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Ship Party

(Lori is texting Bobby on her phone until she hear the steer drum by Luna)

Lori: Luna, Are you gonna do that all day

Luna: You bet, Lori! I'm feeling hot cha cha!

Lori: I'm feeling annoyed annoyed annoyed!

(Just then, Shaun is sneaking up on Lori and is about to tickle her)

Lori: Do it Shaun and you'll never play piano again

Shaun: How did you know it was me?

Lori: Lucky guess. If you don't mind I'm trying to enjoy myself

Shaun: Which it why you need a tickle

Lori: I don't need a tickle. I need you to move along

Shaun: Sure you don't want a teensy weensy tickle

(Lori glare at Shaun)

(Shaun run off and now he's about to tickle Marcus)

Marcus: Tickle me and you better be prepared for a day of terror


Marcus: (Laughing)

Catherine: I …

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Giant Squid

Lynn Sr: Oh dear! A ship full of passengers and I'm lost at sea! What kind of captain gets lost at sea

(The tidal waves splashed him)

Lynn Sr: A bad captain that's who! I'm worried I have a bad sense of direction

(It sure was rainy and wavy in the sea)

Lynn Sr: Wet! And here I am most likely nowhere to be found! Lost at sea forever! I don't know if I should tell the others

(Suddenly, The Kraken rises up)

Lynn Sr: Oh no! No no no no no no! A sea monster! Surely he will eat the boat!

(The kraken eating up the boat the he's about to eat Lynn Sr)

Lynn Sr: Help! He's got me! He's got me! I'm about to become lunch!

(But he was really at the pool in the ship)

Marcus: Mr. Loud! What's going on here?!

Lynn Sr.: Uh, Nothing Marcus. Just thinking out loud


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Aerobics Class on the Ship

(Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley are on the ship for exercise class)

Rita: Good day and welcome to my aerobics class. Are we ready?

Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley: Ready!

Rita: I can't hear you!

Lynn, Ayla, Raymond, and Ashley: READY!

Rita: Much better! Very well, now, do exactly as I do. A big deep breath and stretch. Arms wide all together now, look sharp

(The four took big deep breathe and stretch)

Rita: Now to the left and stretch. To the right and stretch

(After they stretch)

Rita: Now for jumping jacks. And one and two and one and two and one and two

(The four do jumping jacks but then Raymond bounced overboard)

Raymond: Weeeeeeeeee! (Then he jumped to the water)

Ayla: Kangaroo overboard!

(Ayla went and throw the lifesaver)

Rita: Swing your arm ou…

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Sinking Ship

(Catherine is driving the ship)

Ariel: Catherine, I know you're the captain but we seem to be going slow with all the icebergs

Catherine: I think we know where we're going

Ariel: We're about to hit one and it will have a giant hole and it will sink

(Then they hit one)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

Fana: (Screaming)

Ariel: Uh oh. Just like we hit on right now

Catherine: Oh no!

(The ship is about to sink)

Ayla: (Screaming)

David: Wonderful crews! Really it was! Too bad we're sinking

Ashley: Yeah! Real bad

Ariel: Catherine, I really think we're sinking

Catherine: What are we gonna do?!

(Then Ariel get a call from Lynn)

Lynn: Yo, Ariel! We're taking all water really fast!

Ariel: Lynn call me we're taking all water!

Catherine: Indeed we are!

Ariel: And she says we're out…

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Fizzy Pop Bottle


David: We're here today to celebrate the good ship Rainbow World as it sets sail on its very first trip

Ashley: Where's Leni?

David: Ashley informed me we're waiting on Leni to bring the bottle of fizzy pop which will break on the bow of the ship to wish it good luck

Ashley: I wonder where she is

Leni: Here I am! Sorry I'm late I went to the wrong dock

David: But this is the only dock in Rainbow World

Leni: Well I know that now

David: Did you bring the fizzy pop? The bottle of fizzy pop

Leni: Doesn't ring a bell

Ashley: The fizzy pop you went to buy at the mall

Leni: Ah! That fizzy pop! Sure! I got it right there somewhere

(Leni look in her suitcase)

Leni: Turkey. Tooth floss. Watermelon

Leni: I left the fiz…

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Catherine: Presenting Molly at her amazing loop de loop

Molly: Thank you, Cat! My assistant Ayla is going to choose the lucky audience to do all this stunt with me

(Ayla go to Lily in the audience)

Lily: Goo Goo!

Ayla: You want to ride Lily? Thank you

Lily: (Giggles)

Molly: Ready for the thrill ride of your life

Lily: Ga ga!

(Lily got on the motorbike with Molly and Molly drive the motorbike and went around the motorbike multiple times and go up the ramp and they flew through the roof)


Catherine: Wasn't that amazing? Let's hear it for Molly and Lily Loud!

Ayla: Do you think they're coming back

Catherine: Doubt it. Looks like we'll have to add another clown act

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Circus Acts

(The audience are here to watch the circus and Catherine arrived)

Catherine: Welcome to the circus! I'm your ringmaster Catherine. What's going on on ring 1

(Roger is on the horse)

Catherine: Presenting Roger the bareback rider on his trusty horse

(The horse angrily neighed and go wild)

Roger: Whoa! Spaghetti! Slow down!

Catherine: Wow! Look at them go


(Roger bumped off the horse)


Catherine: There goes Roger. Oh well, On with the show

(Next is Raymond trying to jump into the swimming pool)

Catherine: Here's Raymond and he's about to jump off the steel cliff and land on the swimming pool. Audience, be very quiet. Raymond must concentrate

(Raymond jump off)

Catherine: Raymond! To the left! …

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Circus Music

Catherine: Mrs. Loud

Rita: Hello Catherine. Full house tonight?

Catherine: You betcha and I can be the ringmaster

Rita: There is nothing like the calm before the performance. Before that magical moment when the band sounds its instruments

Catherine: Yes but I want to tell you that band forgot their instruments at home

Rita: They left them at home?

Catherine: Yes but don't worry. They can fix everything since they're Happy Colors

David: (Off-Screen) We're ready!

Catherine: Great! Come out, everybody

(The Happy Colors came out as clowns)

Rita: These are clowns! Not proper musicians

Catherine: Don't tell them that. They're sensitive

Rita: Oh. Sorry about that

Catherine: I got a show to start now. See ya

Happy Colors: Hi Mrs. Loud

Rita: Let's tune our instru…

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Circus Tent

Lori: Move the pole over there. It's the perfect spot for the big top.

Raymond: Okay.

Lisa: Lori, That is not the spot where the circus is going to be set up

Lori: No, this is the right field. It goes there

Felix: No. Lisa is right because I know Ayla is over there at the ticket booth

Lori: No, the booth should be here

Lisa: No. I see clowns practicing juggling

(Luan, Lynn Sr., and Wally are juggling)

Felix: Are you sure we're in the right place

Lori: I'm the oldest and I'm in charge

Lisa: Don't we need circus tractor to put up the tent

(Fana was driving the tractor)

Felix: And there's Lana making popcorn!

Lana: (Off-Screen) WHOA! POPTACULAR

Felix: It's next to Ayla's ticket booth. Near where the clowns are juggling

Raymond: You know, Felix and Lisa are …

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David on the Run Part 2

(The story continue, Mr. Green drive to the warehouse and dragged David's ear)

David: This really not the ice cream factory!

Mr. Green: Your ice cream days are over my friend!

David: You are not my friend because you're real bad!

Mr. Green: I'm gonna grind you into a million tiny piece of blood! Do you hear that sound?!

David: Uhh... No.

Mr. Green: Dang it! Turn on the chipper!

(The man got up)

Mr. Green: You got 1 job. Come on

(Then the man turn on the wood chipper. Just then, Lincoln arrived)

Lincoln: I know that sound! It sound like someone punching someone's in a gut! (as he wink)

David: Lincoln, This is not time for winking! We are are in trouble! (realize) Wait! I just had an idea. (as he started tickling) TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!

Mr. Green:…

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David on the Run Part 1

(One day, David is playing video game and the Lincoln came in)

Lincoln: David? There you are. Listen, I don't mean to alarm you but I have some bad news. Try not to freak out.

David: Why do I have to freak out? I can handle anything. Wait a minute. (Gasped) WE'RE OUT OF PIZZA?! WHY LINCOLN?! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING OR WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! (Screaming)

Lincoln: Calm down! We're not out of pizza.

David: Oh. Phew

Lincoln: We got an email from Build-a-Milford. It seem like there's a problem with you. Foul odors.

David: (Burp)

Lincoln: Eww. Some emit smoke

(David lift his shirt to release smoke)

Lincoln: It's that smoke?!

David: Chill Lincoln. I've been to sauna and I got a little tan

(Just then, Lola came in)

Lola: I got good news and bad news. The bad new…

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Lake Monster

Lana: It's somewhere in that swamp girls. The legendary Rainbow World swamp creature

Ayla: That's scary

Lana: Yep it is! That monster even bit off my propellor

Lori: You two are wasting our bedtime! There's no such thing as a swamp creature

Lana: I know that monster's in here and it only comes out at night

Ayla: Lana, What do you want me to do?

Lana: Help me catch that thing

Ayla: Okay. I'll try

(Ayla put the monster bait in the water)

Lori: Do you think the swamp creature will come out with your stupid worms

Lana: Best not to talk. It won't come out if there's noise

Ayla: (Whisper) She got a point, Lori

Lori: I know it doesn't exist. This is just made up

Lana: I'm telling you Lori! I saw the thing with my own eyes!

Lori: Are you sure you didn't see a f…

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Late Night Show

(Rita and David are staying up late watching Marcus' TV Show)

Marcus: (on TV) (Laughing)

David: It's gonna be so scary. That's why we're staying up late and watch the show in the living room

Marcus: (on TV) Welcome to Marcus' Late Night Scare Fest! I'll be showing you some classic scares with my assistant Raymond. Raymond? I bet he's wearing my scary masks without my permission. Raymond?

Raymond: You call Marcus

Marcus: AAAAAH!!! (chair falls down)

David and Rita: (Screaming)

(Raymond was bouncing)

Marcus: That was fantastic Raymond! But I do the scaring around here! It's called Marcus' Late Night Scare Fest not Raymond's Late Night Scare Fest

Rita: This is scary

David: I'll say. You got more butter for the popcorn

Rita: Shhh. I'm trying to listen

Raymond: …

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Lynn Sr. in the Forest

Lynn Sr: Oh isn't this nice? I wanted to visit the giant pine tree forest and here I am. Only there are tall trees that block out moonlight making it dark. I know I have a

(The tree poke Lynn Sr)

Lynn Sr: Who's there? Silly that tree branch wasn't tapping me on the shoulder

(An acorn bopped Lynn Sr.'s head)

Lynn Sr: I definitely felt something this time!

(Lynn Sr. climb on top of the rock)

Lynn Sr: Oh no no no no no no no I'm surrounded!

Felix: Mr. Loud!

Lisa: Me and Felix just wanted to welcome you to Tiny Pines Vacation Cabins

Felix: If there anything that we can do to make you comfortable

Lynn Sr: Vacation's over! (as he drive away)

Lisa: Some people are a mystery Newman. Some people are a mystery

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Fixing the Light Bulb

(Lincoln and Catherine are heading to the Happy Colors Basement to fix the light)

Catherine: I appreciate you coming over to change my lightbulb

Lincoln: It's terrible to be in the dark and David is scared of the dark.

Catherine: The light is over the stairs. Did I mention that

Lincoln: No. I don't think you did

Catherine: It's that bulb right there

Lincoln: What's down there?

Catherine: The basement. Can you reach the lightbulb

Lincoln: Okay. I'll try but hold onto me so I won't fall

Catherine: If you stand on the handrail I'll hold you

(Lincoln stand on the handrail and try to reach for the lightbulb)

Catherine: You know, I think it will be easier with the ladder

Catherine release Lincoln and he fall down the stairs)

Lincoln: OW OW OW OW! I found the …

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Nature Ramble

Marcus: Welcome to Marcus' Scary Garden Tour! Follow us into the garden of fear

Fana: Did he say fear

Lori: Yes now move it! Sooner we move sooner we get it over with

Fana: I'm nervous already

Shaun: Maybe you just need a tickle

Fana: NO NO NO!

Marcus: This is the Garden of Fear

(But the others are not amused)

Lori: What's so scary about a bunch of tiny little cacti

Marcus: If you get too close, These spines will come to life and poke you

Shaun: You mean like a tickle

Marcus: No! It's very painful

Shaun: Painful? That doesn't sound fun

Lori: Spines come to life? That is a ridiculous thing I ever heard

Marcus: Fine! If you don't think that's scary follow me to the fountain of doom

Fana: Maybe Lori's right. These do look harmless

(Then it come to life and t…

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Wild Ride on Molly's Inflatable Diaper

Molly: Hey David and Roger. Ready for my inflatable diaper tour over Rainbow World Falls? I promise this is a trip you'll never forget

David: That will be awesome!

Roger: That's exactly what I'm afraid of

(Later, Molly flew to the Rainbow World Falls)

David: Your brochure says we'll see Rainbow World Falls like we never seen it before

Molly: That's right David because we'll go through the fall

(Molly go through the fall)

Roger: (Screaming)

David: That was wonderful

(Roger spit the fish out)

Molly: Now let's check out the volcano!

Roger: AAAAH!!! No no no no no no no no no!

(Then Roger got near to the volcano)


(David take pictures)

David: Isn't lava wonderful

Molly: That's our tour! What do you say we head back

Roger: Grea…

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Bus Sightseeing

(The bus arrived and Lana got in the bus)

Lana: Hi Lola is this seat taken

Lola: It is now

Lana: Great day for a bus ride huh

Lola: Yes. I was looking forward for sightseeing

Lana: Wanna bite a fish sandwich

Lola: ACH! No!

Lana: You sure? It was only in my sock a couple of weeks

Ariel: Welcome to Rainbow World Double Decker Bus Tours. I'm your tour director Ariel

(Ariel pop out from the window)

Ariel: Lana, Can you hear me up here?

(Lana splash the grape juice on Lola)

Lana: We here you just fine Ariel

Lola: LANA!

Lana: Sorry about that. It's only grape juice

Lola: But it ruined my gown!

(Lola moved to the seat behind Lana)

Ariel: To your left is the oldest wishing well in Rainbow World. They say people wished over 7,000,543 wishes

(Lana is about to lick he…

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Statue of the Mayor of Rainbow World

(Leni is going sightseeing of the Statue of the Mayor of Rainbow World and she see Catherine and Baxter)

Catherine: Hello Leni. One ticket for Statue of the Mayor of Rainbow World?

Leni: You betcha! I was looking forward to it

Baxter: You'll be amazed at how much you see from the observation deck

Leni: I will! That's why I brought my camera

(Then Leni stand in line at the elevator and the elevator open and other people get in)

(Then after they went to escalator)

Leni: OMGosh! That's a lot of stairs! Oh well, It will be worth it to take pictures

(Leni take out a parrot)

Leni: That's a parrot! I must run back to the Happy Colors Clubhouse and get it!

(Leni knock over Ashley, Rita and Lynn Sr)

Leni: Coming through! Camera emergency

(Leni went back to the…

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Driving Home from the Hospital

(Wally push Roger in a wheelchair)

Wally: Here you go Roger

Roger: Thanks Wally. Who did you say was coming to take me home

Wally: Leni Loud

Roger: I should've called a cab

Wally: Don't worry. Leni is a trained professional

(Then Leni come and honk the horn)

Leni: Sorry I'm late. I had to return a wrench to a monkey

Wally: Take good care of yourself Roger

(Penguins come out of the car)

Leni: See ya fellas! Here you go Roger

(Roger get in the car and the air bag poofed)

Roger: OW!

Leni: Good to know. Those works

(Leni pop the airbag then start driving. Then they approach the red light)

Roger: Red light!

Leni: Oh, I love this game! (as she cover her eyes)

Roger: No, no, hands on wheel! Truck!

(Catherine drive the truck)

Roger: (Screaming)

(They drive through th…

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Car Sale

Rita: Here we are at the Rainbow World Car Sale

Lola: Wow look at all the cars they got

Rita: Well, I'm going to rent a car if we're still be in Rainbow World until our family got a new transportation to go back to Royal Woods

Lola: Let's find a good car that'll fit us

(Rita and Lola take a look at what cars they have)

Lola: Ah ha! There's a car that will fit us. The queen car

Rita: That looks really nice but it does seem expensive

Lola: Let's take it for a test drive

Rita: Uh, That won't be necessary

Lola: Everyone need to test drive before renting or buying cars! Don't you know anything

(Later, Rita drive in the queen car)

Rita: This steering wheel feels a bit loose

Lola: Doesn't look loose to me

Rita: And that gas pedal seems small

Lola: You should w…

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Lynn Sr. Race Against Marcus

(Lynn Sr and Marcus are racing around the track)

Lynn Sr: You can do it Loud. Just one more lap, one more little lap

Marcus: Yo Mr. Loud! Ready to eat my dust

Lynn Sr: I would never eat dust! Full of dirt and bad things you should never put in your mouth

Marcus: I mean are you ready to lose

Lynn Sr: Actually I'm ready to turn and go back

Marcus: Well it's too late now!

Lynn Sr: There's hardly enough room for one car let alone two!

Marcus: That's the point

Lynn Sr: Too close! Too close! No! No no no no no! AAH!

(But he was actually racing with Marcus with toy cars)

Marcus: I win!

Lynn Sr: Who builds a new road barely wide enough for a bicycle

Marcus: Jinx! He almost think that he was having fun!

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Rainbow World Car Race

(Everyone are having a race)

Danny: Drivers to the starting line! Drivers to the starting line

(Catherine push Marcus' car, Lynn push Shaun's car, and Lisa push Felix's car to the starting line)

Marcus: Good work Catherine

Catherine: Thank you for letting me be your assistant Marcus

Marcus: I can't wait to win the race

(Then Lynn is pushing Shaun's truck)

Lynn: No way! Shaun's car is much faster than yours

Shaun: It sure is fast

(Then Felix and Lisa came with their car)

Felix: We invented my race car and it's much faster

(Then Molly came with her rocket)

Molly: You don't have a chance against my rocket racer. It's got the power of 800 horses

Lisa: Well, That rocket might not be safe

Felix: Yeah. It's really fast

(There a piece of gum on the rocket)

Ayla: …

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Car Driving

(Lori is driving in a car)

Lori: What a terrible day for driving. Too much sun and all this traffic

(Just then, The car overheated)

Lori: Now what

(Lori got out and look at the car)

Lori: Just great. Now how am I gonna get back to the Happy Colors Clubhouse

(Ashley drive by)

Ashley: Hello there Lori! Is there something wrong with the car or it getting a sun tan?

Lori: My engine overheated

Ashley: Well, I'm not a mechanic. Wanna ride in my car?

Lori: Okay

(Lori get in Ashley's Car and put her seatbelt on)

(Then Ashley drive the car)

Ashley: Isn't it a beautiful day

Lori: Maybe for you

Ashley: Look at the farms

Lori: That smell like manure

Ashley: And the animals

Lori: They steal food

Ashley: What about the...

Lori: I don't care what you're saying! Now drive an…

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Cleaning the Street

Lincoln: Never thought Rainbow World Day can be messy. It'll take forever to clean up

Leni: Don't worry about a thing. I have an idea

Lincoln: Really? What is it?

(Leni come with the cleaning truck)

Leni: What do you think of my new wheels

Lincoln: I don't know Leni. You don't even have a driver license yet

Leni: I've driven before so I know how to work this. Just stand back and let it do it's thing

(Leni pull the lever and started cleaning the trash)

(Lincoln started running after it)

Leni: What did I tell you? Piece of cake

Lincoln: I really gotta hand it to you

Leni: Down I know it

(Leni press the button)

Leni: I can do this with my eyes close

Lincoln: I don't like the look of those things. Uh, Leni? Leni!

(But Leni didn't respond)

Lincoln: (Screaming) G…

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Making Balloons

(Lynn Sr. is selling balloons)

Lynn Sr: Oh goodness my first customer. Hello Luan what would you like me to make

Luan: I would like an animal horns

Lynn Sr: Animal? Horns? For your head?

Luan: Yes Dad, I like to have animal horns like a bull

Lynn Sr: Wouldn't you prefer something more friendly

Luan: Okay. I'll have an animal horns that is a cow

Lynn Sr: Ok (blows the balloon and ties them) Tada! Horns

(Luan put on the horn and act like a bull)

Lynn Sr.: (Scream)

Luan: (Laugh) I knew you fall for that

(Then Marcus come)

Marcus: Hello Mr. Loud

Lynn Sr.: Hello Marcus. What would you like me to make

Marcus: I want a balloon animal

Lynn Sr.: Animal. Could it be a puppy?

Marcus: A ferocious lion! (Roars)

Lynn Sr.: L-L-Lion?! Okay. (as he started blowing the balloon…

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No Rainbow World Day

(Lori is talking to Bobby on her phone)

Lori: Oh Boo Boo Bear! That is literally LOL. I love enjoying the day with you on the phone.

Lynn: Lori, are you there? It's me Lynn. (breaks the door) Dang it

Lori: One minute okay? (to Lynn) Lynn! What are you doing here?!

Lynn: Sorry about that

Lori: Whatever it is, I'm busy talking to Bobby

Lynn: I was having a great time at the Rainbow World Day celebration. Everyone was there except you. I'm getting you to come to the festival

Lori: Let me think. No! If I leave Bobby on hold for a long time, he'll break up with me

Lynn: If you're not going, I'm not going

Lori: How can I talk to Bobby if your gonna disrupt with all these games and sports

Lynn: I'll shut the window. Maybe that'll help

Lori: That will never he…

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Rainbow World Day

(Everyone is here for the celebration of this special day)

David: What a turnout to celebrate Rainbow World Day! The happiest day of the year

Wally: Oh! I thought it was the festival of inflatable diapers. Sorry little babies

David: No, it's a Rainbow World Day celebration. To kick things off is our special musical guest Ariel

Ariel: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much big brother. It's fun to be here and I just wrote a song about Rainbow World Day on my ukulele.

(Ariel try to play it but it's out of tune)

Ariel: Dang it. This one is out of tune

(Ariel try and fix the tune and keep playing notes while she do so)

Wally: That is great song

(Then the string break and hit Roger's bottom)

Roger: OW! I don't

(Then another string break and hit Roger aga…

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Character Reviews: The Big Bath Brouhaha (with Mimi)

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Episode analysis
  • 3 Review
  • 4 Outtro

Mimi: Hello, Everyone! And welcome to another episode of... Character Reviews! I’m Mimi, here for today’s review! So... how many of you grew up with Nick jr.? How many of you have grown up with PBS Kids? Well, we got a very interesting review for you today. I’m actually going to be reviewing something from a PBS Kids series today! Thought it would be nice to try something different from our usual style with the Nickelodeon shows, plus MLP. Which, honestly, Marley’s review of Common Ground still makes me chuckle simply for how expressive it was. This show is actually a more recent and probably less known PBS Kids show. Nature Cat. It’s basically a group of animal friends, who explore in nature. Nature Ca…

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Skunk in the Clubhouse

(Rita is giving Lana a night job)

Rita: You might want to put the lids on tighter. I heard about skunks in the area

Lana: You know what they say, There's nothing like a stink of skunk

Rita: I find it disgusting. Make sure your garbage is secure

(Meanwhile, Lola is sleeping in Ariel's Room and then she hear a sound)

Lola: (Gasped) What was that? Is there a monster?

(Lola looked and went outside)

(Lana was playing with the trash)

Lola: Please don't eat me you monster

Lana: Hi there Lola

Lola: Lana! What are you doing out here?! It's 3 O'clock in the morning!

Lana: I just remembered I accidentally threw out a chicken wing

Lola: Well please clean up this mess!

Lana: Come on Lola. Skunks can be our friend

Lola: Maybe in your world but not in everybody's worl…

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Hunting the Bear

Ariel: There is a sandwich thief in the forest

Catherine: Not just anyone. Those were bear prints

Raymond: Bears?

Lynn Sr.: BEARS?! NO NO NO!

Catherine: Don't worry. We'll set up a trap and get that bear away

Lynn Sr.: No! We should not! We'll become dinner!

Catherine: We're park rangers. This is part of our job

(Later, Lynn Sr. is dressed as a bear)

Lynn Sr: I don't know about this

Rita: Don't worry. You'll be very attractive to other bears and they think you're on of them

Lynn Sr: Can I have a sandwich

Catherine: After we catch the bear

Lynn Sr: This job sounds too scary

Catherine: Don't worry. When you saw a bear, You call me on the walkie talkie.

Lynn Sr.: (Sigh) Okay

(Lynn Sr near the tree in bear costume)

Lynn Sr: Hmmm. It seem quiet. Too quiet


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Carrot Party

(Ashley tell Rita about her carrot problem)

Ashley: Someone nibble all of my carrots

Rita: That looks like work of rabbits

Ashley: What should I do? I don't want the carrot party to be ruined

Rita: Get rid of them. I know just who can do it

(Just then, Marcus arrived)

Marcus: Stand back and let Marcus work his magic

(Marcus put on his mask to scare the rabbits)

Marcus: (Roared) So you're gonna be tough guys are you? Show up at that party and you're gonna be scared out of your fuzzy bunny boots

(Everyone is at the carrot party)

Ariel: I just love your theme party

Ashley: Well, Who need to get rid of the rabbits? I mean, Rabbits are one of Roger and after all, he is a rabbit

Marcus: (Roared) Hey rabbits go find a party of your own

(The rabbits run away)


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Pink Fuzzy Slipper

(Fana is watching a TV commercial about the pink fuzzy slipper)

Ashley: This pink fuzzy slipper will make wearing slippers twice as fun as it already is

Fana: Those are adorable! (as she call on the phone)

Leni: Rainbow World Home Shopping! This is Leni Loud. How may I give you excellent service today

Fana: This is Fana the Hippo. I like to order the pink fuzzy slipper

Leni: Absolutely

(Just then, Lori came to Fana's Room with the package)

Lori: Delivery from Rainbow World Home Shopping

(Just then, The monkeys come out of the package)

Fana: (Gasped) I didn't order monkeys!

Lori: I'm not taking them back

(Fana call Leni back)

Leni: Rainbow World Home Shopping, this is Leni Loud, how may I give you excellent service today

Fana: There seem to be a mistake…

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Wildlife with Luna

Luna: Rainbow World Magazine will be fill in with pictures of bird, birds, and more bird and all we have is a picture of Lily with her inflatable diaper.

Lincoln: She would've moved out of the way if you told me we were taking a picture

Luna: So we'll be taking a picture of bird. Now where can they be?

Lincoln: Maybe if you didn't make so much noise

Luna: Why not? I was about to use my secret weapon. The pan flute

(Luna blows it)

Lincoln: I don't see any of those... (Gasped)

Luna: Hold that pose. It's a great shot. Say cheese

(Lincoln smile then birds poop on Lincoln)

Lincoln: EW!

Luna: One more. You weren't smiling

(Next, They're looking for the buffalos)

Luna: I promise a magazine a picture of the great buffalo

Lincoln: Really?

Luna: Yes. And I'm abou…

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Genie in the Bottle Car Wash

(Wally drive to Lori wearing a turban)

Lori: Hello Wally welcome to the Genie in a Bottle Car Wash where your wish is my command

Wally: Hello Lori! Are you a genie?!

Lori: Yes

Wally: In that case, I wish to have a car wash

Lori: Is that all

Wally: Isn't that enough?

Lori: We can change your oil, fix a bumper, apply a new coat of paint

Wally: In that case, I have a coat of pain something to match my color

Lori: Your wish is my command

Wally: Everyone will be surprise that you're a genie

Lori: No this is just a job

Wally: Lori Lori Lori. Being a genie is nothing to be embarrassed about

Lori: I am not a real genie. Now will that be all

Wally: My first wish is the wash, My second is a new coat of paint, and my third wish would be an air freshener

Lori: We do…

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Lynn Sr. Underwater

(Lynn Sr is in the submarine)

Lynn Sr: I'm now 20000 leagues under the sea. To be honest I have no clue how deep that really is

(Just then, He got hit)

Lynn Sr: (Screaming) I've been hit! Something rammed into my craft! There appears to be no damage yet. Thank goodness it's only some harmless squid

(Just then, They ink away)

Lynn Sr.: Oh no! Something must has frighten them

(The giant squid take the submarine)

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming) GIANT SQUID! GO AWAY! GO AWAY! This is the end. I'll never see my beloved Royal Woods again

(But he was really at the car wash)

Marcus: Come on Mr. Loud! You're holding up the line! Do you want us to wax your car or not

Lynn Sr.: (Screaming)

Marcus: Some people should never leave their house

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Driving with Fana

Fana: Hello and welcome to another edition of Driving with Fana. The weekly show where I take you on guided tour to one of my favorite places. With me is my good friend Lily

Lily: Goo goo

Fana: Well today I'll be taking us to the Rainbow World Drive Thru Car Wash. What makes it so great is that you never have to leave the car

Lily: Goo goo

Fana: Now the most important thing to remember when you go to carwash is to close your windows

(Fana try to close the window but it won't close)

Fana: Oh dear! I can't close the windows and there's no turning back

Lily: (Giggles)

(Then they head inside the carwash then they got sprayed and Lily's diaper starts absorbing)

Lily: (Giggles)

Fana: Normally when these windows are closed these towels would wash away any …

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Lola Washing Her Princess Car

(Lola is washing her princess kiddie car)

Lana: Hi Lola. What are you doing?

Lola: What does it look like I'm doing?! I'm washing my princess car!

Lana: For real?

Lola: Yes. For real

Lana: Why would anyone watch a car. I mean you'll leave it outside and it'll get dirty

Lola: I enjoy the clean and sparkling clean kiddie car

Lana: Next you'll be washing your shrubs and your fence

Lola: I don't have a shrubs and a fence

Lana: Ok. See ya

Lola: (Sigh) She may be my twin sister but she know how to upset me

(Birds poop on Lola's kiddie car)

Lola: (Screaming) MY CAR!

Lana: See? What'd I tell you

Lucy: Oh dear. It's dirty alright when I predict in my crystal ball

Lola: Hello Lucy how can I help you

Lucy: I don't need any help

Lana: I told Lucy you were washing the …

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Roger Washing the Car

Lynn: This machine can make the car really clean. It take 40 cars in hours

Roger: Sounds like quite a machine. Why do you need me

Lynn: Well, Somebody gotta work this Thing-a-ma Jig

Roger: I guess so

Lynn: Okay, Here come the first car. Take the soap gun and spray the car with soap

Roger: (Spray the car with soap) This is easy enough

Lynn: I knew you can do it! I'll be at the car wax if you need me

Roger: (Spray another car with soap) Tag you're it! (Laughing)

(Roger keep spraying more cars)

Roger: Now when I say draw, Draw! (Spray the car) I WIN! This is the first job I had where there's no chance of getting hurt

(Then the claw came to Roger and grabbed him)

Roger: OW! Dang it

(Roger is inside the machine and the water spray him)


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Surprise Lionel!

(Lily is blowing up the balloons)

Ashley: Thanks for offering to blow the balloons Lily

(Then Lily blow her diaper up and Lily started floating and put on her party hat)

(Now everybody is here at the birthday party)

Ashley: Lionel should be here any minute. Let's practice shouting surprise. Here we go. 1 2 3

Everyone: SURPRISE!

(Then Lionel came in)

Lionel: Oh my goodness!

Ashley: Lionel! Surprise!

Lionel: What a great birthday surprise!

Lana: I got the birthday cake

Lionel: Wow! A homemade birthday cake

(Lana cut Lionel a piece and Lionel blow out the candle)

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Hitting the Piñata

Leni: That is a totes piñata Roger!

Roger: Thank you Leni! I made it myself

Leni: Maybe we should test it out

Roger: Is that necessary? You wouldn't want to break it before the party

Leni: Just put me in the right direction. (as she blindfold herself)

(Leni hit a statue and break it)

Leni: Is that it

Roger: Afraid not

Leni: Oops. (break the gnome) Is that it

Roger: No

Leni: Oops. (break the fountain) Is that it

Roger: No

Leni: Oops. (break the chair) Is that it

Roger: No

Leni: Oops.

(Leni was about to hit Roger)

Roger: No wait, wait! Wait! Stop!

(Roger grabbed the piñata up in the tree and he notice the bees)

Roger: (Screaming) You never learn

(Then Leni swing and hit the tree)

(Roger fall and the beehive fall on him and break and the bees got angry and chase Roger…

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Baking a Cake

Lana: How many cake did you bake, Lisa?

Lisa: I didn't bake any yet

(Lisa take the eggs out of the carton and crack them into the bowl)

Lisa: And now the baking powder (measure that and put it in)

Lana: WHOA! That's way too much!

Lisa: I know the measurements very well

(Lana lick it with the spoon)

Lana: Does it need sugar?

Lisa: No. I think that's good the way it is

Lana: Can we frost them?

Lisa: Not until the cake will be ready. Then let's put the batter in the pan

(Lana get the pan and Lisa put the cake in the pan)

Lisa: Now to put them in the oven

(Lisa put the cake in the oven and turn it on)

Lisa: Now we have to wait until it's done

(The cake starts rising fast)

Lana: I don't know. That doesn't look right

(Then the cake exploded)

Lana: This is what I'm…

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Deciding What Present

(Lincoln was watching the TV and he's watching ARRGH)

(The phone rings and he answer the phone)

Lincoln: Hello?

Ariel: Is this Lincoln

Lincoln: Of course it's me, Ariel. Lincoln Loud

Ariel: Since it's Lionel's birthday today, I thought about taking him out for his party tonight

Lincoln: I would come but there is a problem. I can't decide what gift to give him

Ariel: You're not ready yet?

Lincoln: Not yet. I'll think about if I'm ready or not

Ariel: Ok. Let me know when you are ready. Bye

(Lincoln started thinking until Wally arrived)

Wally: Hello Lincoln! I brought you Lionel's gifts

Lincoln: What gift is this?

Wally: A Monkey Mop 3000. A mop so simple a monkey can use it

Lincoln: First, Lionel do enjoy cleanliness and second, Monkeys can be naughty


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Buying the Present for Lionel

(Lola went to the present store)

Catherine: Well hello Lola. Looking for a gift

Lola: I'm looking for a gift for Lionel

Catherine: How about cute fluffy ducks? He'll love them

Lola: They are cute but his bedroom will be a mess with all these feathers

Catherine: Oh I know! A new welcome mat

Lola: What about that says wipe your feet before you come in?

Catherine: I just ran out. (looks for something) How about a pogo stick? This is fun fun fun on a stick

Lola: Too bouncy

Catherine: I have just the thing!

(It's a David doll and Catherine pull the cord)

David Doll: G'Day Mates! I flew to Rainbow World and boy are my arms tired

Lola: I'll take it!

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Wrapping the Present for Lionel

(Wally is wrapping Lionel's present)

Ashley: Now time for step 2 of Ashley's lesson on how to wrap a present. Roll out the paper and put the gift in the middle

(Wally try to open the wrapper but it keep sliding down and the phone rings)

Wally's Voicemail: Hi there! This is Wally! Can't answer the phone right now. So leaves a message after the tone. Thank you very much please

(Wally try to get the wrapper off his head and the phone beep)

Fana: Hi Wally, it's Fana, Don't forget about Lionel's birthday party tonight

Wally: Well, See you tonight if I could wrap the gift

(Wally pull the wrapper off hard)

Ashley: Now tape a small piece of tape

(Wally get the tape and take a lot)

Ashley: Now it's time to fold the piece of corner of your gift

(Wally fold the…

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Tickle Hug

(Shaun is giving Lori a job)

Shaun: Remember Lori, it's your job to answer any questions hotel guests may have. If you don't know consult the hotel directory

Lori: Sound easy enough

Shaun: Most importantly it's your job to make our hotel guests feel happy and welcome. Like a great big tickle hug

Lori: Other people get their jobs seriously

Shaun: I'll let you do your job

(Lori got to work)

Felix: Hi Lori

Lori: Hello Felix

Felix: First day on the job?

Lori: Yes

Lisa: Elder sister, I hope that you have a menu so we can eat at this restaurant

Lori: What do I look like a phone book

Shaun: Remember, Lori. A great big tickle hug

(Felix and Lisa were reading the directory)

Lori: Hey, That's mine!

(Lori took the book from them)

Lori: All the valuable hotel informa…

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Hotel Pool

(David, Ashley, Lola, and Lana playing volley ball in the pool and Lola hit the ball and David try to catch it but missed it)

Lana: Nice serve, Lola!

Lola: Of course it was

(Lily was swimming deep under. Then Ashley hit the ball to Raymond)


Ashley: Oops. Wrong way and Raymond is liking the he want to play too

Lola: If me and Lana get this next point we'll win

Ashley: That makes us the loser.

David: There are no losers in Rainbow World, Ashley. Only winners

(Lily pooped in the pool)

Lily: Poo Poo

(Lori blow the whistle)


Lola: What do you say we call it a game

David: Wonderful idea

Ashley: I'm with you

Lana: Count me in

(They all left the pool)

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Souvenir Shop

(Lynn Sr. came into the souvenir shop)

Lynn Sr: Hello Wally, I'm looking for a souvenir of my stay here at the hotel

Wally: I have just a thing. Do you want a bag of jellybeans?

(Wally tip it over)

Wally: Oops

Lynn Sr.: No thanks.

Wally: How about a Rainbow World Hotel coffee mug

Lynn Sr.: I would but I should respect other people in Rainbow World that they don't drink coffee

Wally: What about this

(Wally pick up a pencil sharpener but knock over the shelf)

Lynn Sr.: A pencil sharpener?

Wally: Yep! A Rainbow World Hotel pencil sharpener

Lynn Sr.: Sorry but writing poem is a job for Lucy

Wally: How about a Rainbow World Hotel bear

Lynn Sr.: Awwww. A teddy bear

(Wally rip the head off the teddy bear)

Wally: Oops

Lynn Sr.: Oh. Lily will not be happy about tha…

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Sharing the Hotel Room

(Lincoln got inside the hotel room and get in the bed)

Lincoln: Hello Rainbow World Hotel and hello me time (as he read his comic book)

(Lana come in)

Lana: This is what I'm talking about

Lincoln: Lana?

Lana: What side of the bed do you want

Lincoln: Neither because this is my hotel room

Lana: Is this room 945

Lincoln: Yes

Lana: Looks like it's my room too. Shazam!

(Lincoln facepalm)

Lana: I got my sandwich to have some lunch

(Lola come in)

Lola: What a fantastic bed

Lincoln: Lola?

Lana: I already called dibs on the left side

Lola: Too bad! Princesses first

Lincoln: We'll see about that

(Lincoln pick up the phone)

Catherine: Hello? Rainbow World Hotel Front Desk. How may I help you?

Lincoln: Yes. This is Lincoln Loud

Catherine: Please hold (hangs up)

(Lincoln ca…

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Looking for Hotel Room

(David came to the hotel and ring the bell)

Leni: Welcome to the Rainbow World Hotel! How may I help you?

David: G'Day, Leni! I would like a room please

Leni: Lucky for you the hotel is full of rooms. And monkeys

(The monkeys started monkeying around grabbing David's suitcase)

David: No no! That's okay. I can carry my own

Leni: Let them take it. It gives them something to do

(The Monkeys started making mess in David's suitcase)

David: But that's my suitcase

Leni: Ok now let's get you checked in. Name please

David: David Bubblestone

(Leni type it)

Leni: And name please

David: David Bubblestone. D-A-V-I...

Leni: Oh please, David Bubblestone. I know how to spell. (keeps typing) Middle initial?

David: I don't have one. Now about my...

Leni: Alright then here yo…

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