove myself. (Vocalizing but sour) (The president frowns) (Singing sour) I-I can do this. I-I can do this. I-I can do it, I-I can do it! (He moves backwards, and crashes into the bookshelf.) Yargh! (The shelf's break, and he falls to the ground covered in Books.)

Mr. President: Tim, you're still having trouble with singing. (Tim crawls up underneath the president's desk) Maybe, you should try a different talent.

Tim: But-but... I can do it. You see... I know I can be a…

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The Happy Colors Mickey Mouse & Friends (Script)

(The episode/video starts with these footprints are shown, while The Happy Colors logo spins around, when it shows up. Then, the video title comes on and so as the promo picture for the video, while making their fireworks sound in the distance. The Happy Colors logo spins around translate to the song and Mickey the bouncing ball bounces around to show the title “Beautiful Disney World” and then it disappear.)

All: ♪Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful♪

David: ♪It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Disney World, With skies of blue and trees of green, It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Disney World, It’s our home, Let’s keep it clean♪

Mickey: ♪Beautiful animals, Beautiful trees, Beautiful fish in beautiful …

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The Happy Colors Christmas (Script)

(The episode/video starts with a snowglobe being seen. Later, a toy robot pops up jumping over the globe. He comes back pushing a cart with The Happy Colors Logo. He comes back with the cart turned around with "The Happy Colors Christmas" title card is shown. The globe zooms into the cabin. The toy robot peeks it's head out, quickly. He then shows a green book for the title of the Song: "Have a Very Merry Christmas" on the cover. Until, the door opens to a scene where the Happy Colors are in the prologue part in this Christmas song.)

All: (Singing) Have a very merry Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas

Have a very merry Christmas day, oooh

Christmas time and bells are ringing

Christmas time and we're all singing

Have a very merry Christmas day! …

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Character Reviews: Undercover Mom (with Melanie)

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  • 3 Episode review
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Melanie: Hey, Everyone! And welcome to another installment of... character Reviews! I’m Melanie, and welcome to another episode! Today I will be reviewing the episode, Undercover Mom! It’s a Loud House episode that has aired recently, and I am going to be reviewing it! Hmm... so I Indeed do have a daughter of my own, Lauren. If you don’t remember, she is actually the leader of this art club she and her friends in school have. The Mane Art Club. She tends to have her and then represent each of he Mane 6 from MLP. I am actually the art teacher of a school, and not to brag, but I think she gets her arts from me. A-Anyways, I wanted to review this episode, because it does seem like an interesting co…

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The Happy Colors Rainbow Party (Script)

(The video starts where Play Your Guitar With David instrumental is heard during the opening and The Happy Colors Logo shows as The Happy Colors, Shaun, Fana, Raymond, Roger, and Ayla stand on planets except Molly when she fly around with her inflatable diaper)

David: Weeeee! (red fire transition) Ha-ha. Hi, everyone! I'm David, and it's a great day. Guess what? We're off to a rainbow party, Wahoo!

Ashley: (yellow fire transition) Hi everyone! I’m Ashley, and I can’t wait to have fun at the rainbow party! Look out below!

Ariel: (purple fire transition) Hi, everyone! I'm Ariel, and we got so many occasions for a rainbow party!

Danny: (orange fire transition) Alright! I've got my drum! I'm going to a rainbow party, yeah!

Felix: (green fire transi…

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Smile159 Smile159 20 days ago

Wasp Remover

(Roger, Shaun, and Lynn Sr are looking a wasp in David's Parents Room)

Lynn Sr: How do I get rid of the wasps Roger? I don't like them very much

Roger: The only way to get rid of the wasp is the get rid of the nest. But have no fear, Shaun and I will get rid of the wasp in no time.

Lynn Sr: I can't watch

Roger: Maybe you can take a ride with Lily with the inflatable diaper until we're through

Lynn Sr: Good idea (as he left to go to Lily and her inflatable diaper)

Shaun: What do we do first

Roger: We should you try to sneak up on the wasp. That's what lions do

Shaun: You know what else would earn their trust? A tickle

(Shaun tickle the wasp)

Roger: No no no!

(The wasps approach and bite Roger)

Roger: (Screaming)

(Roger run to the pool and jump in)

Shaun: …

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Pest in Chef Schmuzzle

(Fana, David, and Ayla are at Chef Schmuzzle for lunch while Lori is going to be their waitress)

Fana: Where's our waiter

David: Have patience Fana

Fana: Okay

Ayla: I'm so hungry I could eat the fly

Fly: (Buzzing)

(Ayla throw the napkin then it hit Fana)

Ayla: Oh! Sorry Fana! That fly is bothering me

(Lori comes)

Lori: What would you like

David: Well, I have a question about the Schmuzzies' tomato salad. Is that good?

Lori: If you like tomatoes it should be good

David: Then I'll have the tomato salad.

Ayla: Make that two.

Lori: Sorry but I don't have tomatoes

David: Oh. Then I'll have grilled Schmeese Schmandwich

Lori: I don't have cheese either

David: How about fruit salad

Lori: I don't have that either

Fana: What do you have?

Lori: Soup

David: I love soup


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Luan: Luan here with Luan's Rent-A-Pest! Where you can rent any number of pets for your mischief making needs

(Everyone are bored of having tea party with Lola)

Luan: Is your party boring? Well it won't be with swarm of mosquitoes (Laughs) Just open the jar and watch as your guests do the mosquito dance! (Laughs)

(Mosquitoes flew to Ariel's Room and everyone came out)

Everyone: (Screaming)

Luan: (Laughing) If you're looking for something really naughty rent my basket of ants

(Luan put ants in the basket where Lily and Ayla are having a picnic and the ants take Ayla away)

Luan: They love it and so will you!


Luan: Want to do something naughty in someone's garden? Rent one of my 4 footed pests

(David pick up a cabbage and the rabbit came out and k…

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Smile159 Smile159 20 days ago

Mouse in the House

(Lola is having her tea party and the mouse snatch the cake)

Lola: (Screaming)

(And the mouse go to where Lana is)

(Lola take a look in the vent and the mouse went to Shaun's Room where Lana)

Lola: (Gasped) Lana! (calling) MOM!

(Then it cuts to Lola knocking on Shaun's room's door)

Lana: Hi Lola. Hi Mom. Hi Lynn. You three are going on a safari

Lola: Not exactly

Rita: And you're in big trouble young lady

Lana: What for?

Lola: That creature came to where I was from Shaun's side of the wall

Lana: What creature?

Lola: A mouse

(Then the mouse came and shut the door)

Lana: So that's what's happening to all of my sock cheese

Lynn: Let me at him!

(Lynn break through the door)

Lola: I don't understand how you can live in such a mess

Lana: If you want, I'll show you…

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Smile159 Smile159 20 days ago

The Legend of Snow Monster

(Lucy, Marcus, and Ayla are in the cabin on a snowy mountain)

Lucy: We could be stuck here for days

Ayla: We just have to think positive

Marcus: Let's hope we run out of food and it'll get really scary up here!

(Ayla turn on the radio for the weather reporter)

Ariel: This is Ariel Bubblestone with the Rainbow World Weather Report. It looks like this blizzard won't leave us anytime soon

Ayla: So much for positive

Lucy: Looks like we're stuck here in a cabin

Marcus: Quit your bellyaching! Why don't you tell us a story to past the time. Like scary story

Lucy: Okay. It was the dark and stormy night, The old man has a story to tell, And this is the story the old man told. It was the dark and stormy night, The old man has a story to tell, And this is the…

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Another Leak

(Lola has finish painting the Happy Colors Living Room)

Catherine: Lola, I can't believe you painted the living room on a rainy day

Lola: What's wrong with that? The Happy Colors asked me to do it

Catherine: The roof could spring a leak and the rain could ruin the newly painted walls

Lola: Nah, This isn't gonna happen. Beside, This is a brand new roof

(The roof start leaking)

Lola: (Scream) The roof! It's leaking!

Catherine: Uh oh! That doesn't sound good Lola! You're gonna need to call someone right away

Lola: Yes! I should go and do that!

(Lola call 911)

Luan: 911, Luan speaking

Lola: Hello Luan. I'm afraid I have a serious problem

Luan: And what is it?

Lola: The roof is leaking and the rain is starting to ruin the walls

Luan: Maybe the roof taking ur…

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Lynn Sr. and the Bad Weather

Lynn Sr: Hello I'm Lynn Sr with a very important message about the dangers of puddles

(The bus splash a puddle on Lynn Sr.)

Leni: Oops

Lynn Sr: See what I mean? Puddles are a horrible hideous menace!


Lynn Sr: Take this puddle for instance! There's no telling just how deep it is!

(But Ashley walk through puddle and it wasn't deep)

Lynn Sr.: Huh?

(Lynn Sr go in and he go down)


Lynn Sr: Deep scary puddles are nothing compared to what terrifying creatures may lurk below the surface!

(Then a sea monster come out and grabbed Lynn Sr.)

Lynn: Oh! See what I mean? There's no end to the peril of puddles! Oh no no no!

(But it was really just Luan)

Luan: (Laughing)

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Twirly Wind

(Lori is driving Lincoln back to the clubhouse when there's a hurricane in Rainbow World)

Lincoln: Whoa! It's getting pretty awfully windy

Lori: I don't see wind

(But then the wind blow Lori's hat away)

Lincoln: But your hat

Lori: It just flew by itself

Lincoln: Are you sure it isn't the wind

Lori: Don't make me say it again

Lincoln: If you ask me, It feels like a twirly wind

Lori: I know there's no wind

(Just then, The barn flew from the wind)

Lincoln: Didn't you see that barn?

Lori: It went to the other side

Lincoln: No, It's been blowing away from the twirly wind

Lori: It's not a twirly wind

(Then a cow fly)

Lincoln: But that cow!

Cow: Mooooo

Lori: That was a milk bird

Lincoln: It was a cow being blown away by a twirly wind!

Danny: We interrupt your conver…

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Magic Hotel Pool

(Ariel, Marcus, and Lynn Sr. are on vacation at the hotel)

Ariel: Thanks for suggesting we come here Mr. Loud

Lynn Sr.: You're welcome Ariel

Marcus: Hey! Anyone know where to get a cold drink around here?

Ariel: It's easy to get drinks is to ring the bell. (as she ring the bell)

(David appear)

Marcus: (Laughs) I love it when you do that!

David: G'day mates! What can I get you

Lynn Sr: May we have 3 fruit drinks but no kiwi for mine

Ariel: Can you make mine with the pineapple on top?

David: Coming right up! Abracadabra!

(But he made the kangaroo appear and Lynn Sr hide under the chair)

David: Oops!

Lynn Sr: I can't drink anything that comes from an animal's pouch!

David: Let me try again. Alakazam!

(A giant pineapple appear)

David: Isn't it amazing?

Marcus: Wha…

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Camel Ride

(Ashley and Lori are in the desert with camels)

Lori: Riding a camel through the desert is not my idea of vacation

Ashley: Here comes Raymond the Kangaroo

Raymond: Hello Lori! Hello Ashley! Welcome to the Arabian World! Here's your partner! Shaun and Leni

Leni: We're riding camels? I guess I don't need this

Lori: Leni and Shaun? Let's just get this over with. Wait a minute. There's 2 camels and 4 riders

Raymond: You ride with partners. Ashley can ride with Leni and Lori can ride with Shaun

Shaun: In that case, I'll...

Lori: Don't even think about...

(Then the camel went berserk)

Lori: Oh! Whoa!

Shaun: I think somebody needs a tickle!

(Then the wind begin blowing)

Lori: BLECH! I got sand in my mouth!

Raymond: Weeeeee! A sandstorm! Meet me at the watery w…

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Lily Land

Lily: (Giggles)

Luan: I am Luan here to tell you about Lily's new theme park Lily Land

Lily: Wiwu Wan

(Lily enter the park and go to the ride)

Luan: Here's one of her favorite rides

Molly: Wahoo!

(They go through the rollercoaster)

Lily: (Giggles)

Luan: At Lily Land they also got great food too

(Lily give Ayla a bottle of milk)

(Then it shows a waterslide)

Luan: And here's Lily's special waterslide

Lily: Goo goo

(Lily slide down and it absorb her diaper)

Lily: Weeeeeeeeeee

(Then Lily land on a boat with Lynn and Shaun)

Luan: Everyone go to Lily Land for any occasion

(They went through the tunnel with Lily robots)

Shaun and Lynn: Ooh!

Luan and Lily: Ooh!

Luan: So come to Lily's new theme park! Lily Land!

Lily: Bye bye

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Mountain Forest Cabin

(Fana is driving Lola, Lana, and Raymond to the forest)

Lola: Fana, Do have to go there? I can not poop in the woods

Lana: Come on. We're almost to the top of the mountain

Fana: Yeah. She's right. Beside, They have the cabin bathroom to poop in

(Then they stopped)

Lisa: Greeting travelers

Fana: Hey Felix and Lisa! We're here to check into our room

Felix: Well, We have a cabin room for all of you

Lola: All together? I thought we would each have our own cabin

Lisa: The commercial is incorrect

Felix: Here it is

Lynn: I'll open it.

(But then she broke it)

Lynn: Dang it

Lisa: Don't worry. This happens all the time. Call us if you need anything

Felix: Have fun

Lola: They can't honestly expect us to stay here

Fana: We'll just have to make the best of it. That's a…

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Ashley's Surprise Party

(Catherine take Lynn Sr and Marcus to the Happy Colors Clubhouse)

Catherine: Okay. I'll keep Ashley away for at least an hour while you two decorate the clubhouse for her surprise party

Lynn Sr.: Gotcha!

Marcus: It's a terrific idea! Whatever you do don't ruin the surprise

(Catherine knock on the door and Ashley answer)

Ashley: Hello Catherine!

Catherine: Hey Ashley, care to go to the Rainbow World Gardens with me

Ashley: I love to! Today is my birthday!

Catherine: I had no idea!

(As Catherine and Ashley left, Lynn Sr. and Marcus)

Lynn Sr.: I got the bag of decorations. I wonder what theme could it be for Ashley's birthday?

Marcus: A scary theme! With pointy pinwheels, party masks and fake spiders!

Leni: Where do you want the bats?

Marcus: Right over t…

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Wally's Surprise Cafe

(Lori and David are at a new restaurant)

David: Look at this menu! There's so much to choose from!


David: Wow! Now that's what I call a surprise restaurant

Lori: I'll have the soup

Wally: Oh, I'm not a waiter. My pet monkey "Bonko" is the waiter

(Bonko came in)

David: A monkey waiter?! Wow! Another surprise!

Wally: That's not all! Bonko?

Bonko: (Whistle)

(Then comes a penguin in a bowtie)

David: A penguin in a bowtie? Surprise again!

Wally: You can say that again

David: A penguin in a bowtie? Surprise again!

Lori: Can someone take our order

Wally: Actually, Bonko and Skippy are still in training. But I'll be happy to take your order

Lori: I'll have the soup

David: And I'll have a peanut butter and pickle pizza.

Wally: Coming right up! Bonko…

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Smile159 Smile159 21 days ago

Oh My Goodness Goggle

Lisa: If you're like Felix you love surprises but don't love waiting. That's why I invented the "Oh My Goodness Goggles" which allows you to see what's inside any box

Felix: Oh My Goodness! A Weather Machine

Lisa: Don't thank me, thank the goggles

(Rita put on the goggles)

Rita: Oh my goodness! A box of bats. Honestly Marcus, It's not nice scare everyone

Marcus: Thanks a lot! You wrecked my surprise

Lisa: Don't thank me, thank the goggles

(Just then, There's a knock on the door)

Lynn Sr.: Who can that be on the door?

Lisa: Maybe you'll see a surprise. Put on these googles for instant

(Lynn Sr put on the goggles and look)

Monsters: (Roaring)


Lisa: What could ever be so alarming

(Lisa answer t…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Ayla's Surprise Dinner Party

(Ayla is having dinner and she hear knocking on the door and she answer)

Lily: (Giggles)

Ayla: Lily

Lily: Goo goo

Ayla: What are you doing here?

Lily: Goo goo

(Lily bring a chair and take a seat)

Ayla: Having dinner with me

Lily: Goo goo

Ayla: Well, That's a surprise. My Mom is cooking Iceland food for dinner tonight

Lily: Goo goo?

Ayla: It's Dad's suit to keep him from getting messy at dinner

Lily: Goo goo

(Then Lily put on some music and Luna enter)

Luna: Way cool, Dudes! Is that Iceland food I smell?

(Lily nod her head)

Luna: I can't resist nice Iceland food

Ayla: I'll ask mom for more. (as she go to her mom)

Lily: Goo goo

Luna: Could she makes bangers and mash? It's British food

(Then another doorbell rings)

Lincoln: Hey Ayla!

Clyde: We want to let you know…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

The Happy Colors It's a Happy Sappy World (Script)

(The video starts with a song: In The Rainbow World)

(An opening scene from the TV Series 4-5 is shown.)

David: ♪We know a world, a magic world, Come with us and see♪

All: ♪Anything can happen in this special world, It can happen to you or me♪

David: ♪It's where The Colors live, why don't you come along, And meet their friends as well?♪

All: ♪There's music and dancing, magic and games, And lots of great stories to tell, In The Rainbow world, In The Rainbow world, You're all welcome here so let's give a cheer, Welcome to The Rainbow world. In The Rainbow world, In The Rainbow world, You're all welcome here so let's give a cheer, Welcome to The Rainbow world.♪

(Planet Earth with The Happy Colors is shown when the title "It's a Happy, Sappy World!"…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Kite Flying

(Rita and Ashley are out to fly a kite)

Ashley: I love kites!

Rita: You will hold the kite and I will hold the string. Once the kite is in the air I'll do the flying. Any questions

Ashley: Are you sure we can't fly a kite in the Wind Room

Rita: That's where we'll be flying at

Lana: Hi Mom! Hi Ashley! What are you guys doing?

Ashley: We are about to launch Mrs. Loud's brand new kite! It's so exciting!

Rita: Yes. So please stand back. And make sure you get none of that tuna salad on my kite

Lana: No problem. I'll save it for later. I'm going to make my own kite

(It is trash)

Ashley: Wow. Making a kite out of trash

Lana: My kite's not finished yet. I'm still working on it

Rita: Let's continue

(Ashley hold the kite above her head)

Rita: A breeze! Let go Ash…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Park Hamburger

(Ariel and Lola are spending the day in the park as they drink their water)

Lola: Ariel it was nice of you for us to go to the park

Ariel: Thanks Lola

Lola: Where are the snacks

Ariel: Oh no! I forgot to bring them!

(David appear)

David: Did someone say snacks? Abracadabra!

Ariel: Hi David!

Lola: I'm hungry. I'll have a hamburger

Ariel: I'll have a bacon cheeseburger

David: Coming right up! Alakazam!

(David make bears appear)

Bears: (Growling)

David: Oops!

Lola: I said hamburger not bears

Ariel: Wait! I have to take a picture for Marcus

Bears: (Roaring)

Lola: Bring me my hamburger

David: Don't worry Lola. I can fix this. Hocus Pocus Ocus Crocus!

(David turn Lola into a hamburger)

(Lola take the mirror and look at herself)

Lola: AAAH! What is going on?!

Ariel: L…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Tiny Train Tour

Lynn Sr: Lynn Sr. here to tell you about my Tiny Train Tour! It's where you'll get to see all of Rainbow World park from the comfort of a tiny train! But don't take my word for it!

Lily: Goo Goo

Lynn Sr: You want it faster

(Lynn Sr. turn the knob and the train go a little faster)

Lynn Sr: You'll get to see every part of Rainbow World Park with my train tour

Lily: Choo Choo!

Lynn Sr: You'll see the Flamingo Pond

(The water absorb Lily's diaper)

Lynn Sr: The Rainbow World Bird Forest

Birds: (Tweeting)

Lily: (Giggles)

Lynn Sr: And the best part of all! Avalanche Ridge!

(They go there and Lily made it through safely)

Lily: (Giggles)

Lynn Sr: Another satisfied customer of Lynn Sr's Tiny Train Tour! Come on down and give us a try!

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Park Bench

(Lori is on her phone and Shaun came with his ice cream)

Shaun: Hey Lori! Great to see you!

Lori: I'm not Lori goodbye

Shaun: You can't fool me. I tickle those feet before

Lori: Hello Shaun

Shaun: Want some of my ice cream

Lori: No thanks

Shaun: How about a tickle of my mane

Lori: No, I'd like to text on my phone in peace if you don't mind

(Bird coos)

Lori: And stop that cooing

Shaun: It wasn't me

(Lynn come) Shaun: Lynn would you like a tickle? I got my mane

Lynn: Not right now Shaun. I got exercise

(Lynn did push-up)

Lynn: Hut 2! Hut 2! Hut 2! Can't let team have bad luck

Shaun: Nobody want to tickle. Not even this ice cream can cheer me up

Lori: I'm trying to text

Lynn: Can't let team have bad luck

(Lynn keep jumping and then it start rumbling)

(Shaun eat h…

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Smile159 Smile159 22 days ago

Spot on the Beach

(Marcus, Rita, and Ayla are on the beach and Marcus is not happy)

Marcus: This is not the right spot!

Rita: Why not Marcus?

Marcus: The rocks are in the way! What if a sea monster rises from the ocean and I miss it because I can't see around the rocks?

Rita: Honestly, Marcus. It just so happen that Ayla and I think it's wonderful spot

Ayla: No complains here

Rita: Well, We better put on some sunscreen

Marcus: What's so good about sunscreen

(Just then, The crab pop out and got all the sunscreen on Ayla)

Rita: It's all gone! Honestly Ayla couldn't you have saved some for the rest of us

Ayla: It wasn't me. It was the crab

Rita: Very well. We'll probably have lunch.

Marcus: Have one of my peanut butter and spider sandwich

Rita: Spiders indeed. More like pea…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Roger's Sand Drawing

(Roger come to beach and put down the basket then Roger draw picture of himself in the sand)

Roger: Hey! It's me!

(Roger jump and the picture did the same and The waves washed the sand and the picture waves then it wash again and becomes a picture of Ariel)

Roger: Ariel?

(Then it wash again and there's a giant sea monster)

Roger: (Screaming) SEA MONSTER! (as he run)

(The sea monster eat a sandwich from the basket)

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Shaun Talk About the Beach

Shaun: Everyone knows the best way to have fun at the beach is to tickle! That's why I'm here to show you how! One of the easiest tickles is the beach blanket tickle!

(Ariel talk somebody on the phone)

Shaun: All you have to do is sneak up very quietly and then

(Shaun tickle Ariel)

Shaun: Lifeguards need their tickles too! That's why there's the tower tickle!

(Lincoln look through the binocular)

(Shaun tickle Lincoln)

Lincoln: (Laughing) No! (Falls off)

Shaun: Who does it love a tickle?

(Shaun in the submarine)

Shaun: Another great tickle to try is the underwater sneak attack tickle!

(Shaun tickle Lynn Sr.)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming) TERRIFYING TICKLING TENTACLES! (Scream and run)

Shaun: By now you should be so good at tickling you can tickle a seagull!

(Shaun t…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Surfboard Stand

(Lucy pay the surfboard to Lori and she leaves and then Molly was picking out her surfboard)

Molly: Lori, Do you have a surfboard that is right for me?

Lori: How about this one

Molly: WOOHOO! That's the one! Thanks, Lori!

(Molly pay then fly up with her surfboard)

Lori: I aim to please

(Lucy come back with a surfboard with a bitten by a shark)

Lori: What's the problem Lucy

Lucy: There's something wrong with my surfboard

Lori: There's a shark bite taken out of it

Lucy: Well, Two words. Shark attack

Fana: (Running) Shark, shark!

(Just then, The shark got out and spit Roger out and spit out the board)

Roger: Yuck! You never know what you're gonna find in the belly of a shark!

Lucy: As I said, Shark attack

Lori: Take a new board from here

(Lucy take a new surfbo…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

The Mr. Men Show Fanfictions

This is our the Mr. Men Show Fanfictions when there's a fan fictional Mr. Men and Little Miss characters have fun in Dillydale. Cris' character is Little Miss Magnificent, Forest's character is Mr. Smart, and my character is Mr. Playful with an inflatable diaper.

  1. Physical
  2. Boo-Boo
  3. Farm
  4. Movies
  5. Science
  6. Lake
  7. Books
  8. Beach
  9. Boats
  10. Mall
  11. Flying
  12. Hobbies
  13. Dance
  14. Inventions
  15. Fair
  16. Camping
  17. Amusement Park
  18. Trains
  19. Paint
  20. Fish
  21. Adventure
  22. Construction
  23. Snow
  24. Canned Goods
  25. Jobs
  26. Garden
  27. Collections
  28. Chores
  29. Restaurants
  30. Music
  31. Full Moon
  32. Night
  33. Food
  34. Bugs
  35. Cooking
  36. Rainy Day
  37. Heatwave
  38. Sleep
  39. Yard Work
  40. Parade
  41. Games
  42. Superstore
  43. Hotel
  44. Birthday
  45. Car Wash
  46. Wildlife
  47. Dillydale Day
  48. Cars
  49. Sightseeing
  50. The Dark
  51. Circus
  52. Ship

  1. Picnic
  2. Driving
  3. Outer Space
  4. Clean Teeth
  5. Airport
  6. Shoes
  7. Arts and Crafts
  8. Game Shows
  9. Eyeglasses
  10. Garage
  11. Toys
  12. Reptiles
  13. Hats
  14. Robots
  15. Parties
  16. Up and Dow…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

The Mr. Men Show Fanfictions or Not

(One day, Lincoln is on Twitter)

David: Hey Lincoln. What are you doing?

Lincoln: I'm on Twitter. Look at these pictures

(David see the pictures of these Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters)

Lincoln: Smile 159 send a picture of these Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters

David: That's amazing!

Lincoln: That guy is Mr. Smart and that's Forest's character.

David: Wow! He's really smart and who's that?

Lincoln: That's Mr. Playful and he's a character wearing an inflatable diaper. Forest made Smile 159's character.

David: And who's this girl.

Lincoln: That girl is Little Miss Magnificent. Smile 159 thought it could be Cris' character.

David: He did?

Lincoln: He did. She's the one who did all the Loud House fanfictions and Smile 159 did his fanfictions with hi…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

The Happy Colors Have Some Fun (Script))

(The video starts with a song: In The Rainbow World)

(An opening scene from the TV Series 4-5 is shown.)

David: (Singing) We know a world, a magic world

Come with us and see

All: Anything can happen in this special world

It can happen to you or me

David: It's where The Colors live, why don't you come along

And meet their friends as well?

All: There's music and dancing, magic and games

And lots of great stories to tell

In The Rainbow world, in The Rainbow world

You're all welcome here so let's give a cheer

Welcome to The Rainbow world.

In The Rainbow world, in The Rainbow world

You're all welcome here so let's give a cheer

Welcome to The Rainbow world.

(The title “Have Some Fun” comes up on the bottom on the Happy Colors logo and star transition zoom in to…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Bubble Inventions


David: I'm David Bubblestone

Ashley: And I'm Ashley Stanhopes

David: Right! As usual! And we have a fantastic show for you! It's inventions day once again here on Good Morning Rainbow World! We'll be seeing 2 brand new inventions!

(David and Ashley came to Wally and Lori)

David: Let's start with you Wally. What invention would you like to share with us today

Wally: I call it the Bubble Bicycle! Get a load of this

(The bubbles come out of the bicycle)

Ashley: I love bubbles!

Wally: Who doesn't? And the more you pedal the more bubbles come out

David: Wow! It bring lots of joy to other!

(Then Wally crashed)

Wally: Oops!

Lori: Okay! I'm ready for my invention

David: Show us your stuff Lori

Ashley: Yeah! Show us! …

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Mud Bath

(Lynn Sr. is driving Lana, Lola, and Marcus somewhere)

Lana: We're gonna spend the day in nature!

Lola: A lovely walk by a babbling brook?

Marcus: Talk about scary!

Lynn Sr.: Nope. I would never say this but we're going to the Rainbow World Mud Bath!

Lana: Cool!

Marcus: Way Cool! It would be scary to go in the mud bath

Lola: Mud and bath don't mix

David: Hello and welcome to the Rainbow World Mud Bath!

Lana: Hi David! We're all here for mud bath and we never been there before

David: First timers you're here for a real treat! Follow me!

(They arrived with four bath that filled with mud)

Lola: You don't expect us to go in there do you?

David: Sure! But we recommend slowly easing yourself in the warm bubbly pools of mud right up to your neck

Lana: Don't ne…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Bubble Burping Choir

(Luan, Wally, Felix, Lynn Sr., Lana, Lola, and Molly are on stage and Lily is conducting)

Lily: Goo Goo

Lana: (Burped)

Lynn Sr.: (Burped)

Felix: (Burped)

Luan: (Burped)

Wally: (Burped)

(Molly is drinking her soda)

Luan: (Burped)

Lana: (Burped)

Felix: (Burped)

(Molly drank more soda)

Lily: (Giggles)

Wally: (Burped)

(Molly drank more soda)

Lana: (Burped)

(Molly drank more soda)

Luan: (Burped)

Wally: (Burped)

Lily: (Giggles)

Luan: (Burped)

Lana: (Burped)

Felix: (Burped)

Molly: (Drank her soda and long burp)

(Then Lola fell down)

(The audience clapping and Lily give everyone a bow)

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Ayla's Bathtime

(Ayla take her cat out of the bathroom and relax in her bathtub)

Ayla: (Sigh)

Danny: Hi Ayla!

(Ayla close the curtain and get up and cover herself in a towel and get out and close the window then Ariel knock on the window and Ayla open the window)

Ariel: I thought if you know this kitty was outside so here he is

Ayla: Well, He did got out from a kitty door in my front door

Ariel: I think I'll go to the pet store and get one right now. Here's your kitty

Ayla: Thank you.

(Ayla took her kitty out of the bathroom and get back to her bathtub)

(Lincoln and Clyde come in)

Lincoln: Knock knock!

Clyde: Ayla is here

Lincoln: You got a package from your friend from Iceland

(Ariel peek from the kitty door)

Ariel: Hi again Ayla! Just wanted to make sure I fit throug…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Giant Purple Bellied Buzzards

(Rita, Lana, Lincoln, Lynn Jr, and Lynn Sr are out in nature)

Lincoln: We walked around all day

Lana: The cheese in my sock is starting to melt

Rita: Have patient kids. The Giant Rare Purple Bellied Buzzards is a very shy creature

Lynn: Why is it called giant

Rita: Because they are big

Lynn: No kidding!

Lynn Sr: I don't mean to complain but you didn't mention anything about giant

Rita: We were only gonna see and not to touch him

Lana: Can I borrow your binoculars Mom

Rita: (Sigh) Okay

Lynn Sr: (Screaming) GIANT!

Rita: Shhhh! Lynn, Keep your voice down. The noise can make the buzzard very angry

Lana: (look through the binoculars) I see him! Up there!

(The buzzard flew down)

Lana: Shazam! That is some big buzzard

Rita: Let me see! (as she take the binoculars) (…

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Smile159 Smile159 23 days ago

Tickle a Bird

Shaun: Hello and welcome to the Tickle Expert! I'm your host Shaun the Lion! I know everything there is to know about tickling!

Roger: And I'm Roger Rabbit!

Shaun: And today we're here to show you the different ways to tickle a bird!

Roger: Tickle a bird? I thought we're tickling watermelon.

Shaun: Yeah that could happen too. But mostly we're here to tickle birds. Let's get started shall we

Roger: Better put this back in the fridge

(Shaun tickle Roger)

Roger: (Laughing) NO NO OKAY OKAY!

(The watermelon fall on Roger)

Roger: Ow!

Shaun: Every different bird needs a different kind of tickle. Take the parrot for instance. When tickling parrots you should never let them see you coming. Go and give him a tickle Roger

Roger: Uh, Polly wanna tickle? (as he tic…

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Smile159 Smile159 24 days ago

Noisy Birds

(Ayla is meditating in her Zen Garden then hear the bird chirp)

Ayla: Is that really necessary

(Ayla meditate then the bird chirp again)

Ayla: Good grief!

Ariel: Hi there Ayla!

Ayla: If you don't mind I'm meditating and sitting here nice and quiet alone with my thoughts

(The bird chirp again)

Ariel: That bird is really loud. I can hear it all the way over at my yard

Ayla: (Sigh) Should I borrow your phone?

Ariel: Yes you can borrow my phone

Ayla: Thank you

(Ayla call 911)

Luan: 911, Luan speaking. What seem to be the problem?

Ayla: That bird keep chirping and I should be sitting nice and quiet alone with my thoughts

(More birds came and make noise)

Ayla: Make that a lot of birds

Luan: These birds must be getting all "Chirpy" (Laughing)

Ayla: Is that really …

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Smile159 Smile159 24 days ago

The Happy Colors Goodmorning and Goodnight (Script)

(An alarm clock is flying around ringing, while it's on the table. Then, the video title “Good Morning and Goodnight” moves up & Molly is woken up by doing a yawn after.)

(The scene cut the song)

David: Hello everybody! Hmm. I’m thinking about all the different way to say hello like hi or how are you today. Let’s say hello to everyone in Rainbow World!

Wally: Hello! Good morning!

Roger: Hi ya! How ya doing? Hello!

Muppet: Welcome everyone! And there’s the Schmuzzies and they say “Schmellow!” Schmellow Schmuzzies!

Schmuzzies: Schmellow!

Ashley: Well, hello! Hi!

Molly: Hi there! Hello down there while I’m flying!

Felix: Yo! Keep it real!

Raymond: G’day! G’day everybody!

Catherine: This must be the band that met everybody in the land!

Ariel: Hi! Hello!


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Smile159 Smile159 24 days ago

The Happy Colors Yummy Yummy (Script))

(The video starts when Party in my Tummy is playing in the background for during the opening sequence. But, The Happy Colors looks becoming wavy since they were green foggy clouds all over it. Then, a TV is shown, while it zooms out then the title card “Yummy Yummy” appears and pink foggy clouds are blowing.)

(The screen fades out and in to the Happy Colors and David’s Dad)

David: Hi everybody! I’m David!

Danny: Hi I’m Danny

Ashley: Hi I’m Ashley

Felix: Hi I’m Felix

Wally: Hi I’m Wally

Ariel: Hi I’m Ariel

Happy Colors: And together, We are the Happy Colors!

David: And this is my dad.

Joe: (He's waving to the camera.) Hello, everybody.

Felix: What have you got here, Joe?

Joe: Well, I've got some cold spaghetti.

Wally: Ooh, cold spaghetti, It’s all wiggly …

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Smile159 Smile159 24 days ago

The Happy Colors Colors Time (Script)

(The video starts with the Happy Colors logo in the black background & the alarm clocking ticking sound is heard. The background fade transitions to the alarm clock & it zooms out. Then, the alarm bells ring & the title "Colors Time" comes up with 6 colors on it. And finally, a scene transitions to David, Danny, Ashley, Felix, and Ariel arriving.)

David: Hi everybody! I’m David!

Danny: Hi I’m Danny

Ashley: Hi I’m Ashley

Felix: Hi I’m Felix

Ariel: Hi I’m Ariel

David: Uh oh! Where’s Wally?

Ashley: Where’s Wally?

Danny: Where’s Wally?

Ariel: Come on and help us look for him.

(The Happy Colors started looking for Wally)

Ariel: Wally?

Felix: Wally?

David: Wally?

(What they really didn’t know was that Wally is going to sneak up on them. First, Muppet came to …

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Smile159 Smile159 24 days ago

Leni the Handygirl

(Lisa is giving Leni a job for handygirl)

Lisa: Here's the list of things I need done

Leni: Okay. What do I got today?

Lisa: Number 1, Fix the stuck window. Number 2, Fix the leaky sink. Number 3, change the lightbulbs in the chandelier

Leni: You got it!

Lisa: If you need me I'll be downstairs

Leni: Fix window. That should be easy

(Leni try to open it but nothing)

Lisa: Try using a tool

Leni: Why didn't I think of that

(Leni get a small hammer but she throw it away and she get a big hammer and it destroyed the wall. Lisa run and see what happen

Lisa: What have you done!

Leni: I fix the stuck window

Luna: Dudes, What's going on? I hear a really loud crash

Leni: I fixed the window on the wall

Lisa: It's more like breaking the wall

Leni: Job 2: Fix the leaky…

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