• Smile159

    Fed Up (My Version)

    June 4, 2020 by Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me


    Lynn Sr.: "Dinner's ready! Come and get it!"

    [The sisters and David quickly rush out of their rooms, and excitedly head downstairs. As they head down the stairs, the frame suddenly freezes and David stop.]

    David: What the!

    [Lincoln appears.]

    Lincoln: "Yeah, so this never happens."

    David: What do you mean?

    Lincoln: "Dad cooks all our dinners, and he's not a bad cook, but his repertoire is kind of limited."

    David: Huh?

    [Lincoln and David enters Lincoln's room and pulls down a calendar. As he lists off the dishes mentioned, said dish appears on the calendar and head to their respective date.]

    Lincoln: "You've got Salisbury Steak Sundays, Meatball Mondays, Turkey Loaf Tuesdays, Wienerschnitzel…

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  • Smile159

    Silly Willy Day

    June 3, 2020 by Smile159

    (One grey night, The Louds are board)

    Louds: (Yawning)

    Lynn Sr.: (Sigh)

    Rita: Man, I feel so extra grey today.

    Louds: (Yawning)

    Rita: (Sigh)

    Lynn Sr.: Everything is grey and it's getting very boring.

    David: Well, At least it might be the last day.

    Lincoln: What? Last day?

    Rita: That's right, Lincoln.

    David: When comet sillious can make the day called "Silly Willy Day".

    Rita: It was the bestest, brightest, and blue skiest day of the whole year.

    Luan: Everything and everyone act super silly

    Lynn Sr.: Comet silly can tickle their funny bones. So we laugh the grey away and feel good all over again.

    Lori: And then all the colors come back into our world.

    David: We get to be silly all day until the fireworks ended to make the silliness gone away.

    (Up in the sky…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    Since I didn't like how this episode was, here's a new and improved version of it. Special thanks to Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan for helping me.

    [At the Royal Woods Roller Rink.]

    Roller Derby Announcer: "And the Royal Woods Roller Queens have done it again!"

    [Lynn and her roller derby team stop skating and cheer for themselves.]

    Lynn: [Howls like a wolf] "Hey guys, wanna celebrate our win at the Burpin' Burger."

    Margo: "Sounds great. Mind if I invite Elliot?"

    Nadia: [Scoots in] "Oh yeah, can I bring Theo?"

    Lainey: [Scoots in] "What about Alice?"

    Maddie: [Scoots in] "And Kaito?"

    Lynn: [Silent at first] "Uh, who now?"

    [Her teammates gradually point to the stands, where three boys and one girl are cheering for each of them. They all swoon.]

    Lynn: "Are tho…

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  • Smile159

    (One day, Lincoln and David are reading books)

    Lincoln: How was your book, David?

    David: It's alright but it's a little hard to read.

    Lincoln: Uh, You had your book upside down.

    David: Oh. (as he turn the book right sideup)

    Lincoln: What do you got in your hand?

    David: It's a book.

    Lincoln: No, Your other hand.

    David: (Gasped) What's that?

    Lincoln: Maybe it's a hat.

    David: No. Maybe it's a nose warmer.

    Lincoln: No. It's a hearing aid.

    David: No. It's....

    Lisa: Ice cream cone.

    Lincoln and David: Ice Cream Cone!

    David: I wonder what is for?

    Lisa: Ice cream cone is use for holding...

    David: Noses?

    Lincoln and Lisa: No!

    David: Shaving Cream?

    Lisa: No! Ice cream!

    David: Ice cream! Of course! What's an ice cream?

    Lincoln: Ice cream is a cold sweet treat that's delici…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [It's a sunny day in the park, Lana and Charles are playing around in a mud puddle.]

    Lana: [Takes a tennis ball out of her hat.] "Charles, fetch."

    [Lana throws it, and Charles goes after it, jumps up and catches it in his mouth. He spits it out and Lana jumps up and catches it in her own mouth. She spits it out and throws it again, it lands in a garbage can.]

    Lana: "Whoops, my bad."

    [Charles goes into the can to get it, Lana comes to the can and smells inside.]

    Lana: "Mmm, something smells good in here."

    [She looks around for it when a fancy dressed girl with her own dog approaches her.]

    Lacey: "Well, well, if it isn't Lana Loud in her natural habitat."

    Lana: [Comes out of the trash can, enthusiastic.] "Oh, hi Lacey, I didn't know you had a dog."


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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    (One day, The Louds are putting on a show about some classic)

    David: Ladies and Gentlemen, I will like to welcome you all to our classic theater with some great fairytales. For our story today is called "Little Red Riding Hood". Okay, Let's get on with the story. Act 1: Little Red Riding Hood met a Stranger. Once Upon a Time, There was little girl named little red riding hood who is on her way to grandma's house with the basket of goodies.

    Lola (Little Red): Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and Carrots. Seem good enough to make grandma feel good.

    David: As she skipping through the forest, She suddenly met a stranger. The wolf!

    Lincoln (Wolf): Hello little girl. Where are you going?

    Lola (Little Red): We…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [At the Loud house, Luna is on her bed practicing her guitar, when her Mick Swagger poster starts talking to her.]

    Mick Swagger: "Luna love, am I gonna see you at my concert this weekend?"

    Luna: "Ah! I hope so, I just need to figure out how to get enough money for a V.I.P pass."

    Mick Swagger: "Well you never know when opportunity comes a knockin'."

    [Just then, there's a knocking at the door. Luna slides down the railing to answer and finds the McBride family. Howard hyperventilating into a brown bag.]

    Luna: "Ah, hey McB's. How goes it?"

    Howard: "It's like a waking nightmare!" [Keeps hyperventilating]

    Harold: "Deep breaths, Howie."

    Luna: [To Clyde] "Dude, what's going on?"

    Clyde: "We were about to leave to pick up Nana Gayle for the annual McBride f…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    [The Loud House basement]

    Rita: "We're off to the movies, honey. Have fun at your party tonight!"

    Lynn Sr.: "Lynn-sanity Sr. brought you some props! Nothing brightens up a party like a lampshade on the head!" [He puts a lampshade on his his head and starts dancing, while Rita giggles.] "Huh?"

    Lori: "No offense, Dad, but I'm 17. I'm not throwing that kind of party."

    [She flips through a magazine and shows a page to her parents.]

    Rita: "50 ways to throw a sophisticated party."

    Lynn Sr.: "Oh, gotcha. So, it's more of a fake vomit affair, huh?"

    [He pretends to throw up fake vomit, and he and Rita laugh, while Lori looks annoyed.]

    Rita: "Come on, honey. We don't wanna miss the previews."

    [They leave. Lori…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [In her room, Lola is giving a lecture]

    Lola: "Applying ribbon glitter requires intense concentration," [revealed to be talking to her stuffed animals] "I'm gonna need you to all silence your phones." [Suddenly, a bunch of tin cans knock the glitter onto the table] "Lana!"

    Lana: [On a pile of tin cans] "Oh, sorry Lols, I'm just trying to get organized for the town recycling challenge," [shows Lola the flyer] "first place gets free ice cream at Auntie Pam's parlor. But, no more noise, I promise."

    Lola: "Thank you, I have a lot to prepare for."

    [Jack and I enter the room]

    Me: Hello, twins!

    Lola: Hey, Cris. I see you brought Jack with you.

    Me: Yep. It's been a while since I had him here.

    Jack: So, what's going on?

    Lola: I'm applying glitter on my ribb…

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  • Smile159

    Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    [Lincoln comes out the door in a tracksuit and does some stretches.]

    David: Lincoln, Are you exercising?

    'Lincoln: '"I know this looks a little weird, but I'm doing it for a reason. Today's the first day of spring break, and to ensure we make the most of it, Clyde, you, and I came up with this!" [holds out a very grody mouthpiece; takes notice and shakes it off.] "Ew! Note to self: don't ever borrow Lynn's tracksuit again. I meant, we came up with this!" [holds out a very long list] "Clinvid BubbleCloud's Totally Awesome and Rad Spring Break Bucket List (Patent Pending).

    David: That's cool but...

    Lincoln: [interupt] It's a totally awesome and rad list of all the rad and awesome things Clyde, you, and I w…

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  • Smile159

    Parallel Universe

    May 21, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day, Lisa is showing her siblings about her new invention)

    Lisa: I call you all for a sibling meeting because I can show you my world greatest invention ever.

    Lana: Really? What's your invention called?

    Lisa: Well, I haven't named it yet but with this, I can take you to any other kinds of universe.

    Luna: Way cool!

    Lori: Isn't that dangerous?

    Lisa: No. Not at all. There are so many universe in the world.

    Lucy: How deep.

    Lisa: It's not deep either. Does anyone would like to try it out?

    Lola: Nah?

    Luna: Sorry Lis, We're gonna be quite busy today.

    Lynn: Yeah, I gotta go to my softball game.

    (The sisters leave the room except David and Lincoln)

    Lisa: You two are still there?

    David: Yes. We're still here

    Lincoln: We would like to try it out.

    Lisa: Well, Ok…

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  • Smile159

    Comic Book Lincoln

    May 19, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day, Lincoln is writing a comic book)

    David: Watcha doing?

    Lincoln: I'm drawing a comic book

    David: I didn't know you drew comics. Who's that musclular guy?

    Lincoln: That's me.

    David: No. The musclular guy.

    Lincoln: He's called Lincman. It's the closet I'll get to being a superhero. He save Royal Woods from evil dores and those are the two villians.

    David: Wow! They look just like Hank and Hawk.

    Lincoln: I know. Here are my team called "The Extreamly Louds"

    David: So... You got characters based on your sisters for your hero team and Hank and Hawk for villians? It seem like you're forgetting someone. Someone is really important and someone get your life changes forever.

    Lincoln: Oh! I know who are you talking about! You!

    David: Yes! Me! You're ta…

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  • Smile159

    [In the living room, while everyone is going about their business, Lily is watching TV and giggling. Enter Rita and Lynn Sr.]

    Rita: "We're off to the mall, kids!"

    Leni: [extremely excited] "The mall?!" [picks up phone] "Let me clear my schedule for the day!" [starts pressing] "Delete, delete, delete, delete-" [realizes] "Oh. Oops. This is your phone, Lori."

    Lori: "Ugh." [takes her phone back]

    Rita: "Sorry, sweetie. This is just gonna be a quick trip. Dr. Shuttleworth of the Shuttleworth Daycare Academy is coming over today to interview us and Lily, and your father needs an appropriate tie."

    Lynn Sr.: [wearing a tie with a British royal guard] "But still one that has some personality."

    Rita: "But mostly one that's appropriate."

    Lynn Sr.: "Gasp! I …

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [It's early morning in the Loud house, the kids are up making a family scrapbook.]

    Luan: "Dad's gonna love this!"

    Luna: "Exactly right!"

    Lori: "It's perfect for his birthday!"

    Lincoln: "Awesome!"

    Me: Thanks for inviting me here for your dad's birthday.

    Lincoln: No problem. I like your present you got for him.

    Me: Thanks. I think he'll like this dessert recipe book I got him. And I gotta say, this scrapbook you guys are making for him looks great.

    Lori: Thanks.

    Lynn: "Dang, Lols, you're really on your rhinestone game today."

    Lola: "Thank you for noticing, Daddy's scrapbook needs a little glam."

    Lana: [Takes the glam] "And a little glue." [Takes a booger out of her nose and uses it to stick the rhinestone.]

    Me: Eww.

    Leni: "Best birthday present ever!"


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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    (Lincoln is eating Aw Nits cereal)

    Lori: Hey, guys, don’t forget my golf tournament is this afternnoon!

    (Lincoln ducks under the table)

    Lori: You're all going to be there to support me, right?

    (The other sisters all agree that they'll be there)

    Leni: And after that, you're all coming to my charity fashion show, right?

    (They all agree)

    Lucy: And after that, don't forget my grave-digging competition.

    (They all say they'll be there. Lincoln crawls out from the table he’s hiding under but Lily is in the way.)

    Lily: Inkin.

    Lincoln: Shh.

    (Lincoln sees a baby bottle on the fridge, sends Lily rolling on a skateboard, and she catches the bottle. Lincoln seeks out of the dining room. David approach to him.)


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  • Smile159

    The Baby Who Can Fly

    May 14, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day, Lana is playing in the mud)

    Lana: (Giggles) It's so much fun to play in the mud!

    (Lana gone crazy with mud and then she see something inside the house)

    Lana: What's that little white thing inside the house? I better check it out.

    (Lana went back inside the house and she goes upstairs and that cloud is coming from Lisa and Lily's room an dit must Lily daydreaming)

    Lana: Whoa! (to the viewers) I think Lily is daydreaming. What is she dreaming about?

    (In Lily's dream, She was wishing that she could fly)

    Lana: I believe that Lily is daydreaming that she is flying. Hmm. I wonder if Lily can fly for real. (to Lily) Yoo hoo. Lily. Earth to Lily.

    (Lily wakes up from daydreaming)

    Lana: Were you dreaming what I think I'm seeing?

    Lily: Heh?

    Lana: Well…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode opens with Lynn, and her friend Margo, entering the Burpin' Burger.]

    Lynn: "Come on, Margo, better get our protein on before the game. Those Beaverton Bees are going down."

    Margo: [As she and Lynn start stacking hands.] "Down to loser-"

    Lynn & Margo: [As they finish stacking their hands.] "town."

    [They chest bump, and root their way to the back of the line.]

    Burpin' Burger Man: [Seeing the town's all-star soccer player.] "Lynn Loud, what's a star like you doing standing in line on game day? You should be saving your energy for the field."

    Burpin' Burger Mom: "Yeah! You gotta keep that ten game scoring streak going."

    Margo: [Nudges Lynn] "Actually, it's eleven."

    [Lynn gives the "Aw, it's nothing" hand gesture. They head up to the count…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    [The Episode begins with a view of Lincoln's first mustache hair zoomed in.]

    Clyde: "Hold still..."

    David: Wait for it.

    [The camera flashes in]

    Clyde: "Got it!"

    Lincoln: "Whoa! Great shot! First mustache hair ever. This one is definitely going in the "Lincoln Library"."

    Clyde and David: [confused] "Lincoln Library?"

    [The next frame shows up a computer screen. Then it shows Lincoln's library with all his childhood memories.]

    Lincoln: "Yep, it's the folder. where I keep all my cherished memories. Check it out." [he clicks a picture it shows Lynn and Lincoln in the bathtub with his whale and duck toys.] Here's me and Lynn in the bathtub. [shows the next picture that Lori feeds Lincoln his first ice cre…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [Lincoln is on the couch in the living room with Charles, eating blueberries. He tosses one up and catches it in his mouth. He tosses another one way up, stands up on the couch, ready to make the catch, when someone knocks on the door, making him fall behind the couch.]

    Leni: [Upstairs] "Can someone get that?"

    Lisa: [Also upstairs] "Who's at the door?"

    Lola: [Also upstairs] "Ugh! Lincoln!"

    Lincoln: [Gets up] "Okay, okay, alright." [His sisters upstairs keep nagging at him to get the door.] "I'm going!"

    [He opens the door, and sees a frantic Clyde.]

    Clyde: "Lincoln!"

    Lincoln: "Hey Clyde, what's-"

    Clyde: [Briskly walks in] "No time for small talk, Lincoln."

    [Lincoln follows Clyde to the kitchen, where he dumps three boxes from his bag onto the counte…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode begins with Lynn Sr. and Rita pulling into the driveway.]

    Rita: "I am so glad we signed up for those ballroom dance classes."

    Lynn Sr.: "Me too. One tango lesson and I am a pro." [Scats as he spins Rita but she ends up crashing into a shrub.]

    Rita: "Ow! Ow! Thorns!"

    Lynn Sr.: "Doh! Oh, sorry! Sorry! I'll get the first aid kit!" [Goes to unlock the door but it is already opened and he growls in frustration.] "Those darn kids!" [bursts inside the house which attracts the siblings' attention.] "I have told you guys a million times: you gotta lock the doors at night."

    Luna: "Come on, Pops. What's the big whoop?"

    Lynn Sr.: "Oh, I'll tell you what the big whoop is. There've been some burglaries in the nei…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [It's early morning in the Loud house, a rooster crows, in her room Luan opens her eyes, and the throws the covers away.]

    Luan: [To her still sleepy dummy] "Good morning Mr. Coconuts."

    Mr. Coconuts: "Wow, you're extra chipper today. What's the occasion doll?"

    Luan: [Looks at a calendar next to her bed.] "Today is my first official date with Benny. Remember?"

    Mr. Coconuts: "Oh, right, how could I forget."

    [Today's date has a photo of Benny with a heart drawn around it.]

    [Luan puts Mr. Coconuts down and gets her prop box.]

    Luan: "What should I wear?" [Sees something] "Maybe these gag glasses, always a classic." [Puts them on and the eyes spring out, knocking Mr. Coconuts over, Luan helps him up, and tries something else.] "Or what about this mini t…

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  • Smile159

    Camp Out

    May 11, 2020 by Smile159

    [One day, Lincoln and David are watching TV about the King of the Wild Fronteer named "Davy Crockett"]

    Lynn Sr.: Hey boys. What are you watching?

    Lincoln: Davy Crockett.

    David: He's the king of the wild fronteer.

    Lynn Sr.: I see. I use to be the king of the wild fronteer myself.

    Lincoln and David: Really?

    Lynn Sr.: Yes. When I was a little boy, I use to go camping in the woods all by myself.

    Lincoln: Did you build tent with twigs and leaves just like Davy Crockett?

    Lynn Sr.: No. Just regular tent.

    David: I might have a tent but you don't have to build it.

    Lincoln: You don't say! (to Lynn Sr.) Can we camp out tonight?

    Lincoln and David: Can we? Can we? Can we?

    Lynn Sr.: Well, That sound like fun to me. We'll all camp out!

    Lincoln and David: Yeah!

    (At Out…

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  • Smile159
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  • Smile159

    (One day, The Louds Family are playing music together as a family band)

    Luna: (to the viewers) YEAH! GET READY TO PLAY MUSIC!!

    Louds: YEAH!!


    (Luna and David play guitars)


    (Lincoln play double bass)

    Luna: ON TRUMPET, Lori!

    (Lori play the trumpet)


    (Leni play the Glockenspiel)


    (When Lori try to pick up the trumpet, Luan plays her whoopee cushion as the oldest sister bends over to pick it up.)

    Luan: "Nice tootin', sis!"

    [Everyone laughs at Luan's joke even Luna except Lori who is miffed]

    Luna: ON TUBA, LYNN!

    (Lynn play her tuba)


    (Lucy play her pipe organ)



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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [Lincoln is seen playing a video game on the TV. I'm there watching Lincoln.]

    Lincoln: "Woohoo, yeah!"

    [Lincoln had just beat the level and moves on to the next, with his player jumping into a trash can and slime covering the screen with the words, "Course Clear!"]

    Lincoln: "Yes, level seven!"

    Me: Alright! You're almost to the last level.

    [Suddenly, Lana enters the living room, looking sad.]

    Lana: "Aw, rats, I wanted to use the TV! "Booger Battle" is on." [looks at the TV] "Huh? Whoa, what's this game?"

    Lincoln: "It's called "Total Trash Takedown." You get five lives to get to the Trash Castle, where you have to defeat the Trash King."

    Lana: "Oh, that sounds awesome!"

    Lincoln: "I'm almost at the end. I've been trying to finish it for weeks."

    Me: Com…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me [Over at Clyde's house, he, David, and Lincoln are playing a fighting game starring Muscle Fish who is fighting his enemy Scuba Squid. Suddenly, Clyde pauses the game.]

    Clyde: "Pause!"

    Lincoln: "Huh?"

    Clyde: "Time for the 20/20 rule. For every 20 minutes looking at a screen, you should look away for 20 seconds."

    David: "Is that really a thing?"

    Clyde: "Of course. These peepers gotta last us a lifetime." [turns around and positions Lincoln's face to do the same.] "Oh, hey, look. There's Bobby."

    [Bobby is cycling to the house across the street.]

    Lincoln: "What's he doing around here?"

    [Bobby meets up with a girl at the door and they hug. She invites him in.]

    Clyde: "I'll tell you what he's doing. He's…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [One morning at the Loud house, Lori lets out an excited scream and runs in with the mail.]

    Lori: "Look what came in the mail, the Fairway Golf University course catalog!" [Lynn Sr. comes to her.] "Oh, what courses should I take Dad? Biochemistry & Bogeys, or Sand Traps and Sociology?" [Sees something] "Ooh, yikes, both textbooks are a hundred bucks."

    [Lynn Sr. isn't even listening, he instead is tearing up, and has a flashback to when Lori was younger, asking him a similar question.]

    Young Lori: "Which shirt should I wear Daddy? The banana or the kitten?"

    [The flashback fades out, the present Lori looks at her dad, and starts to feel sympathetic.]

    Lori: "Come on Dad, we said we wouldn't get sad yet."

    [Lynn Sr. starts sobbing, and Lori starts te…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    [At the Loud House]

    Lola: "Okay, tea set, glitter spray, and backup hair clips. As it says in the brochure, Bluebell Scouts have to be prepared for anything."

    Lana: "Yep. That's why I packed my toolbox, bug spray and backup roll of TP."

    Lola: "I can't believe we're gonna be Bluebells!"

    Lola & Lana: [excited] "Together! EEEEE!"

    David: Well, Seem like you two are excited. Can I go too?

    Lola: Oh sorry but the Bluebell Scouts is for girls only.

    David: Oh please can come with you? I could you help you all out.

    Lola: I don't know.

    Lana: Lola, David is 22 years old and he's old enough to help us out.

    Lola: Hmmm... Okay.

    David: EEEEE!

    Lola: "Okay, We can't get ahead of ourselves. We gotta pass the tryouts first…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [At school, the bell rings and Mrs. Johnson walks in carrying bags.]

    Mrs. Johnson: "Happy Monday, class! It's the moment you've been waiting for."

    Rusty: [holds up his lunchbox] "Lunch?"

    Mrs. Johnson: "No, Rusty." [reveals cartons of eggs in her bags] "The fifth grade Egg Baby Challenge!"

    [Everyone except Rusty cheers]

    Rusty: [disappointed] "Aw, man!"

    Mrs. Johnson: "You'll work in pairs to look after an egg baby for a week. Now class, if your egg cracks or breaks, you fail. But if you can keep your egg safe for the whole week, you pass and get a special waffle breakfast!" [pulls down a poster of her riding a mechanical bull, much to the confusion of her students and notices.] "Whoops! Heh heh. Wrong picture." [shows the right picture]

    Students: […

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  • Smile159

    [One day, Lincoln and David are getting ready to watch "ARRGH!"]

    Lincoln: Today is the day that we'll watch the new season of ARGGH!

    David: I'm ready to watch ARRGH! too.

    Lincoln: Come on, David! Let's go!

    [Just then, Lynn Sr. stop them]

    Lynn Sr.: Ahem!

    David: Oh, Mr. Loud. What's up?

    Lynn Sr.: Well, You know there is one thing that Lincoln was suppose to do.

    David: What?

    Lynn Sr.: Lincoln was suppose to do hid homework.

    Lincoln: Dad, I promise I'll do it until the show is over.

    Lynn Sr.: Homework come first.

    Lincoln: Do I have to?

    Lynn Sr.: Afraid so, son.

    Lincoln: Alright.

    [Lincoln and David went back to Lincoln's room as Lincoln do his algabra homework. Lincoln felt disappointed and David look at algabra.]

    David: Wow, That's a lot of math year. I don't…

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  • Smile159

    David Roots

    April 30, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day in Royal Woods, Lincoln is running to his house to tell Rita)

    Lincoln: Mom? Mom! Hey Mom! Mom? Mom? Mom!

    [Lincoln got out to the backyard]

    Lincoln: MOM!

    Rita: I'm right here and there's no need to shout.

    Lincoln: Sorry. Where are we from Mom?

    Rita: Right here in Royal Woods. Why did you ask?

    Lincoln: I got a report from Mrs. Johnson and it's a story about homes from other countries.

    Rita: I'm sure that's true but no matter where people are from, they have special story.

    Lincoln: Who should do for a report on?

    Rita: You can do a report on David Bubblestone and he come from Australia.

    Lincoln: Oh yeah! That's right! I'm going to report on David! Thanks Mom. (as he run off to David)

    (Later, Lincoln is filming a report on David)

    Lincoln: Here I am…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode begins in the Fortress of Solitaire.]

    One-Eyed Jack: [in Clyde's voice] "Well, Ace, we've narrowed down the suspects to...the Card Shark, Snake Eyes, and the Old Maid." [shows said cards] "But which one made off with the golden die?"

    Ace Savvy: [in Lincoln's voice] "It's as clear as the mustache on your face, Jack. Only one of these villains could've done the deed. And that is..."

    [It reveals that Lincoln and Clyde are reading the comic in Lincoln's living room, dressed up as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, respectively.]

    Lincoln: "My money's on the Card Shark."

    Clyde: "Same. The guy never blinks, you just can't trust him. OK, let's see." [turns the page to show that it was indeed the Card Shark.]

    Lincoln: "Boom!"

    Clyde: "Nailed it! We …

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode begins with Rita inside Vanzilla.]

    Rita: [calls to the kids] "Okay, kids, steady as she goes."

    [The Loud kids and David are all pushing the van, except for Lola, who stands on top of the van while waving.]

    Lori: "Lola, you are not in a parade! Get down here and help us push!"

    [But Lola ignores her and continues waving.]

    Lincoln: [grunting] "Mom, this is the third time Vanzilla's broken down this week. Don't you think it might be time for a new car?"

    Rita: "I would love a new car, guys. It's your dad who won't go for it." [flashback of Lynn Sr.'s dad with Vanzilla] "Vanzilla was his father's van." [Another flashback of Lynn Sr.'s grandfather with Vanzilla] "And his grandfather's." [Cut back to the pr…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode starts at the lake at Tall Timbers Park, where Lana and Hops are visiting their fish friends.]

    Lana: "Hey, Mrs. Fishman. Didn't we talk about you staying off your feet until the babies are born? You should be relaxing, in your new kelp bed!" [Gives the Fishmans said kelp bed, and then remembers something.] "Oh, almost forgot, gotta update my sign." [Goes over to said sign, that reads 'Fishmans Pond population 2'.] "'Fishmans Pond population...'" [realizes] "Wait, how many little ones are you having again?" [The Fishmans submerge, and Lana looks into the water to count their eggs, but decides on something else.] "Uh, let's just round it off to a hundred." [using her muddy finger as a pen] "So that makes, a hundred and two. Royal…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam1515 for helping me

    [The elementary school. The bell rings, and Lincoln enters Mrs. Johnson's class.]

    Lincoln: "Lincoln Loud in the house!" [passes by his classmates as they give him a high-five each.]

    Rusty: "Oh yeah!"

    Zach: "L-Train pulling into the station!"

    Liam: "Howdy, Loudy!"

    Clyde: "Saved your seat, buddy."

    Lincoln: [sits down and sighs; to the viewers] "Fifth grade. After half a decade with these guys, I really feel like I'm part of the gang. Yep. Life is pretty good."

    Mrs. Johnson: "Attention, class. I'd like to introduce our new student: Lincoln's little sister, Lisa Loud."

    [Lincoln gasps]

    Mrs. Johnson: "Why don't you sit next to your brother? Clyde, you don't mind moving, do you?"

    Clyde: [heartbroken] "Of cour…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [Episode begins inside Liam's locker at school when he opens it.]

    Liam: “Well, we're all set for tonight, fellers. Pa said we can bunk in the barn as long as we don't wake the chickens.”

    Lincoln: “The barn?”

    Zach: “Cool!”

    Rusty: “Can't wait!”

    Liam: “Same here, I'm more excited than a 'squitor on a cow pie!”

    Clyde: “Liam, it's a real honor to be invited to your first sleepover. [Holds up a bag of medicine.] “I got my hay fever medicine, and I'm ready to RAGE! Rage responsibly of course.”

    Liam: “Okay, but you better hide that from my Pa, he don't like city medicine.”

    [Enter Girl Jordan with me, Artie, and Mollie.]

    Girl Jordan: “Hey guys, guess who just got a pool and is throwing a party? [Points to herself] “This girl!”

    [Lincoln and the boys exclaimed…

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  • Smile159

    Doggy Day Afternoon

    April 27, 2020 by Smile159

    [One day in the Loud House, Everything in the Loud House are boring today]

    Lana: Hello? Anyone want to play with me? Yoo-hoo!

    [Then Lana came outside to Lincoln]

    Lana: Hey Lincoln. Wanna play ball?

    Lincoln: I don't feel like it.

    Lana: Why not?

    Lincoln: I'm board. Clyde was suppose to come to the house to play video games but he got to take Cleopawtra to the vet.

    Lana: I'm sure you can play ball with me.

    Lincoln: No. I want to do something different.

    [Lana sigh and went back to the house]

    [In the Living Room, Lynn Sr. was watching TV and Lana came to him.]

    Lana: Hey Dad. Wanna play ball?

    Lynn Sr.: I don't feel like it. I'm kind of board. I'm board of TV, I'm board of working at IT, and I want to do something different.

    Lana: (sigh)

    [Back outside, David c…

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  • Smile159

    Davus Maximus

    April 24, 2020 by Smile159

    [One rainy day, Lincoln is doing his Rome project and David came in with the mask]

    Lincoln: What with the mask?

    David: I'm helping your research on the report with the Roman Umpire!

    Lincoln: I'm appreciate to help but it's call the Roman Empire.

    David: Hey! I make the calls here! Now get back before I throw you out of the game!

    Lincoln: [scoff] You blew the call! You should open your eyes! You're missing a great game!

    David: That's it, Pal! Do not push me!

    Lincoln: This is a lot more fun than doing homework!

    David: You are darn right it is!

    Lincoln and David: (Roaring) (Laughing)

    Lincoln: Okay, I think that's enough now.

    David: Well, Guess it's fun while it lasted.

    [Suddenly, The lightning strike]

    David: What was that?!

    Lincoln: Lightning.

    David: No good…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    [The episode begins with Lincoln and David finishing the model of the solar system for a science project.]

    Lincoln: "There you go, Mars. Right next to your buddy, Earth." [starts rotating the project.]

    David: "Oh, watch out for Jupiter. He's full of gas."

    Lucy: [holding a container of fake blood.] "Hey, boys."

    [Lincoln and David gets startled by Lucy's appearance and falls off the chair. Fake blood splatters on the project. They then gets up.]

    Lincoln: "Lucy! You got blood all over my school project!"

    Lucy: "Relax, it's fake. Sigh. Unfortunately."

    [Later, Lucy is mopping the fake blood while David uses a blow dryer on pages of his school book.]

    Lucy: [noticing her fake blood's viscosity.] "Hmm, need…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [At the Ace Savvy convention, Lincoln and Clyde are seen having a great time. I'm at the convention too, watching them have fun.]

    Me: [to the viewers] Aww. Look at them. They're having so much fun at the Ace Savvy convention. It's great seeing them dress as Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack. But yesterday, they almost gave up Ace Savvy because they thought they were too old for it. I get how they feel. Sometimes, I feel like I'm too old to watch shows on Nick Jr. Anyway, let me tell you all about what happened with Lincoln and Clyde. It all started yesterday at the mall. Lincoln and Clyde got their tickets for the convention.

    [Flashback. At the Royal Woods Mall, Lincoln and Clyde are in line getting tickets for the upcoming Ace Savvy convention.]


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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode starts off at Royal Woods High School. Inside, Luna, Sam, Mazzy, and Sully comes out and starts cheering.]

    Sully: "Rock 'n roll!"

    Sam: "Whoo-hoo! It's time to get our jam on!"

    Luna: "I can't wait to show you guys this new track I've been working on."

    [They all walk to the music room with a note on it.]

    Sully: "Hey, what's that? Someone's selling their gear?"

    Luna: "No, it looks like a note from Principal Rivers." [She grabs the note and reads it.] "Due to recent budget cuts, the Music Club has been... CANCELLED?!"

    All: "WHAT?!"

    Luna: "How can she cancel the Music Club?" [desperately trying to open the door, she slams her head on the door]

    Sam: "Doesn't she know how much it means to us?"

    Sully: "There must be some mistake."

    [Suddenly, the…

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  • Smile159

    Here is a special guest for my fanfiction "Luna and Sam 1515"

    [The episode begin with Rita and Lynn Sr., in their bedroom, are getting ready to pack up for vacation.]

    Lynn Sr.: "Well, it took 18 years, but the old jug of loose change is finally paying off!"

    Rita: "I can't believe we saved enough for a luxury spa weekend! I can't remember the last time we had two whole days to ourselves."

    Lynn Sr.: "Summer of '98. Clinton, The Spice Girls and Mark McGwire."

    [He puts a rather tacky hat into the suitcase, while Rita discretely takes the hat out, and puts it on Geo's hamster ball, where Geo quickly runs off. Lynn Sr. pulls out some red Speedos and sticks them into the suitcase.]

    Lynn Sr.: "You think the kids will be okay? I feel bad we aren't taking…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    In honor of Lara Jill Miller's birthday, here is my version of a Lisa episode. The Mad Scientist.

    [Lisa is in her room, giving a video chat presentation to a research institute about time travel.]

    Lisa: "It was Einstein who first proposed the idea of time travel via wormholes, but now I, Lisa Loud, have come very close to actually creating one. All I need to figure out is how to harness the necessary energy to-" [Lucy pops up behind her] "Yah!"

    Lucy: "I need you to take my pulse. I'm working on a breathing technique that lowers my heart rate to the point of barely being alive."

    [Lucy rolls up her sleeve and Lisa checks her pulse.]

    Lisa: "Nope, still quite robust."

    Lucy: "Dang it." [Walks out] "I hate robust."

    Lisa: [Returns to her video chat.] "P…

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  • Smile159

    The Loud Collectable

    April 20, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day, The Loud Family are having a good time with their collections)

    Lisa: I have a collection of beakers. I put in red one, orange one, yellow one, and other liquids. Beakers are so... you know? Scientific!

    Lincoln: I have a collection of marbles. I have red one, blue one, swirly one, stripe one, and others. Marbles are so... you know? Marvolous!

    Lana: I have a collection of mud pies and they're so... you know? Mud-u-cilous!

    David: Wow! I can play with it!

    Lana: Oh no you don't! These aren't toy mud pies that you can play with.

    David: No toys?

    Lana: No. My collection of mud pies are my very special collections.

    [David turn around and look at the marbles]

    David: Marbles!

    [David started run to it but Lincoln stop him]

    Lincoln: No David!

    David: Awww…

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  • Smile159

    Sour Milk

    April 18, 2020 by Smile159

    (One day, Lisa is working on the medicine to make Lily feel better because she has a cold. And then David enter her room)

    David: Watcha doing?

    Lisa: I working on the medcine because our youngest siblings has a cold.

    Lily: Ah-choo!

    David: Awww. Poor baby.

    Lisa: And we're out of milk and now Lily have nothing to drink.

    David: Not on my watch! I will go out to the market to get more milk.

    Lisa: Are you sure about that?

    David: I'm posstive. (as he left and go to the market)

    Lily: Ah-choo!

    (A few hours later, David came back from the market)

    David: I'm back, Lisa! I got milk!

    (When David is about to open the milk, Lisa can see the date of year of 2014)

    Lisa: No David! It's been years at the store!

    David: What?! That's not possible. Before I can pour the milk…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [The episode starts late afternoon, Lynn is standing outside Vanzilla, she unties her shoes with one hand each, then reties them in the same manner, she then throws three dirt clots over her left shoulder.]

    Lynn Sr.: [Waiting in Vanzilla along with me, as Lynn starts running around the front of the van, and jumping aroung the back.] Uhh, you ready, honey?

    Lynn: Hup, hup, hup. Not yet. [runs around the front of the van, then starts jumping around the back.] Hup, hup, hup. Okay, now I'm ready.

    Me: Okay, let's go.

    [Lynn gets in the van, and she and her dad drive off.]

    Lynn Sr.: [While Lynn is adjusting her seat up and down.] Wow, honey, I know you always have your superstitious rituals before a tryout, but they seem more... intense than usual toda…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [Lincoln is dumping all the trash around the house into a trash bag.]

    Lincoln: [to the viewers] "It's Chore Day at the Loud House, and taking out the trash is my job. And in a family as big as mine, chores can be pretty intense. But we get through 'em because we all do our fair share."

    [Leni enters the bathroom, plucks a hair out of the sink, and places it on Lincoln's garbage pile.]

    Leni: "Chores all done!" [slams the door making the trash splatter all over Lincoln.]

    Lincoln: "Well, except maybe for Leni." [starts cleaning out the expired and moldy stuff in the fridge and notices Luan and Lynn washing the dishes together.] "Wait. Two of you do one chore?"

    Lucy: [closes the fridge door behind Lincoln's back.] "Three of us."

    [Lincoln screams in f…

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  • Smile159

    Special Thank to Luna and Sam 1515 for helping me

    (At the Loud House, The sisters (except Lori and Leni) are watching TV and Lincoln and David came home from school)

    David: We're home!

    Lynn: How was school Lincoln?

    Lincoln: It was great.

    David: What are you guys watching?

    Lola: We're watching "Dream Boats".

    Lincoln: Can we watch too?

    Luna: Sure.

    (They sit down to watch TV with the sisters, but then they noticed something)

    David: Where's Lori and Leni? Don't you think they should watch with us?

    Lucy: They're in their room. They got into a massive fight this morning.

    Lincoln: A massive fight? How?

    Sisters: Well...

    (In a flashback, the sisters (except Lori and Leni) are sitting on the couch, doing their usual things. Lori enters the room.)

    Lori: Guys! Guys!…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [One night at the Loud House, Lincoln and Clyde are watching their favorite show.]

    Hunter: "Welcome back to ARGGH! I'm Hunter Spector, and we're in a haunted salon in Erie, Pennsylvania, tracking the ghost of Armando the Hairdresser." [kicks open the door] "Wait a minute!" [holds out detector] "I'm picking up something on my ARGGH! ghost detector."

    [The device finds a stronger signal and one of the chairs suddenly rotates on its own.]

    Hunter: [gasps] "There he is! Now to trap him in my ghost containment device!" [activates his device which sucks up some fallen hairs.] "Ugh! Does anyone sweep this floor?" [notices all of the chairs rotating crazily] "He's on the run! I'm gonna have to improvise!" [cleans the hairs out of his containment device…

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  • Luna and Sam 1515

    [​Lincoln and I are walking outside the house to the tree so he can sit down and read comics and I sit next to him to use my phone.]​

    Lincoln: [to me] "Ahh, nothing like reading comics on a peaceful summer--"

    [A horn is honking and Lincoln screams, startled at the sound; it came from Luan in her clown outfit carrying her birthday props on a unicycle.]

    Me: It's Luan!

    Luan: "Whoa! A little help?" [falls off her unicycle]

    Lincoln: [helps her up] "Back from another birthday party?"

    Luan: [a bowling pin falls out of her mouth] "Uh, my third gig this weekend. I could really use an assistant. Hey, what about you? You're great with Gary."

    Me: Aww, what a cute bunny.

    [Gary chomps on Lincoln's comic.]

    Lincoln: "Hey, stop that! [to Luan] I thought Lucy was he…

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